50 Free Books in the Kindle Store

This ‘Free Kindle Books’ post lists NEW Free Kindle Books in the Kindle Store. Last updated: May 7th, 2014.

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  1. Our Free Kindle Books blog covers both deals and free offers. Please check it FIRST. It’s more up to date than this list.
  2. Limited Time Kindle Free Books – This is Amazon’s listing of currently available new free kindle books. Does not include public domain.
  3. All Free Kindle Books – This is at Amazon and promises all (not sure if it works all the time). It currently has 400+ offers. Thanks to Irish for finding this.
  4. Kindle Daily Deal Page – 1 Good Book Deal every day.
  5. After this we have a list of some of the free new kindle books currently available.
  6. Dead Reckoning by Ronie Kendig.
  7. Highland Blessings by Jennifer Hudson Taylor.
  8. The Last Drop by L. Sprague de Camp.
  9. I Shall Not Want : Psalm 23 Mysteries Book Two (The Psalm 23 Mysteries) by Debbie Viguie.
  10. Love Wins Companion: A Study Guide for Those Who Want to Go Deeper by Rob Bell.
  11. Straw House by Daniel Nayen.
  12. Power for Life: Keys to a life marked by the presence of God by Matt Sorger.

Last checked for books changed from free to paid on September 28th, 2011.

Free Kindle Apps

  1. Shuffled Row by Amazon Digital Services.
  2. Every Word by Amazon Digital Services.
  3. Video Poker by Amazon Digital Services.
  4. Number Slide by Amazon Digital Services.
  5. Blackjack by Amazon Digital Services.
  6. Mine Sweeper by Amazon Digital Services.
  7. Jumble, 3 Free Puzzles by Puzux.

Free Sci-Fi Books and Thrillers

  • Ongoing: Eye of the Storm CD – 23 Free John Ringo Sci Fi Books
  • 4 Free Kindle Science Fiction books from Peter Watts (pick MobiPocket File format). These were all published by Tor originally and the scoop is courtesy official kindle forums –

http://www.rifters.com/real/STARFISH.htm http://www.rifters.com/real/MAELSTROM.htm http://www.rifters.com/real/Behemoth.htm http://www.rifters.com/real/Blindsight.htm

Free Romance Novels

Last checked for books changed from free to paid on September 22nd, 2010.

Simon & Schuster PDF Free Books:

  1. Ongoing: Thomas Greanis’ Raising Atlantis is free in PDF format to promote his new book Atlantis Revelation.
  2. See the latest offers at Simon & Schuster Free Stuff page. These sometimes require Adobe Digital Editions and don’t work on Kindle, only on your PC.

In all, we have –

  1. 35-40 free book offers – none of which are public domain.
  2. 4 of the most recent free book offers (all in the last week).
  3. 22 free kindle romance novels.
  4. 34 free kindle science fiction novels (23 are from John Ringo). Not all are from the Kindle Store.
  5. 2 free PDF books from Simon & Schuster.
  6. 2 free kindle religion and spirituality books.
  7. 5 free book offers expiring August 19th.

You can check out all the offers at Amazon too.

0 thoughts on “50 Free Books in the Kindle Store”

  1. # God Ain’t Blind by Mary Monroe. NEW!
    # Hostile Intent by Michael Walsh. NEW!
    # Raising Jake by Charlie Carillo. NEW!

    All good books but no longer free. Hope everyone snagged em while they were!

  2. Is there a reason you don’t list the Baen Free Library under Science Fiction / Fantasy? There are currently 116 titles listed. Almost all of them are available in mobi/kindle format. Baen will even email them directly to your Kindle if you don’t mind paying for the airtime.

    1. it’s free books in the kindle store. baen is on the free books list post.
      i have to say – this baen webscription thing creates some fiercely loyal customers, sometimes too loyal 😉

  3. I am a new Kindle owner, having just received one for Christmas. In the section on your site entitled “50 free books in the Kindle store”, I have clicked on several, only to find that they are not free. Please advise how I can locate the 50 books to which this page refers. Thank you.

      1. I ordered a book yesterday that was listed as free and I was subsequently charges $9.59. I now see that some books listed as free are only free for short periods of time.

        My question is, How does one determine whether a listed free book is still free?


        1. David, you can email customer service and cancel the order if you like.

          If the price shows up as $0 it’s still free. The price has to be $0 at Amazon.

          Some offers just last a few days. It’s almost impossible to monitor books that stop being free because Amazon’s API doesn’t show free books. There’s no way I could keep this list updated manually.

    1. Ben, there are two options available to me –

      1) Not add any free book offers. Because (as stated in the post) – offers change quickly and some books may no longer be free
      2) Add free book offers and hope that readers understand that the newest books will usually be free and some of the older books will probably not be free.

      The first 12 books listed in bold are free. Beyond that it’s hit and miss.

      It’s not my intention to mislead anyone – it’s just the nature of ‘transitory’ free book offers that any list will have hits and misses.

    1. Karen, not sure of the number of Kindle Books in spanish. You can bring in books from other stores provided they don’t have DRM and are in Mobi or Kindle format or PDF or txt (and other Kindle supported formats).
      At the moment there isn’t a Spanish/English dictionary.

