Kindle 2 Video User Guide

These are the top 100 things about the Kindle 2 worth knowing (to be precise they’re probably 100 of the top 150 things to know).

The addition of the video is to let you actually see what things look like, and you can try it out on your Kindle 2 as you watch and read this guide.

Kindle 2 Guide – The Basics

Here’s a video walking you through Kindle 2 basics – [wpvideo RnOnSJWI]

There are some of the basic things to know –

  1. You can charge via USB or the power adapter. Orange = Charging. Green = Fully charged.
  2. The bar at the very top always shows the name you gave your Kindle on the left, and the Wireless Signal and Battery Life on the right.
  3. When you press the Menu button the top bar also shows remaining memory capacity on the left, Time in the centre and type of wireless signal next to signal strength and battery life.
  4. The Kindle loses its battery charge very rapidly if whispernet/wireless is left on. This happens even if Kindle is in sleep mode. So do turn off the wireless whenever you’re not using the Internet.
  5. Be very careful when handling your Kindle 2. Dropping it could break the screen which is rather delicate.
  6. Customer Help –

    Kindle Help Customer Numbers – 1-866-321-8851 in the US, and 1-206-266-0927 from outside the US.

Kindle 2 Guide – Kindle 2 Shortcuts

Here’s the video – [vimeo 6449243]

And here are the shortcuts discussed (in all cases you have to hold down the first key and then press the second key) –

  1. Alt + Aa – Brings up the Font Size and Text To Speech Menu.
  2. Shift + Sym – Starts Read To Me, the Text to Speech feature. Its disabled in some books and won’t work for them. 
  3. SpaceBar (when TTS is on) – pause and restart Text To Speech. 
  4. Alt+SpaceBar – Start and Stop Background Music.  
  5. Alt+F – Next Music Track.
  6. Alt+G – Refresh the screen and Remove Ghosting (faded outlines of previous page). 
  7. Alt+B – Bookmark.
  8. Alt+Shift +1/2/3/etc. – Change Line Spacing.   
  9. Dictionary definitions – Move Cursor to any word. Press Enter to see more details.
  10. Menu button on any page – Time and Memory.  
  11. Alt+T on Home Screen – Time and Date. 
  12. Left on Home Screen when an item is underlined – delete the item.
  13. Right on Home Screen when an item is underlined – see item details, and links for last page read, etc.
  14. Type in @help on home page – see help options.
  15. Alt+Shift+M on Home Page – Bring up Minesweeper.
  16. Jump to any page – Press a number (say 2) and then 5-way controller to go to that page (page 2). Note: You can also jump to page 22 by quicly pressing ‘2’ twice and then hitting the enter key.

Additional Kindle 2 Shortcuts:

  1. Alt + Delete – Clear what you’ve typed in a note or in the search field.
  2. Alt+Shift+G – Take a screenshot.
  3. Alt+Z – Refresh Home Screen to show photo albums (see section below on how to add photo albums). 
  4. Search options (@dict, @home, @store, @web, @wikipedia/@wiki).
  5. Browser Bookmarks List – Left on 5-way to delete a bookmark, right on 5-way to edit a bookmark.
  6. Kindle Help Customer Numbers – 1-866-321-8851 in the US, and 1-206-266-0927 from outside the US.
  7. Power Switch – Slide it to go to Sleep Mode or to wake up Kindle. Slide and hold for 4-5 seconds to turn off Kindle.
  8. Sending Kindle into sleep mode is better than turning it off.
  9. Slide and hold Power Switch for 15 seconds to reset the Kindle. Use reset sparingly.
  10. In Settings enter 411 and press enter to get diagnostics.
  11. In settings enter 611 and press enter to get even more diagnostics.

 If you have found any additional shortcuts, please leave a comment.

Kindle 2 Video Guide – Reading a Book

Here’s a video walk-through – [vimeo 6449996]

This is a straightforward section. Will add notes if there’s any confusion – leave a comment if you’d like steps and details.

Kindle 2 Video Guide – Getting Paid and Free Books

[vimeo 6450403]

The best options for free books are –

  1. The link on the upper part of the right side of this page for 40 free new kindle books in the kindle store. 
  2. The link on the left side of this page for Free Kindle Books and Sites (its under ‘Popular Posts’).
  3. Manybooks and Gutenberg are the two best choices for free public domain books. At Gutenberg remember to download the Mobipocket format. At Manybooks choose the Kindle format (.azw).
  4. works from the Kindle’s browser.
  5. For Google Books, choose the link on the right next to the 40 Free Kindle Books list link.

As far as buying from the Kindle Store –

  1. If you buy from the Kindle itself the purchase confirmation page will have a link at the very bottom to return the book i.e. cancel your purchase.
  2. If you buy from Amazon and want a refund, you’ll have to email customer service or call them up.
  3. When browsing Kindle Store via the Kindle you have to click through to a book’s page to see the price. The bestseller lists have no prices shown (on they do).  
  4. Remember that any books you download have to be placed in the documents folder of the kindle. Any audiobooks have to be placed in the Audible folder.

