Would you support Indie Authors in Kindle Store?

 Have been trying to figure out –

  1. A way to create a listing of Independent Authors in the Kindle Store categorized by Genre. 
  2. The cut-off to include or exclude Indie authors – price, review ratings, etc.
  3. Whether kindle owners are interested in supporting indie authors (so far it seems very much so).

Hoping you all would provide some input. Here is a Kindle Indie Author Survey.

Please take the survey, or if you prefer, leave a comment.

Q1: What price would you be willing to pay for a first time author in the Kindle Store?

Is it $1, $2, $3.

Also, at what price does it become an instant buy i.e. you would buy it without a second thought – is that $1?

Q2: What price would you be willing to pay for the second book from an indie author you like?

$3? $5? Perhaps $10.

Again, at what price does the second book from an indie author you like become a must-buy?

Q3: What would be a good cut-off point to identify deserving indie authors?

At how many reviews would you think that the author must be good? And at what rating?

5 or more reviews with an average over 3.5?

Q4: Would you take chances on indie authors without reviews?

If an author cannot get reviews – would you still give him a chance?

Q5: Where do you currently find new books?

Is it the Kindle Store, or recommendations, or some other source entirely?

Thanks for your responses.

0 thoughts on “Would you support Indie Authors in Kindle Store?”

  1. A book’s price is less important to me than the time devoted to reading it. For a novel by an unknown author, I’d be loath to spend more than $5, so I guess that $4.99 would be some some sort of a barrier. For such a book to interest me, I’d look for a well-written blurb, recommendations either by other writers I know or multiple good recommendations by other readers. I don’t see why an author cannot get multiple reviews — at least from some of his friends.

    Oh, and an attractive cover illustration also helps.

    Finding new books for the Kindle is currently a problem. It’d be helpful if at least Amazon put out a weekly listing of newly added books by genre. I think there’s really a market for a good reviewzine (reviewblog???)

  2. Give me a sample chapter to read. If I like it, I’ll buy it regardless of cost. I’m not going to buy something just because it’s cheap (although free book to get me start a series worked).

  3. We’ve had similar surveys at KindleBoards… most people seem to agree that 99¢ is the sweet spot for them to purchase books from indie authors… More than $5 seems to be unacceptable.

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