Kindle Review pollution courtesy Defective By Design

Ran across this ‘1 star kindle review’ campaign being run by Defective By Design

This week’s Kindle action is going great; together we’ve generated hundreds of 1-star reviews and tags.

If you haven’t written a review yet, here are direct links to the review forms. Take a few minutes to explain to potential Kindle buyers why they shouldn’t get one: 6″ Kindle, Kindle DX.

Opinion does not equal Product Review

The only people entitled to review a product are people who own the product.

When the Kindle 1 first came out there were hundreds of ‘1 star reviews’ from people who had never even seen a Kindle. Thankfully we haven’t had a repeat of that fiasco – until now.

Defective by Design might think they’re doing some grand fight for freedom. They’re not.  

They are simply polluting reviews and making it difficult for people to find the real kindle reviews.

The mistake of thinking everyone thinks like you

For some reason Defective by Design think that when people are struggling to find actual kindle reviews amongst the hundreds of spam reviews that have been added, they’ll think –

Thank heavens for Defective By Design.

The 500 news articles and blog posts had totally escaped my mind.

Its so thoughtful of them to add a ‘kindle review’ to remind me.

Their consideration knows no bounds – they actually added in hundreds of reviews to hammer the memory of this injustice deep into our heads.

Now we know of the terrible calamity Amazon has brought upon the free people of this world.  

To give it some Context

  1. We’re in the middle of the greatest depression since the Great Depression.
  2. Companies that were ‘bailed out’ just 6 months ago are distributing $12 billion in bonuses to their employees.
  3. Banks, Companies, and even State Governments are going bankrupt.
  4. The U.S Dollar itself is in danger.

Why do people have the bandwidth and desire to devote all this energy to the 1984 issue?

Someone sold illegal books. They were pulled back and money was refunded. Its not a big deal.

Get Over It!

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  1. I only wish I had as much free time as these people seem to have. Personally I’d rather spend my time expanding my mind with my Kindle than wasting it crusading over some non-issue.

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