Kindle DX Review Statistics – 3 of 4 are very happy

June 17th, 2009 00:14 am:  Across the first 100 legitimate kindle dx reviews at Amazon, the DX is getting a 4.12 star average. In kindle forums the average rating was 4.5 (last checked on the 12th).

This is a list of Kindle DX statistics culled from owners’ and journalists’ Amazon Kindle DX Reviews across all sites. The hope is that once we hit 100-200 reviews a good, clear picture of the Kindle DX will emerge.

Kindle DX Review Stats – Owner Reviews

At the Amazon page, the majority of owners love it –

  1. 5 star Kindle DX reviews: 48.
  2. 4 star Kindle DX reviews: 27.
  3. 3 star Kindle DX reviews: 18.
  4. 2 star Kindle DX Reviews: 3.
  5. 1 star Kindle DX Reviews: 4.

That translates to a 4.12 stars average on 100 reviews. Its dropped a little bit from 4.25 as the number of reviews increases. So far 75.5% of Kindle DX owners are happy with their purchase. This figure has stayed the same as number of reviews have grown from 40 to 100.

Interestingly, the rating average has stayed around the 4.2 out of 5 stars mark as number of reviews have grown from around 10 to 100.

Ratings and Sentiment in Forums:

Note: Forum ratings have not been updated since June 12th 1:48 am. First the rating scheme since forums don’t have ratings –

  1. 5 -> people were very happy, said Kindle DX is better than Kindle 2, etc.
  2. 4-> people liked it a lot, however pointed out 1-2 flaws.
  3. 3-> people didn’t really like it.
  4. 1 -> anyone returning it.

Across the forums –

  1.  5 Star Kindle Dx Reviews – 17. 
  2.  4 star Kindle Dx Reviews – 10.
  3. 1 star rating – 1.

That’s an average of 4.5 stars.

Nearly every owner at the forums loves the dx. This might be selection bias i.e. someone buying a Kindle DX is too vested in it to not like it. Or it could be that the Kindle DX rocks.

The ones to check out are –

  1. At the Official Amazon Kindle Forums, Brent Newhall is live-blogging a Kindle DX Review. He will also answer questions tomorrow and here’s a video from him –
  2. At MobileRead – PoohBear has his Kindle DX and is noting down their impressions.
  3. At Kindle Korner you have to be a member.

Its worth nothing that the Kindle DX has better screen contrast and handles PDFs well – technical documents look great. At the same time PDFs don’t have annotations, Text To Speech, etc. While a lot of owners love the larger size (think hardcover; size of kindle dx screen equal to full size of kindle 2) others think it kills portability and if you have weak hands it makes the DX too heavy.

Bottomline: At the moment the average rating across every Kindle DX review is 4.2 stars at Amazon and 4.5 stars across all kindle forums. Owners love the Kindle DX

Kindle DX Review Stats – Blogs and Newspapers

Here’s what we have (only linking to a few) –

  1. Steven Levy at Wired gives it 7/10. 
  2. Walt Mossberg thinks the Kindle DX is bigger, not better than the Kindle 2. The actual review is pretty balanced and tends towards a 7.
  3. CNet gives it 3.5 out of 5 stars.
  4. Boing Boing complain about the price and document conversion and seem to be tending towards an 8/10. 
  5. Gizmodo seem to be giving the Kindle DX a 7/10 and seem rather pessimistic about the future of eInk. 
  6. BusinessWeek are generally positive. 8/10. 
  7. SlashGear have an amazing number of photos and a video. They seem to be tending between 7 and 8.

Every single blog and news site seems to be saying –

Its good, its too expensive, it can never take on the iPhone, and it will fail. The consensus seems to be a 7 out of 10 rating.

Bottomline: Big blogs and news sites are lukewarm on the Kindle DX. They expect it to fail.

One key difference between reporters’ kindle dx reviews and owners’ dx reviews is that the owners seem to understand that kindles are a work in progress.

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