Top Kindle Sports Blogs

My focus with this list is sports blogs outside the major networks (except for Bill Simmons). These are the best independent sports blogs available in the Kindle Store based on reviews and sales –

  1. Bill Simmons’ Page 2 Blog. Probably the best sports writer out there.  

    Bill Simmons ESPN Page 2
    Bill Simmons ESPN Page 2
  2. Braves Journal – An Atlanta Braves Blog. Follow Nate McLouth’s new adventures.  
  3. Hoops Addict – Get your basketball fix. Would really like to see Paul Shirley and Gilbert Arenas in the Kindle Store. Dwight Howard too.
  4. Baseball Musings – A good baseball blog. Surpsiring that Lookout Landing and USS Mariner aren’t better sellers given that there are probably a ton of Seattle Kindle owners. Shouldn’t Amazon employees by themselves be enough to get 1 or more Seattle Mariners blogs onto the Top 25? 
  5. Brooklyn Mets Fan – Ummm. Not much to say. Losing Reyes and Putz really hurts their season.

Blogs from the Big Networks

If you’re looking for blogs published by –

  1. ESPN
  2. SportsBlogs Nation Blogs.  
  3. Most Valuable Network Blogs 

You can click on the links above to get there.

Join a network, sports bloggers

If you’re a sports blogger, joining one of SBN or MVN is recommended. They really help get you traffic and now even sites like Yahoo Sports are turning to sports blog networks for additional news items (and thus creating huge traffic for them).

Finally, recommend Project Prospect and John Sickels’ Prospects Blog if you’re into prospects.

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