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Kindle Australia update Oct 7, 2009 – Amazon is now selling Kindle in Australia. You have to pick Australia in the list and then go to an Australia specific page.

Lets look at some of the big kindle news threads this week –

No love lost between Australian Newspapers and the Kindle

Sydney Morning Herald were happily trumpeting the news that –

  1. Australia’s second biggest publisher Fairfax rejected Amazon’s offer.
  2. Rupert Murdoch’s News Ltd (Australia’s biggest publisher) was looking beyond Amazon.

The discussions with Australian newspapers might mean that Amazon is cuing up for a worldwide release this year.

Amazon doesn’t have an Amazon Australia so wonder how they’ll handle distribution. 

Flat World making headway with Free textbooks

  1. FlatWorld has grown from 1,000 students in 30 colleges last semester to 40,000 students at 400 colleges. Scary numbers for textbook publishers.
  2. Good for Kindle DX and Plastic Logic eReader.
  3. Martyn Daniels at Brave New World has a great write-up.
  4. I wish they had a blog and updated news and textbooks added on that.

Guess the whole ‘you can’t make textbooks for free’ theory isn’t really valid , at least for some textbooks.

Reader’s Digest files for Bankruptcy

Persona Non Data has a good write-up on Reader’s Digest filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to reduce its debt from $1.6 billion to $550 million or so.  

It’s been a long time since reading stories like the Kon Tiki voyage in a Reader’s Digest was the highlight of my week. However, it’s sad to see Reader’s Digest struggle so badly and a little distressing to hear that now Reader’s Digest covers nonsense like celebrity news.

They still do have 9 million subscribers so hopefully they can figure out things and get back on track.

Assorted Kindle Randomness

  1. We have Reader Plates for pilots from a company very aptly titled Reader Plates. It’s a $9.99 a month subscription –

    All 13,000+ SIDs, STARs, airport diagrams, minimums, approaches and Airport Facility Directories.
    •Each cycle includes a full set of terminal procedures and Airport Facility Directories for the entire country.

    Each page is sharply rendered at the full screen resolution of the Kindle DX for maximum readability. And pages are tightly compressed to allow the Kindle DX to carry both a current and upcoming cycle of Reader Plates for the entire U.S. With two complete cycles installed on a Kindle DX, there is still space available for more than 500 additional books

  2. Bendable, transparent LEDs sans organics – Ars technica has a great article on yet another eInk technology that is Fabulous and a mere 3 years away from actual use. 
  3. Matt Bandyk at USNews is confused, as am I, about a Harvard Business study that says Kindle being manufactured outside the US shows the decline of American Innovation.  

If anything, the Kindle is a great example of innovation – The whole ebooks industry is back from the dead. 

Are the Harvard Professors upset because workers in chinese factories get to ‘innovate’ by working 60 hrs a week in factories with barely liveable conditions?

Closing Thoughts – Kindle Australia Impact

What happens now that Kindle Australia has arrived. The Australian newspapers and Rupert Murdoch are up in arms against it.

At the same time its a channel to get customers to pay for news.

Perhaps Mr. Murdoch and Mr. Bezos figure out a win-win situation and get Australian Newspapers on the Kindle.

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