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There are now 244 dx reviews from actual owners at Amazon. To get a better picture of how owners like their Kindle DX, I went through every dx review and this post is the result.

If you prefer, You can look at a full kindle dx review. Else, lets proceed –

DX Review – Number of DX Reviews per Day

Gives a good idea of what DX supply looks like, given that supply is currently the constricting factor –

DX Review Rate - DX Reviews per Day
DX Review Rate - DX Reviews per Day

You’ll see that there are two distinct peaks and one trough –

  1. Peak when the DX first came out.
  2. Peak around July 4th. This could just be a lot of people finding time during the long weekend to review the dx.
  3. The trough stretches throughout – June 25th is when dx delays shot up to 4-6 weeks. 

Graph is courtesy NCES Graph Utility.

DX Review – Ratings from Owners

We’d covered dx review statistics before and had found this distribution amongst the first 100 legitimate dx reviews –

  1. 5 star DX review: 48 owners.
  2. 4 star DX review: 27 owners.
  3. 3 star DX review: 18 owners.
  4. 2 star Review: 3 owners.
  5. 1 star Review: 4 owners.

That translates to a 4.12 stars average on 100 reviews.

The current distribution, among the first 241 legitimate dx reviews, comes out to be –

  1. 5 star dx review: 122.
  2. 4 star review: 63.
  3. 3 star dx reviews: 38. 
  4. 2 star dx reviews: 8.
  5. 1 star dx review: 13.

Across 244 dx reviews, the average rating is 4.1188. That’s almost exactly the rating after the 100th dx review.

DX Review Insights

  1. The pace of people adding dx reviews is 244 over 26 days, which equates to 9.4 dx reviews per day.
  2. As a comparison, the Kindle 2 has 4,678 reviews over 133 days. That’s 35.2 reviews per day. Almost 4 times the rate of the dx.
  3. Assuming 1 out of 100 dx owners adds a review, that’s 940 dx kindles being shipped out per day.
  4. Perhaps the ratio is more, perhaps less.

An average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 is pretty favorable (and it’s been around that mark consistently). After reviewing every legitimate dx review, it seems that supply problems are really holding back the dx.

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