16 of Top 25 Kindle Bestsellers are free

It’s interesting to take a look at the ever increasing number of free books and public domain free books taking over the bestseller charts.

Here are the trends (as of 8:46 am saturday august 22nd) –

  1. New Free Blog – Kindle Daily Post is at #61.  
  2. 29 New Free Books. 11 in the Top 25.
  3. 15 Free Public Domain Books. 5 in the Top 25.
  4. 3 Books over $10 – 2 of which are books from authors who have a free book i.e. Joseph Finder, Karen Marie Moning.
  5. 1 magazine, The Economist, and 2 newspapers, WSJ and NYTimes, in the Top 100.

16 of the Top 25, 26 of the Top 50, and 44 of the Top 100 books are free books.

At what point are we going to get a separate list?

The proportion of free books is rising since June, when 12 of the top 25 and 20 of the top 50 were free books.

Check out the Bestsellers. You can also check out a list of the new free books in the kindle store.

The March of Public Domain Books

There are also a lot of free public domain books in the Movers and Shakers section –

  1. Middlemarch with sales rank 286. 
  2. Fairy Tales every child should know at 19. 
  3. Picture of Dorian Gray at 34.
  4. Divine Comedy, Hell at 345. 
  5. Phantom of the Opera at 336.
  6. The Prince by Machiavelli at 162.
  7. Scarlet Letter at 194.
  8. Legend of Sleepy Hollow at 70.
  9. Uncle Tom’s Cabin at 210.
  10. The World Set Free by H.G. Wells at 394.
  11. Crime and Punishment at 214.
  12. Little Women at 121.
  13. Poe’s Complete Poeticla Works at 210.
  14. 20,000 Leagues under the Sea at 30.
  15. The Iliad at 215.

So, in addition to the 15 public domain books in the Top 100, there are others making the move to the Top 100.

The bestseller list is getting overwhelmed by free books – perhaps its just a reflection of the economy.

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  1. Great article — very interesting to see how the free stuff is surging.

    I hope they don’t separate the lists. When Harry Potter took over the NYTimes list for so long they created a children’s best seller list, which only conceals what is actually the best selling books.

    BTW: The link for the Kindle Daily Post returns an error.

  2. I noticed the same thing. What occurs to me is that they aren’t bestsellers if they are free – becuase they aren’t selling. Also, with free books, you never know if people really want to read them or not. They could just download them because they are free. So the bestseller list as it stands isn’t accurate in any way. If your point was that there needs to be a seperate list, I agree.

  3. I bought my Kindle 2 in order to access and read Project Gutenberg books comfortably. I haven’t bought many books from Amazon, but I’ve been reading Dickens and Wilkie Collins … I ditched a lot of unwieldy old paperbacks in the process.

  4. I just purchased my kindle when i was on holidays in Florida . I am now home and have been able to download several free books. This is real nice as I am a senior on a fixed income, thanks to all the Amazon people.
    Phyllis Murray

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