Kindle helping kids read more

Here’s a great story from the Kindle Forums on how the Kindle (or for that matter any good electronic reader) can really help kids with reading –

                   I have to just shout I am so excited and wanted to share. I am the mother of 2 teenage girls…14 and 13. The 13 year old has always loved to read but my 14 year old hated reading. She has never picked up a book to actually read for pleasure…Not even Twilight…

                 This has always bothered me, she struggles so much in school because she really has a hard time reading. We have tried many things and several approaches but they never seemed to help. W ehave even been to the eye doctor! Anyway, today she picks up the Kindle 2 and starts to read. I started explaining things to her and she was having a hard time so I increased the font size.

                          She really liked that and asked for the book Marked by P.C. & Kristen Cast so I downloaded it. She hasn’t put the Kindle down since! After hours of reading I asked what the difference was between the regular book and the kindle, she said she would get very overwhelmed by all the words and the size of the book which would make it difficult for her to stay focused.

                          For whatever reason putting the font size up one notch has done the trick! I know it seems trivial but it is a HUGE victory for us…..for her. She is actually excited about reading and is already picking out another series to read! I guess we will have to be getting another kindle!

Why isn’t Amazon pushing this more?

  1. School children read a lot, they read for 12 years of their life, and they don’t really have a choice i.e. they must read for school.  
  2. The earlier you get kids reading the better for their education.  
  3. The more kids read the bigger their advantage in school, and in effect for the rest of their lives.
  4. There are numerous examples like the one above – people talking about how the Kindle got their kid into reading.

There’s some very good discussion about KIPP in the Outliers book by Malcolm Gladwell – it discusses the importance of out of school reading to maintain learning in school.

Also, a good blog to check out that focuses specifically on using the kindle with kids.

Finally, a list of Kindle books for kids. In the links on the right column there are more lists specifically about kindle books for kids.

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  1. I’ve started publishing ebooks for children that purposefully focus on increasing reading comprehension and vocabulary recognition. I’d love to get feedback from parents. I tried to make the books free, but Amazon has a mandatory list price of $.99

  2. I love the Kindle it makes everything better so its easier to read. If I could give someone advice if they are struggling with reading I would definitely say kindle 2 should do the trick 🙂

  3. Is the Kindle tough enough for kids under 12? I have grandsons who are six and eleven and would like to know if this is a good choice for them.

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