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Looking for a kindle law book? You’re in luck! Quick on the heels of the addition of Kindle Sheet Music, we have Practicing Law Institute announce that they are releasing 67 kindle law books for the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX (courtesy UW Law Libary Blog) –

covering such areas as business, corporate and securities law, banking and commercial law, intellectual property law, estate and tax planning law, real estate law, insurance law, elder law, and litigation.By year-end, the line will expand to over 100 titles … The suggested retail price point will be $250.

Here’s a kindle for lawyers video to help you see the benefits (particularly the readability of the screen) – [wpvideo ZWEPu4Nw]

PLI also disclose a rather unclear reason for giving Kindle exclusivity –

PLI has chosen an exclusive association with Kindle because of Kindle’s close fit with PLI’s reach to over 200,000 practicing attorneys.

Its worth nothing that the discount for kindle law books is just 20% – you can take a look at the available kindle law book range in the kindle store. This $275 copy of Art Law, for example, is only discounted from $275 to $220.

Kindle Law Books Arrive
Kindle Law Books Arrive

PLI, in their press release, mention there will be 6 free Kindles given to purchasers of PLI treatises. However, the PLI website does not have details yet.

Kindle for Lawyers – Which Kindle is best for Lawyers?

Depends on whether you’re expensing it or not.

  1. The Kindle DX is $489, has a larger screen (2.5 times the size), and has PDF support. It also has landscape mode. It is however not as portable as the Kindle 2. Read my full kindle dx review for details. 
  2. The Kindle 2 is $299, much more portable and convenient. However, the smaller screen might be an issue if you would much rather read off a screen that’s closer to A4 size. The Kindle 2 Review for more details.

Both come with a 30 day return period. The Wisconsin Law Journal has an article on 5 ways lawyers can use a Kindle.

A more work-oriented list of justifications for kindle for lawyers –

  1. Its an eInk screen – easy on the eyes, readable in sunlight, changeable font sizes. Much better than computer screens.
  2. Portable Legal Library – Keep a library of kindle law documents on your Kindle for easy access anytime.
  3. Save Time – Search through all your law books on the kindle. No time wasted waiting for print-outs to arrive.
  4. Fredom from Paper – No more having to print out documents all the time, carry them around.
  5. You can add in notes to the case file itself (not for PDFs on Kindle DX). You can do this for converted PDFs on the Kindle 2.
  6. Convenience – just carry law books and documents on your kindle. 
  7. Use the Kindle to transfer files from work to home and vica versa.
  8. Saves on paper so its environment friendly.
  9. Its much lighter than law books so its good for your wrists and arms.  
  10. Notes you make in documents, clippings from documents, and highlighted items are accessible online. Again, not for PDFs on the Kindle DX. 
  11. Great for travelling and commuting – flights, subway rides, etc.

Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer. None of this advice is meant to be legal advice.

The Kindle 2 and Kindle DX are great devices that remove the technical hassles and just work.

The PLI kindle law book range adds to the 4,500 kindle law books already available in the Kindle Store and makes the Kindle a good device for lawyers.

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