Kindle – 4 Free Books

The Kindle Store gets another round of free kindle books, two of which have excellent covers –

  1. The Sari Shop Widow by Shobhan Bantwal –

    The Sari Shop Widow
    The Sari Shop Widow
  2. God Ain’t Blind by Mary Monroe.  
  3. Hostile Intent by Michael Walsh. 
  4. Raising Jake by Charlie Carillo –

    Raising Jake - Yet another free book
    Raising Jake - Yet another free book

Its interesting to see some new additions to the list of free kindle books in the Kindle Store.

It puts the August total at a stellar 11 for the month. That excludes Buy One Get One offers and offers like Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies and Thomas Greanis’ Raising Atlantis from MacMillan (both in PDF).

The Value of Free

These 4 free books are already #1, #8, #14 and #25 on the bestsellers chart. 

Value to Authors

  1. How much is the publicity worth?  
  2. It would seem at least worth the lost revenue of free books. However, how much exactly is it? 
  3. What are Reader Acquisition Costs with a free book offer?

Value to Readers

  1. Are readers factoring in these books as part of the value proposition of the Kindle?  
  2. Rankings certainly indicate that non-free books by free book authors pick up sales.
  3. What’s the magic number to not overwhelm readers – Amazon seems to think it’s 10-15 free books a month.

Featured Indie Author

Dennis Batchelder’s Soul Intent jumped from 560 to 376 in the Kindle Store and hit the Movers and Shakers list. It’s just $0.99.

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