7" Tablet, Toshiba JournE Touch

At IFA 2009 in Berlin, Toshiba unveiled the JournE Touch 7″ Tablet – its already drawing comparisons to Apple’s rumored iNetbook.

By the way, this is the same conference at which Amazon is rumored to launch the Kindle 2 in UK and Europe.

It does give a very good idea of what a touch screen tablet would look like and what features we could expect.

Toshiba are promoting it as a Home Multimedia Tablet, with –

  1. Very intuitive usability.
  2. Easy Internet Access. 
  3. Facebook and YouTube access.
  4. TV out, including web surfing and HD movies.

Its a good looking device –  [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp7JSW7CxrI]

Toshiba JournE’s main features

  1. Touchscreen.
  2. Windows CE OS. One Touch On.
  3. 7″, 800 by 480, LED backlit screen.
  4. WiFi and Mobile Broadband support. 
  5. Internet video streaming.
  6. Ultra Thin at 14 mm. Weighs around 400 grams.
  7. Supposedly 14 hrs of usage on one battery charge. For watching YouTube 2.5 hrs.
  8. 1 USB and 1 mini-USB port each.
  9. 1 GB Internal Memory and SD memory card support for up to 64GB.
  10. HDMI output of 720p video. Connect it to your TV for social surfing and watching YouTube together.
  11. Priced at 249 euros i.e. $354 (when did the rate go up so much?).

Its going to be out later in the year. There was no mention of what the Internet Access would cost.

Not really relevant to reading

The 7″ screen and brushed aluminium back are the only similarities to the Kindle.

  1. Its basically the anti-Kindle with its multi-tasking focus.
  2. The applications include Internet Explorer, Flickr, a RSS reader, Google’s Picasa, a Weather channel application, MSN Messenger, and a Recipes application.
  3. There were no icons related to books or newspapers. Icons for Surfing, Video, Pictures, Music, and Social Networking dominated.
  4. The multimedia and entertainment focus, along with the video out feature, make it much more of an Apple iTablet competitor.
  5. The gentleman even said’ there will be much more than an App Store’.

The 249 euros price is interesting as a 10″ Apple Touch would probably be in the $600 to $800 range.

 Why doesn’t Amazon add a non-reading device to the Kindle family?

The whole plan at Lab 126 is supposedly to introduce devices other than the Kindle.

Amazon have the wireless connection, they now have a decent amount of experience designing and selling consumer devices. Perhaps its time to take on an area other than reading.

Amazon could benefit greatly from –

  1. A mobile shopping device. What woman/girl wouldn’t want a device that lets her choose her look, carry her wardrobe, check prices, and find the best shopping deals.
  2. A product to go with its MP3 downloads store. 

Makes you wonder – Will Amazon release a non-reading device in the next 12-18 months?

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