    1. Lynn, on the right side column there’s a section titled Email Updates. It says ‘Click to subscribe by email’ and there’s a button ‘Sign Me Up’. Press the button and that lets you sign up to email updates.

      To subscribe to RSS updates click on the Entries RSS text link at the top left of the page (just below the image of the pencil and the Kindle).

  4. Is this list “current?” I see it was posted in 2009, no books are “highlighted” as new, and every book I try to acquire is not free any longer.

    1. Christine, the books at the very top of the list are definitely free. The further down the list you go the less likely they are free. I think it was last updated July 4th.

      1. Better check that list again. The majority of the books listed are not free. The best way to find the free books on Amazon is to go to Amazon and look at their free books list. You can also sort books by price.

  5. Updated on July 10th and free books that are no longer free weeded out.

    It says right before the list in BOLD that book offers change – don’t have the time to be constantly updating what’s free and what’s not – If you’d like to volunteer let me know.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to updat that first list. I did get a few new books and I really appreciate it.

      For anyone on The States, don’t get frustrated when a book comes up not available to the US. Eventually it will be available either for free or for a price. If it’s already been free it usually won’y be again, especially if it has made the NYT Best Seller list.

      I heart your blog, Switch11. I think you do an awesome job. If people want free books they need to see my previous post. They shouldn’t expect you or someone else to babystep them through a free library from Amazon when it’s so easy to find the books on their own.

  6. I have been unable to fins any free books other than a dictionary. It says free but when I try to acces say Shakespeare, a request for payment appears. Is this what you mean by free?

  7. Why are all the supposed to be free books not free? They are sold for $2 at the very least.
    Can somebody explain, thanks a lot.

    1. Well, there are all kinds of free books – some good, some bad, some from established authors, and some from new authors.

      It’s pretty similar to what you’d find in a clothes sale at a shop – some gems, some clunkers.

    1. Really, it’s probably because the offer ended or changed. I never add samples to the list. However, a lot of free book offers only last a few days. Will update the list when i next get some free time.

  8. I ordered a cover for my Kindle but it did not fit the Kindle I have. what do I do?. I would like a cover. here are the numbers on my Kindle –
    Model DOO901 – VERSION 3.O.1# 525120101

    1. Barbara, you’ll have to check the serial number.

      D00901 is probalby Kindle 3.
      Press Menu on the Kindle Home Page. Then choose settings and go to the bottom of the page. If there’s a field specifying Serial Number and indicating type of wireless (WiFi or WiFi + 3G) then you have a Kindle WiFi or Kindle 3. You’ll have to get a Kindle 3 cover.

      You can return the current cover if it’s not a Kindle 3 cover. When you say it doesn’t fit is it because the grooves are at the wrong place or something else?

  9. Many of the books offered as free Kindel books, appear to be only free for US residents. I have paid a little more for my kindel living in Canada and a litttle more for the books I purchase. We have Amazon.ca so, does this seem like descrimination to anyone else but me, or is there a reasonable explanation eg books are banned in Canada or too literate for Canada (refering to the romance novels)

    1. James,
      Offers are determined by Publishers. It took nearly two years for Kindle to expand beyond the US and we might see a similar delay in Publishers realizing that people outside US buy books too.
      To muddy up the waters we have book rights sold by territory, countries that have pricing retrictions like Germany, and other factors.

  10. Kudos for the site! No complaints about having to pay for some…good grief! Thanks for spending the time gathering and updating the info…


  12. Can you “rent” or check out books like at the library for the kindle? Or do you have to buy a book everytime you want to read a book?

  13. Just letting you know, many of your links are not free anymore. I should have made a note of them. Maybe another time. Thanks for the ones that did work though! I’m building quite a collection.

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  15. I love the free books! I just ordered my 10 year old one of the Special Offer Kindles, so now I’ll be looking for middle grade and YA books for her. I’m sure I’ll be a frequent visitor.

    I am experimenting with pricing on my books, and I just uploaded the first two books of my series as one book with both volumes, and list it at $3.79. It saves the reader about 20 cents and basically makes the first book only 80 cents. It was the only way I could think to make my first book be less than 99 cents. I was wondering if I could get a mention of it on your listing sometime? It’s called The Mark Taylor Series: Books One and Two.

  16. Hi. I love the list of books and appreciate the time you put in to maintain and update it. I’m an author with several books out and was wondering if it would be possible to have one on your list. I currently have two of my inspirational books selling for 99 cents (Women Who Knew the Mortal Messiah and Men Who Knew the Mortal Messiah) that normally sell for $12.95 and $13.95 in print. The price will stay at least through the month of May.

  17. I have been looking for a Kindle Fire for Australia and am on an agents booking list, however, one of your reports show that therere may be small problem with the eink. I have decided to wait for the teething problems to be solved and will probably buy Fire later on in the year. I appreciate Freebooks and use them without shame as I am on a disabled Serviceman’s pension. I would like to see a few more Sci-Fi and Techno thrillers on the the free list if you could see your way clear. Absolutely love Kindle.

  18. Very cool, and my book “The C Card and Me, How I beat stage IV cancer (to a pulp)” will be available for free on Amazon Kindle from 12:01am (pst) on Friday, June 1st to 11:59pm (pst) on Saturday, June 2nd, 2012~

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