Kindle Productivity, Money Saving Tips

This post includes kindle productivity tips and tricks that save you time and money. Let’s start with time saving kindle tips and shortcuts.

Kindle Productivity Tips

There are a lot of ways to save little bits of time when using Kindles. Do add your own to the list –

  1. Clear out whatever you’ve typed (use judiciously) – Alt+Delete.
  2. Quick Search – When Searching a book, just type in your search term to automatically bring up search, and then instead of moving over to the ‘find’ button, just press enter.
  3. Navigate Home Page Books List quickly – ‘Number’ (1, 2, 11, etc.) + clicking 5-way (or pressing enter) takes you to that page of book listings.  
  4. Quicker notes –

    You can start typing in notes BEFORE the note shows up.

    * If you want to add ‘great chapter’ at the start of a chapter just press the 5-way to begin a note/highlight.
    * You can type in ‘great chapter’ using the keyboard BEFORE the note field shows up.
    * You can also press down on the cursor and click the 5-way to save the note BEFORE the ‘save note’ field is highlighted.

    You can literally save a one alphabet/digit  note in 1 second with this (navigate to note location, click 5-way, type in ‘a’, press 5-way down, click 5-way – the note is done 😉 ).

  5. Quick Delete – On Home Page or any book listing page, simply press left on the 5-way cursor to get a Delete button. Press 5-way to confirm.  
  6. See The Time, Free Space Left – Press Menu on Home Screen or in any book to get these at the top of the page. Kindle 1 – use Alt-T.
  7. See Day, Date and Time (Courtesy Andrys as are the next two) – Press Enter on the home page to bring up search and then type in @t and press enter again.
  8. Search a phrase or name quickly  –

    Begin a Highlight that includes term you want to search for. Instead of pressing the 5-way controller to save the highlight, press space bar or any keyboard key.
    This will open up a search box with your highlighted term.
    Just press Enter to search.

  9. Copy-Paste into a note (also from Andrys’ Kindle World) –

    Begin a Highlight that includes the text you want to add in the note. Then instead of pressing the 5-way controller to save the highlight, press space or any key to bring up search field.
    Navigate to the right in options to get to Note, and save a note.

  10. Quicker Restart – Instead of holding the power button for 15 seconds,  just use Home Page > Menu > Settings, and then Settings Page > Menu > Restart. For Kindle 1 it’s Alt+Shift+R.
  11. Travel Tip – the Kindle Power Adapter works worldwide. You do need a physical adapter to match the plugs in different countries. 
  12. Use the Free Kindle Calendar and Kindle Weekly Planner
  13. MP3 Tips –

    * Alt+F for Forward (next).
    * Alt+Space (Kindle 2) or Alt+P (Kindle 1) for Pause/Restart.

  14. Read To Me Tips –

    * Start and End Read To Me – Shift+Sym.
    * Pause and Restart Read To Me – Spacebar.

  15. Use tags to create folders (sort of) – kindle folder workaround.

These tips are focused on helping you do things faster. For general kindle tips take a look at –

  1. Kindle 2 Tip List – Kindle 2 shortcuts, tips and more. 
  2. Kindle DX Tips – Still evolving so please do leave your kindle dx tips.
  3. Kindle 1 Tips – This includes a few tips that might come in handy for Kindle 2 and Kindle DX users too. 

Kindle Money Saving Tips

Although having 300K+ books available with 1-click is super dangerous, you can use these money saving tips to limit the damage –

  1. You get an email for every purchase. One super effective way to un-trivialize every $9.99 purchase (courtesy Milton H. Erickson) is to make a note of the email on a sticky note (perhaps even keep a running count).
  2. Check the Free Book offers section of this blog. 5+ free books a month (10+ in June) and cheap independent books combine for kindle money saving.  
  3. Set a Budget and stick to it – 

    Buy a kindle gift card every month that matches your budget – only use the card throughout the month.
    Alternately, use a program like Mint or Quicken or Microsoft Money to monitor your Kindle Store purchases.

  4. Frontload Free and Cheap Books –
    1. Free Books in the Kindle Store – At Book Monk, you can search through kindle store free books (or just new, free books).
    2. Books under $2 thread at Amazon – This is new, upcoming authors who are selling their books for under $2.
    3. If you want free public domain books beyond the 7,000+ offered in the Kindle Store, check out Many Books.

    Make this tip even more effective by setting up a hassle that’ll remind you to read a free book a week.

  5. Set ground-rules to ensure you aren’t buying too much or more than you can read. Pick one or more of –

    * No purchases if you have more than 3 unread books.
    * Must download and finish a sample before buying the full book.
    * No more than 1 purchase a day or week rule.
    * Wait one day rule. Just set a reminder to buy it tomorrow.

Will add more Kindle money saving and time saving tips as they surface. Do send in what you find to be effective. Thanks!

0 thoughts on “Kindle Productivity, Money Saving Tips”

  1. Good list, Abhi.

    On #7, I updated my entry to include or change what I had there earlier in that I found out that the DX does what the Kindle 2 does AND that the @keys shortcuts work in books and articles also. The difference is that they’re started with the spacebar if the cursor is not in the text body (otherwise start Menu/Search to get the search box), and then after keying in the @shortcut you need to 5-way to the right past ‘find’ to get to “my items” and click on that, for books and articles.

    Not saying it’s worth it but it’s available 🙂

  2. I got the very first Kindle (now model 1) early in December 2007 having ordered it immediately after hearing Jeff Bezos talk about it with Charlie Rose on TV. I really love it, but as i have over 700 books on it in my add-on memory card, I have a problem with the minimum directory system on the Kindle itself. On their website they have a category for genre, which is badly need for sorting on the Kindle itself. Why was this omitted from the Kindle? Why can’t it be added now. I don’t know if it’s on the Kindle 2 or the DX but it’s badly need on all models for people with large numbers of books like me.

  3. In addition to the Kindle directory, I would also like to have a sort in the Kindle store by price, lowest price first. I often look for things that are free and low cost to add to my store of books, but it’s too much to just look and look without having a price sort.

  4. Charles,
    check out to find free books in the kindle store.

    also, for the folders suggestion I’d recommend calling up kindle customer support to request the feature –

    6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Pacific Time, seven days a week. United States: 1-866-321-8851;
    Outside the United States: 1-206-266-0927

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