DIY Kindle Mod for Europe wireless use

Important Note: Modding the Kindle 2 to work in Europe is an ongoing project by – Its not yet finished. In no way is this blog affiliated with it. This post covers it because it is a rather interesting endeavour.

There are some really interesting mods and hacks being done for the Kindle (most in the software). However, this one will take the cake if it succeeds.

Kindle Mod for Wireless Access in Europe

Its interesting to see the steps to mod the Kindle for wireless access in Europe. There are a few main steps –

  1. Remove the lower back and then the back.
  2. Remove the battery to be able to get to the wireless modem.
  3. Remove the  CDMA/EVDO modem and put in a UMTS/HSPA modem that works in Europe. 
  4. Solder in a SIM Card holder and attach a SIM Card.  
  5. Put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

There’s the usual unscrewing things and taking apart things and putting them back together. We do get a rather good look at the innards of the Kindle –

Kindle Already has a SIM Card Slot - Wonder Why.
Kindle Already has a SIM Card Slot - Wonder Why.

A few key takeways from the modding process –

  1. Kindle has one (or more) USB host port(s).
  2. People have an amazing proclivity to assume Amazon doesn’t pay for bandwidth i.e. the whole ‘it would be nice to get free Internet on a netbook’ comment. 
  3. WiFi ought to be possible and some would say a better choice than HSPA.

Most of all, it’s hard not to notice …

It seems to be rather easy to mod Kindle hardware for Europe.

If you think about it, there are just two main steps

  1. Replacing a US wireless network modem by a wireless modem suited to European networks.
  2. Adding a SIM card holder and a SIM card to the rather fortuitously placed SIM card slot.

It’s almost as if Kindle 2 were designed to be easily moddable for use in Europe. Too bad the European mobile networks want the whole cake for themselves.

Coming back to the mod

It seems to be stuck at the software part. Perhaps someone will help unblock it and help demonstrate a Kindle with Internet Access in Europe.

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  1. Nope sorry, just a couple of weeks later amazon announced the international edition, so all my interest in the project disappeared instantly. Anyone interested in the Domain ? Just grab it quickly, I already canceled the renew. (So it’s free of charge.)

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