Kindle $1 Books, Free Book via Independent Authors

Here are some more well reviewed independent authors from the Kindle Store –

  1. Jeremy at writes about a book called Uncubicled. Its $0.99, rated 4.5 stars across 23 reviews, and you might like it a lot. The article itself is really good and talks about what the Kindle Store is doing for independent authors –

    As an unknown, just getting your foot in the door of a publisher was an enormous feat. Often it was a matter of “knowing the right people.” If you didn’t know the right people, you’d have to hire them. Agents, managers, and many other people looking to take a cut of your hard-earned payday IF that payday ever comes.

    Most would not get published, destined to return to anonymity and give up their dreams, their wallets considerably lighter for the effort. [read on … there’s a happy ending 😉 ]

  2. A book for 10 cents? Yes, somehow Michael F. Stewart has a kindle thriller for just 10 cents called The Caliphate.  Its already #805 in the Kindle Store and perhaps you can be the first reviewer.
  3. Free Book – Catherine Wilson has a trilogy called When Women Were Warriors in the Kindle Store and you can get the first book for free at the Catherine Wilson author website. Love the cover –

    Choosing a good cover makes a lot of difference
    Choosing a good cover makes a lot of difference
  4. Bicycle Shop Murder for 80 cents – the first book in a series by Robert Burton Robinson. Feel he’s missing a huge opportunity by not giving the first book away for free. The books in the series are all rated 4.5 stars.  
  5. Finally, yet another free kindle contest – this time from gizapage.

Any aspiring authors that are struggling right now, ought to read Jeremy’s rationale for buying the Uncubicled book and take heart –

McMains has done an excellent job of marketing the book via twitter, facebook, and a website. I found him on twitter, actually (or HE found ME, I should say, after I mentioned my Kindle in a twitter post). This is a business model that I believe is very important to the future of digital publishing and, as such, needs to succeed.

Kindle owners want you to succeed.

Quick Tip: Do not make a site just for one book. Do something like what Boyd Morrison did i.e. a site on his name and pages on the site for his books. If you must have a website make it a subdomain of your main site i.e. make it That way all the link juice you get is to your brand and to your site and can be leveraged for future books.

Making a site for just one book is the online equivalent of writing a bestseller and then never using that author name again.

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  1. Thanks for the mention of The Caliphate by Jack Stewart! – my pseudonym –

    I hope your readership enjoys it. I have also written 24 Bones (under my real name) and I have another traditionally published novel coming out this December and Graphic Novels through Oxford Univ Press.

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