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This post is based on kindle dx reviews and posts that review the kindle dx for reading comics, graphic novels and manga.

First, let’s look at what comic and manga blogs think of the Kindle DX –

Kindle DX reviewed as Comics, Managa Platform

SpeedForce notes that  –

the Kindle DX screen is actually larger than the standard manga page and smaller than the standard American comic book page.

This could be the first e-reader device suitable for simply taking comics formatted for the printed page and transferring them to a tablet

Sri Lankan at GSB reviews reading manga on the Kindle DX and includes some images –

Manga works really well on the Kindle DX (although there is the occasional crash).

First the bad: it’s a little slow, some pages can take some time to refresh and in full screen mode about half an inch of the page at the bottom is hidden.

The good: the DX screen size is almost perfect for reading Manga. Images render well and are very readable (no scrolling around).

Publishers Weekly mentions that Amazon is well aware of the Kindle DX’s potential for comics –

Apparently during BookExpo America, Amazon was meeting with a number of comics publishers to discuss enhancements to the device for comics display.

This is obviously true because in their ‘Featured for Kindle DX’ store Amazon mentions comics. The Kindle Store also has a category for Manga and Graphic Novels with 521 titles.

Kindle DX Review – Pros for reading Comics and Manga

  1. Larger Size screen and Landscape Mode. 
  2. All the regular benefits – check my Kindle DX Review.
  3. An opportunity for indie comic publishers. The ‘Featured Books for Kindle DX’ section of the Kindle Store already highlights comics and graphic novels.  
  4. Alex Yatskov might update his Mangle software – making reading scanalations on the Kindle DX easy.
  5. A hack of Mangle for the Kindle DX currently exists that optimizes manga scanalations for the Kindle DX.
  6. Graphic Novels, in increasing numbers, are being added to the Kindle Store. Top Shelf recently released Andy Runton’s Owly Series for $4 each (a few are $0.99) –

    TopShelf released the Owly series for the Kindle recently
    TopShelf released the Owly series for the Kindle recently

Kindle DX Review – Cons for reading Comics and Manga

  1. High Price.
  2. Lack of Color.
  3. Manga has a double page spread. To be fair, Landscape mode addresses this partially.
  4. Manga goes from right to left – the lack of a next page button on the left side is a bit of an issue.

 Am sure there are other cons that people will gladly point out.

Kindle DX for Comics and Manga – Closing Thoughts

There is a lot of restrained excitement in the comics and manga communities regarding the Kindle DX. The general sentiment seems to be –

Its a great start. In 2 or so years we’ll have a product that really transforms the industry.

Would have to agree with the sentiment. Here, like in many other areas, the Kindle DX and the Kindle Store hold a lot of promise – with the right moves Amazon could end up dominating this market. 

At some point of time will add a full kindle dx manga review. Do try out Mangle if you get the chance and leave your review in the comments.

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    1. Manga goes from right to left as any Japanese book should go.
      I have Sibrary G10 only downside is only eight scales of gray. However with good comics browsing support and zip,rar,cbz,cbr support it beats the crap out of Kindle. No painful extraction, conversion or other inconvenience needed.

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