Kindle DX 2 Wishlist

Let’s start off with a Kindle DX Vs Kindle 1 video –

  1. It gives us a good idea of how far we’ve come since the original kindle.  
  2. Reminds us that we’re still in the initial stages of what will be a long evolution of Kindles.

Here’s the Kindle DX compared with the Kindle 1 (thanks to my friend for taking the video) – [vimeo 5162016]

After going through almost every single kindle dx review out there, its easy to see what features people are most looking for. The lists below assume an April 2010 release for the Amazon Kindle DX 2, giving Amazon 9-10 months of design and development time.

Kindle DX 2 Wishlist – Low Hanging Fruit

The Top 7 

  1. A price below $350.
  2. Folders – Lack of folders in Kindle 2 is appalling. In the DX its worse.  
  3. Next Page, Previous Page and Home buttons on the Left Side. Next Page and Previous page on the bottom for when in landscape mode.
  4. Support for links, resizing, reflowing, and scrolling in PDFs.   
  5. Support for notes, highlighting and clippings in PDFs.
  6. A keyboard that works – bigger keys, less spacing between keys, a row for numbers, alphabets on the keys printed big. 
  7. Special Modes – Recipe Mode, Sheet Music Mode, etc. that adds specific features for those types of documents.

A few more –  

  1. A shortcut to go to the next note or highlight or bookmark in a book.
  2. Put wireless on/off switch as a physical button next to the power switch.
  3. Put the usb port alongside the power button.
  4. More games – Sudoku. Crosswords.
  5. Make accelerometer less sensitive or Figure out a way to kill the accidental orientation changes.
  6. Personalized Screensavers and Personalized Themes.
  7. Kindle wishlists.
  8. WiFi.
  9. Print to Kindle feature. Let users take any webpage or clips from any site and print them to Kindle, and have them sent wirelessly and/or available on their PC to transfer via USB.
  10. 16 GB memory. Better yet – A microSD card slot (surely that wouldn’t endanger the thinness).
  11. More features in the Mp3 player.

Here’s an image of how I envision the wireless on/off, microSD, and prev and next page buttons getting added to the Kindle DX top –

Kindle DX Top Redesign - Click for full image
Kindle DX Top Redesign - Click for full image

Kindle DX2 Wishlist – Big Features

The Top 7 –

  1. Subscription Model – $100 Kindle DX 2 with the option to get a 2 year $50 a month data plan or agree to buy 4 Kindle books a month for 2 years. Personally, I think this is terrible for customers. However, if customers are asking for it Amazon will have to do it.
  2. Kindle for PC. 
  3. Color – PixelQi screen gets you color and video. To be honest April 2010 might be too early to fully integrate the technology.
  4. TouchScreen. 9 months is more than enough time to figure out how to add a touchscreen without messing up readability. 
  5. ePub support.
  6. Reduce the weight by 30-50%. We have super-light netbooks and cameras smaller than credit cards. This ought to be possible.
  7. Kindle in UK and Europe.

A few more –  

  1. A unique Kindle DX design and availability in multiple colors.
  2. Faster Screen Refreshes.
  3. Better browser.
  4. Better and more varied Font Support.
  5. Upgrade Option where Amazon takes Kindle DXes and Kindle 2s from owners, refurbishes and sells them, instead of making people do this themselves.

Kindle DX 2 Wishlist – Wishful Thinking

The Top 7 –  

  1. A price below $300.
  2. A feature like the Windows 7 Libraries feature. It basically takes all files of a certain type, regardless of what folder they’re in, and shows them together. 
  3. Read to Me on PDFs. Apparently this is a big technology challenge. Perhaps someone more familiar with PDF technology can enlighten us.
  4. Bring back the google maps feature Kindle 1 had as full fledged GPS support. You’re already syncing with cellphone towers – adding location should be doable.
  5. Ability to buy anything from Amazon.
  6. Section in the Kindle Store devoted to Independent Authors.
  7. Kindle in Canada. Mostly in the wishlist category because the canada market is much smaller than UK and Europe.

A few more –  

  1. A Kindle specific newspaper that’s free. Perhaps club together 4-5 of the popular kindle blogs.
  2. An in-built kindle social network and in-built forums.
  3. Kindle worldwide.

Closing Thoughts on the Kindle DX 2 Wishlist.

Looking forward to hearing your most wanted features and wishes for the Kindle DX 2. 

Also thanks to everyone who left a kindle dx review at amazon – lots of great insights, across the first 100 kindle dx reviews the average rating is 4.12 stars.

The Kindle DX is a good product – we do have to give Amazon leeway since its their first stab at a textbook/document reader. Much as the Kindle 2 really catapulted Kindles into prominence, Kindle DX 2 will do the same for the DX line.

And if, like Microsoft believes and iPod demonstrates, the third release of a product is usually the superstar hit, then both Kindle 3 and Kindle DX 3 will be the ones to give Amazon control of the future of publishing.

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