Free Kindle DX Books – Uglies, more

We have 2 free books for kindle dx owners today. You could always convert these free PDF books using MobiPocket if you have a Kindle 2.

  1. First up, courtesy a user at MobileRead is Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies. It’s a free offer from Simon and Schuster to promote the soon to be released Leviathan. Uglies itself is a very well rated book with 4.5 stars across 232 reviews. You could also buy it in Kindle format from the Kindle Store.
    Uglies - Free PDF for your Kindle DX Uglies – Free PDF for your Kindle DX
  2. Simon & Schuster also have a free short story – A Knight to Remember by Karen Tabke.
  3. Amazon Video on Demand has the pilot episode of Defying Gravity available to view free (only in the US).
  4. Finally, courtesy Books on the Knob, is Elsie Russell’s In Over Her Head –

    “In Over Her Head ($24.95 Paperback) is Elsie Russell’s first novel and it is an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award semi-finalist, but the author hasn’t been able to find a publisher.”

Why doesn’t every author who can’t find a publisher add a Kindle Edition for $1 to $9 to supplement the free PDF giveaway?

Free Sci-Fi Books

Baen has a new downloadable CD – Storm From the Shadows at Baen Impaerium (courtesy MobileRead). It’s got something like 20-30 free sci-fi books (mostly series – however, it includes the whole series) –

Storm from the Shadows is a direct sequel to the New York Times best seller The Shadow of Saganami. The complete text of Shadow of Saganami is on this CD-ROM, along with all of the previous Honor Harrington novels and anthologies. Also included is a screen saver and a gallery of cover art.

Last month (July 15th, to be precise), Tor added two free ebooks. Have mentioned these before. However, since they’re still free –

  1. Harald by David Friedman. 
  2. Resonance by Chris Dolley.

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