Kindle DX Teardown – Rapid Repair

Rapid Repair have won the ‘Who will tear-apart a $500 kindle dx first’ race. While other people are posting up a kindle dx review and what its like to use a kindle dx, RR are tearing it apart to figure out how it works and what’s inside.

A picture of the Kindle DX motherboard (courtesy them) –

Kindle DX Innards
Kindle DX Innards

Here are some quick thoughts –

  1. The ‘remove 22 screws’ Step 2 is amusing. Mr. Bezos, this isn’t very kaizen like.  
  2. The battery is a  3.7V Lithium Polymer 1530mAh rating P/N 170-1012-00.
  3. The wireless card – Wireless card shown: E727NV WN2. 
  4. Samsung  K5D5657ACC-D090 – Think its for Data I/O.
  5. The memory chips and processor (the explanations are mine) –

    *MCIMX31LDVKN5D, M91E, CTAK0915B – 400 MHz FreeScale Multimedia Applications Processor. Its a low power, high performance chip for high tier and mid tier smartphones and portable media players (and now for the Kindle DX 😉 ).

    *Samsung 916, K4X1G323PC-8GC3, EMA188A5 – Mobile DDR SDRAM. Environment friendly (no lead and RoHS compliant).

    *Samsung 907, KMBLG0000M-B998 – Couldn’t find what this is.

    *MC13783VK5, AM86D, CTRE083B – Battery Management Chip.

    *Samsung 840, K4M28323PH-HG75, AAH055BE – Mobile SDR SDRAM (its environment friendly in case you’re into that).

    *Epson D135211B1, F09090125. E-INK – This is the Epson “BroadSheet EInk controller. Its also used in the Sony RPS 700.

  6. Love how they tell you to ‘simply follow these steps in reverse’ to get the Kindle DX back intact.
  7. The big takeaway – That the DX has many replaceable parts inside and its user serviceable (Rapid Repair think so). Think it’ll lead to modding and upgrades.

Would think that Kindle DX owners reluctant to open up their Kindle DX after paying $500 for it. However, if someone comes up with a cool way to add extra memory or speed up the dx, it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

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