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June 11th 11:25 am update: The first people to get their kindle dx are putting up their kindle dx review. So far we have 4 people put up 5 star kindle dx reviews and one person put up a 3 star.

First, a Kindle DX video from GearLog – [youtube=]

Next, kindle dx review data from Amazon

Kindle DX Review Statistics

So far (June 11th 11:27 am) –

  1. Total reviews: 5. 
  2. Positive Kindle DX Reviews: 4. All give it 5 out of 5 stars. 
  3. Negative Kindle DX Reviews: 1. Well, it’s sort of negative since he says he prefers the Kindle 2.

Kindle DX Review from owners

So far four 5 star reviews, and one 3 star review (who returned it as the Kindle 2 suits him better).

David Edmiston has a very positive review

 the DX takes Kindle reading to the next level. The amount of content that fits onto the screen is a vast improvement … even better than the *quantity* of content is the *quality* of the content. 

I write technical documents for a living. The product documentation that I write is full of images, diagrams, and rich formatting.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I loaded my PDFs onto the Kindle DX. The formatting of the page displayed perfectly!!! Zooming and rotating was simple.

A very positive review from Art Sedighi –

Overall, a good buy … One of the key features that I was looking for was the ability for the reader to read and process PDF documents …
With the DX, problem is solved! The large screen is great for documents that cannot be “reformatted” – i.e. pdf. Carrying it is a little difficult, but it is a price you pay for features you want.

What I don’t like about the kindle is as follows:
– Color screen is a must – I heard that this will be the next version
– Wireless is great, but it is not a general web browser. This can be a benefit if you are on the road.
– Memory expansion to sizes of 16G+ is needed
– Price is little too much
I am happy with the DX – it was a good buy and I highly recommend.

T. Tom is a Top 500 Reviewer on Amazon, the first actual owner to put up a review, and his review is really interesting (it’s 3 stars) –  

This Kindle version is a bit too expensive however if you primarily read newspapers, magazines or text books, the larger screen is probably worth it over the Kindle 2.

However, note that the Kindle DX is not nearly as easy to travel with …

Also, cuddling up with a novel on the Kindle DX may not be as comfortable …

After using and comparing both models, I prefer the 6″ Kindle for the lower price, and better convenience in almost every way but I read mostly books and few newspapers, magazines or textbooks. I can still read those on my 6″ Kindle with no problem however I would have a problem using and carrying around the larger Kindle. I am therefore returning the Kindle DX.

Alexander Scherr & N. Jenkins have also each put up their Kindle DX review and both are 5 stars.

Kindle DX Review from non-owners at Amazon

Amazon started letting people add a kindle dx review today, and some people haven’t let the lack of actually having a kindle dx stop them 😉 .  

  1. First we have a somewhat reasonable complaint on lack of an SD card –

    Reading the fine print, and offering only a 4gb internal storage.. I canceled my pre-order.

      Amazon has said that the focus on making Kindle 2 thin led to the removal of the SD card.

  2. Next we have a rather amusing complaint centered around lack of color –

    I write and illustrate books, vanity press…amazon… When Kindle DX includes colour…I will run not walk to buy one! … WELL…what are you waiting for….get on it and let me know when my COLOUR KINDLE DX is ready!

Its interesting to see only a few people putting up negative reviews so far.

Kindle DX Review from Wired Magazine – 7/10

Wired Magazine’s Steven Levy gives the Kindle DX a 7/10. Here are his thoughts –

Kindle DX Review – the Pros

  1.  2.5 times the screen size.
  2. Nearly as thin as the Kindle 2. 
  3. Still light-weight.
  4. Built-In PDF Reader.
  5. He actually had time to test the DXs battery – yes, that really is ‘exclusive’ access.

Kindle DX Review – the Cons

  1. Price – His suggestions of a $300 price for the Kindle 2 and $400 for the Kindle DX do make sense.
  2. Key board is smaller than the Kindle 2. 
  3. He points out that it’s only 4 months since the Kindle 2 was released, and to be quite frank that is a con in a lot of people’s minds. 
  4. Lack of page turn buttons on the Left Side. This is a major disadvantage in my mind.
  5. Landscape Mode gets triggered too easily.
  6. Newspapers are still unwieldy.

Steven Levy has written a good review. A few general thoughts –

  1. There are no videos, no video comparison with the Kindle 2, and only one side by side picture. An image gallery would have been a nice touch too.
  2. It provides, in my opinion, a very balanced perspective.
  3. It does answer two of my questions i.e. newspapers are still unwieldy, and the lack of page turn buttons on the left side is an inconvenience.
  4. Can’t belive he doesn’t discuss folders.

Steven Levy is the journalist who wrote the award winning ‘The Future of Reading’ article introducing the Amazon Kindle to begin with. No wonder he gets an exclusive.

Closing Thoughts

The first journalist kindle dx review gives it just a 7/10. The first kindle dx owner review was poor, however the next two have been 5 stars. 

The Kindle DX is definitely a different line and price and lack of color seem to be the two big drawbacks. Its itneresting that 2 of 3 owners gave it 5 stars so far. After 100 or so owner reviews we’ll have a better picture.

Here’s to hoping the Kindle 3 release and the Kindle DX 2 release are revolutionary instead of evolutionary.

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  1. Anyone else notice that the Amazon site shows the Kindle DX as currently unavailable and if you click on the comments it says there are no customer reviews yet?

    1. Alright, that was strange. After refreshing the page for a while it started saying it was available from other sellers but then eventually went back to the June 17 ship date…

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