Kindle, Sony Reader Review via PhotoSynth

PhotoSynth gives you a 360 degree view of the Kindle 2 and the Sony Reader Touch Edition.

You have to check it out – especially the PhotoSynth comparison of the Kindle 2 and the Sony Reader Touch which is, in some ways, better than a video would be. All the images are excellent clarity and you can change the viewing angle and zoom as you like.  

Kindle 2 Vs Sony Touch Comparison via PhotoSynth.

If you don’t have PhotoSynth, check out this page to download it – Kindle 2 Vs Sony Reader Touch Edition.

The individual photosynths they are on the same page, and include –

  1. Kindle 2 PhotoSynth  – In case you want to see more of the Kindle 2, which you can buy at Amazon.
  2. Sony Reader Touch Edition PhotoSynth – See the Sony Reader from all angles. The 300 Pocket Edition and the Touch Edition are available at Amazon.

If you haven’t used PhotoSynth before you’ll love it – it basically stitches together a bunch of images to give you a panoramic view. You can –

  1. Watch a SlideShow. 
  2. View a single picture and choose one of various angles to get a different perspective.
  3. Hold down your mouse button and rotate through view angles. 
  4. Zoom in and Zoom Out.
  5. Expand the Viewer to fill the whole screen. 

Its basically an absolutely great way of experiencing an object or view or a landscape. In this particular case it’s the best way to see what the Kindle 2 and Sony Touch Edition look like without holding them in your hands.

Thoughts on the Kindle and Sony Reader PhotoSynths

  1. The contrast PhotoSynth really highlights Kindle’s advantage in screen contrast and Sony’s advantage in looks and size.
  2. The amount of reflection on the Sony Reader is annoying. There was none of this on the Pocket Edition so it must have to do with the touch layer.
  3. Neither the Touch nor the Pocket Edition have any side lighting. Again, removed because it messed up readability.
  4. The Sony looks really pretty in red. The navy blue pocket edition looked really good too.
  5. In an alternate reality Kindle and Sony would tie-up to produce absolutely amazing eReaders.
  6. Sony really should add a Journal Application.

The PhotoSynth technology itself is marvellous.

Wonder how long it’ll be before product pages are using PhotoSynth and Videos instead of images?

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