iRex DR 800 eBook Reader – 8.1", wireless

CNet has the scoop on the iRex DR 800 – a new wireless eReader with an 8.1″ touch screen. iRex have also provided a rather spartan rendering –

iRex DR 800 Wireless Reader
iRex DR 800 Wireless Reader

The DR800 is supposed to arrive in Fall 2009 – makes you wonder why they don’t just provide images of the device itself.

iRex DR800 eReader – Features

  1. 8.1″ eInk display. No information on how many shades of gray.
  2. 3G wireless connectivity.  
  3. Touch Screen and Stylus.
  4. The News icon indicates that they’re clearly planning on having newspapers. Note: It seems iRex have been talking about getting 800 newspapers on the iRex 1000.
  5. The eBook Mall icon clearly indicates that the wireless will be used to provie an ebookstore.
  6. There’s no Internet icon shown – could possibly mean there’s no free Internet.

The big selling points do seem to be the wireless, the touch, and the screen size.

iRex DR 800 – My Thoughts

iRex currently have the iLiad series (1st edition and 2nd edition) and the iRex 1000 series. You can get more details on iRex’s surprisingly well designed site.

The iRex 800 will hopefully do two things –

  1. Address the need for a screen size that is slightly bigger than the Kindle 2/Sony 600 and still not huge.
  2. Reduce the price so that iRex can actually compete with the $299 eReaders.

It does do a good job of having most of the surface be the screen (which is generally good for compactness). Although this means no keyboard which some people (such as me) aren’t big fans of.

Looking around the pipes and tubes of the Internet it seems the iRex 1000 definitely has some good features and that the iRex DR 800 might be a worthy competitor in the eReaders wars – it all depends on how close to the magical $299 price point the DR 800 is.

0 thoughts on “iRex DR 800 eBook Reader – 8.1", wireless”

  1. Bought one, returned.

    The screen is decent, however the design sucks… There is no space for the stylus, which you can almost foretell that you gonna lose the stylus someday. And the bad news after that is: the touchscreen only works with the magnet stylus.

    Reflow function is also not as good as I thought. It breaks lines and pages and make it very uncomfortable to read.

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