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Just finished coding a Kindle Start Page Tool. It’s at .

The Context

A long time back a comment on this blog had talked about this –

  1. Rename a html file to .txt.
  2. Put it in the Kindle documents folder.
  3. Open it up and the links work. 

Its much more convenient than having to browse to experimental and then firing up the browser. It also lets you change bookmarks easily and quickly as a .txt file is easier to work with.

The Tool

At you can –

  1. Choose out of 3 example start pages. 
  2. Customize these (the simple option) to keep links that you want.
  3. Create a Custom Start Page (the not as simple option) to add your own links in each category, change the design and so forth.

It ought to be accessible from the Kindle itself. Let me know if –

  1. Access works. 
  2. (On the Kindle’s browser) Clicking on the Start Page link lets you save the .txt file to your documents folder.

Is it worth it?

Quite frankly I don’t know.

  1. Being able to use it from the Kindle (if that does work) makes it convenient.
  2. Not having to do Menu > Experimental > Browser etc. is good.
  3. It also uses mobile versions of the sites.

Things to keep in mind

  1. If you navigate to the actual saved .txt start page on bookmonk via IE the formatting is off. It will be alright on the Kindle though.
  2. It ought to work via the Kindle’s browser. Please let me know if it doesn’t.
  3. You MUST save the file in windows by choosing All Files instead of HTML, and then choosing a name within quotes and with a .txt extension – “yourname.txt”.
  4. The Amazon and Kindle Store links have my associate ID.
  5. You can edit these .txt files in any editor.
  6. The files that are created are stored on bookmonk – however, they are not guaranteed to stay there. If someone chooses the same name, they will get deleted.
  7. Have a few ideas (sorting, persistent files, editing files) that will only be pursued if these is some amount of interest in the feature.
  8. If there’s a good mobile site you’d like to add (and that is not your own) please leave a comment.
  9. All Rights are Reserved on the Code.

When working with Custom Start Page Maker –

  1. Choosing ‘No Headers’ will remove the ‘News’, ‘Search’, etc. headers.
  2. Choosing ‘1 link per line’ option will change the design to have a single link per line.
  3. For custom pages i.e. pages you enter –

    For a website entering or works. No need for the http:// and entering that will break links.  
    A title is necessary otherwise your custom links will not show up. 

Will there be Future Work on this?

If there’s interest, yes. Not otherwise.

Can’t figure out how to work it

Here’s a video – [wpvideo LY5VXIdN]

0 thoughts on “Kindle Start Page Tool”

  1. Hi. I like this feature because it is much more convenient than going to “experimental” and “basic web” each time. However, the allotted spaces given for the url needs to be longer.

    Most of the websites I wanted to add were not usable because they were too long, most of the time because I was saving a link using skweezer, other times simply because the url was too long.

    I look forward to checking back another time to see if more websites can be added to my kindle homepage. Thanks!

    1. Annie, could you add an example url using the skweezer url structure.
      If I’m understanding you correctly there is a limitation in the text field of how long the url can be and that’s ruling out longer urls.

      I’m back home in a week and will make the change if you can add an example url so i know what length urls we are talking about.

      Also, it’s good to hear that you’re finding it useful.

    1. If you ever get anything going that could streamline evernote for kindle, please shoot me an e-mail. I’d love to beta test for you.

  2. I’d like bookmonk home page maker to build the home page entry to go directly to the web page instead of displaying a link to do so. For example, I’d name the entry Gmail and when selected from the home page the browser would open the Gmail web page without need to use the 5-way button.

    1. John, there is now way i know of to add a link direct to the Kindle home page. So the best that can be done is have a document on the Kindle home page that lists a bunch of bookmarks.

      1. Thanks for reply. I’m a retired computer scientist, so I may be able to help. May I see the source code? I’m especially interested in how you move the file into the Kindle.

        1. I sent you the source code. It’s a PHP script that generates a text file that you move to documents folder of your Kindle. Then Amazon opens it like any document. Except the links in the text file can be clicked on.

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