Kindle Battery Accessory – Duracell Instant Charger

A criticism of the Kindle 2 has been the removal of the option to change the battery yourself. This causes problems in two situations –

  1. If you want to carry an extra battery for international trips or any other reason. 
  2. If your battery dies out.

Well, a solution for 1. is the Duracell Instant Charger. They’re releasing a new model so it’s worth covering what the current and soon-to-arrive duracell chargers do.

Duracell Instant Power Charger for $24.99 (current edition)

Here’s what it looks like –

Duracell Instant Charger for Kindle Duracell Instant Charger for Kindle

The Duracell Instant Charger’s price point is pretty convenient and it has some other things going for it –

  1. Very small (fits in the palm of your hand, literally) and light (45 grams). 
  2. Adds 4 hrs to iPhones, 5 hrs talk time to cell phones and 35 hrs run time to iPods.  Probably means the Kindle gets a few days of run time.
  3. They claim that it can be charged up to 600 times using a laptop or any other USB power source and can recharge a USB compatible device up to three times on a single charge.
  4. Will work for the Kindle and Kindle 2 (from the Duracell site) –

    Powers device and charges the internal battery for iPods, BlackBerries, any mobile phones with Mini or Micro USB port.

  5. Just $25.  

Note that when they say it will work with Kindle 2 they do mean that the Kindle 2 USB to micro-USB cable is needed.

Duracell Instant USB Charger for $20 (to be released soon)

Duracell has decided to revamp its instant charger line and will release 3 products –

  1. A $20 instant charger which is basically a re-do of the above charger (and looks much better) – 
    DuraCell Instant Charger for Kindle 2 DuraCell Instant Charger for Kindle 2
  2. A $33 ($50 in some places) Powerhouse USB charger with higher capacity (supposedly 140% more). This is already available at
  3. A pocket USB charger.

Let’s focus on the $20 Instant Charger –

  1. The product description at Amazon clearly states that it works with Apple and Micro USB device cords with USB tips i.e. will work with the Kindle 2’s USB cord.  
  2. 3 hours of cell phone power, 50 hrs of music playback. Again, that translates into a few days of Kindle time. 
  3. On/Off switch, which is pretty cool.
  4. Can be recharged hundreds of times.


It’s a useful device to have around if you’re making an international trip or a trip on which you might run out of Kindle battery life. For a 1 week international trip buying a $20 instant charger would be better than buying an international adapter (not to mention the hassles of finding one).

Its unfortunate that there is no micro-USB support without using the Kindle 2’s USB cord. However, its a good add-on to the Kindle’s battery and a good way to recharge the Kindle in tight spots (where a laptop or power outlet isn’t available).

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