Kindle Deal – Kindle 1 Cover $4.99

Amazon has got quite a good deal on an Octovo Leather (synthetic leather) Slip Cover for the Kindle 1 – it’s marked down 83% to just $4.99.

Kindle 1 Leather Cover for under $5. Wow!
Kindle 1 Leather Cover for under $5. Wow!

From the 4 star rating (across 6 reviews) we see that –

  1. The $4.99 Kindle 1 Cover is very light and slim. Its also a tight fit.
  2. Red Flag: The instructions for using the slip cover are directly printed on the back of the cover. 
  3. Its aesthetically appealing otherwise as the picture above shows. 
  4. Red Flag: Its a slip cover – so you have to take the Kindle 1 out of the cover to read.
  5. Red Flag: With the Skin Cover on the Kindle 1 the case becomes too tight and the Kindle 1 does not fit any more.
  6. One user is using it for Kindle 2, although Kindle 2 is not protected fully and there’s no notch to lock in the Kindle 2 –

    ***Update 2/25… Kindle 2 fits in here!!!! It slips in very nicely and does not fall out! Please note: the top right hand corner lines up right to the corner of the k2 (see the picture, the case is slightly notched) although the the k2 does not stick out of the notched leather right hand corner, if you were to drop it on that corner, the k2 along with the the case, would get hit the floor.  

The 3 Red flags explain the mark-down. However, if you can live with those it seems like a good kindle deal to me. Another kindle 1 cover to consider is the MEdge Executive Jacket for $19.99 (50% off). Its got a 4 star rating and is also available in red and royal blue for $19.99, and in brown and mocha brown for $14.99.

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