Kindle 2 Guide – AudioBooks and Photo Albums

Here’s a video showing how to get audiobooks and photo albums on to the Kindle and how to access them – [wpvideo DOHzFZZG].

Here are the written instructions –

Using the Image Viewer (Photo Albums)

Creating photo albums on your Kindle 2 –

  1. Connect Kindle 2 to your PC via the USB cable.
  2. Your Kindle 2 will show up as a external drive. Create a “pictures” folder on it.
  3. Create sub-folders in the pictures folder with the name that you’d like to give your photo albums. 
  4. For each folder put in the photos that you would like in that photo album.
  5. Remove your Kindle 2 from your PC/Mac and on the home page press Alt+Z to refresh and bring up the photo albums.
  6. The names of the photo albums will be the folder names you selected for sub-folders in your pictures folder.
  7. Click on one of the photo albums, and the Image Viewer on the Kindle 2 starts up.

Shortcuts in the Kindle 2’s Image Viewer –

  1. Zoom In – Q key.
  2. Zoom Out – W key.
  3. Reset Zoom – E key.
  4. Toggle to Actual Size – C key.
  5. Toggle Full Screen Mode – F key.
  6. Pan Photo – With 5-way controller. This only works for large pictures
  7. Rotate – R key

As far as audiobooks, this post on Kindle AudioBooks has details on how to get Audible books to work. The audio book player details in the post are a bit outdated as in Kindle 2 all the controls are together at the bottom of the screen.

Kindle 2 Guide – Newspapers and Search

 Here’s the video guide – [vimeo 6450971]

And the notes –

  1. All newspapers have 14 day free trials so do take advantage of that.  
  2. Some newspapers do not include all the content and pictures. Read the reviews in the Kindle Store for details. 
  3. Its useful to use the ‘View Sections’ option.
  4. Its also rather helpful that the number next to the section name (in the View Sections page) gives you a list of articles in the section. 
  5. You can clip an entire article from a newspaper.
  6. You can keep an issue of the newspaper.
  7. You can add notes and highlights in an article.

For Search –

  1. When searching you can choose to search just the current book (if in a book), or all your items, or the web, or wikipedia, or the kindle store, or google, or the dictionary.
  2. When searching, you can use search shortcuts i.e. @store, @web, @wiki/@wikipedia, @dict etc. You can also use @author when searching the kindle store to narrow a search to a particular author.
  3. You can use a combination of ‘tags/notes’ and search to create a Folders workaround for the Kindle.

Kindle 2 Guide – Browser and Kindle Store

To Be Updated. The lack of whispernet in Canada makes this rather difficult. Will figure out a workaround and update this section.

Kindle 2 Conversions

For Conversion please see the Kindle 2 PDF conversion guide. The post focuses on pdf conversions.

The emailing to Amazon methods (both free and paid) discussed in the post also work for the other formats that Amazon converts i.e. HTML, DOC, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP.

Closing Thoughts

Will update this Kindle 2 Video Guide with new tips and guidelines as they’re found. Do leave comments and the best tips and helpful things you’ve found about the Kindle 2. Let me know if you have questions.

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  1. How do I transfer a file from my computer to the kindle? so far i have tried to email at and I don’t know what to do next I also connected to computer and dragged and dropped but I am really not sure how to do this. Please help thanks

    1. Valerie,

      what format is the file in?

      For a general file (that is already in a kindle compatible format)-
      1) Attach Kindle to PC via USB.
      2) Drag and drop the file from wherever it is to the Kindle > Documents folder. The Kindle will show up as a drive on your computer.

      Let me know more details and i’ll add a video showing how to do the transfer – do let me know the file extension and details of whether it’s on your PC or in your email account.

      For a file that you have sent to, you will get an email back to your email address that has the file as an attachment.
      For this, you should connect your Kindle to your PC, and when you click and download the File, choose ‘Save As’
      and then in the File Dialog, go to ‘Computer’ and select ‘Kindle’ which will show up as a drive.
      Go to the ‘documents’ folder in the Kindle and save the file there.
      Then wait for the file to get copied and then detach the Kindle and you will see the file show up.

  2. Thanks for your information on transferring photos to the Kindle 2 was very straight forward and answered my questions. the key was the additional folder within the image folder! Only thing you left out is the display size – to optimize images without using up too much space. I believe the screen is 600 x 800 and 16 shades of gray. I’ve saved as GIF and JPG and they both display well. Again thanks for the details!

  3. Hi All
    I’m in Finland and Kindle 2 works fine as expected in reading books.
    It’s easy to use and shopping books goes as well through the net/ USB to transfer the files. So I am registered etc. as everyone else.
    Since we do not have the kindle wireles coverage in Finland one of the annoying things is that the device is not registered. So the Menu/settings page takes you to this register everytime.
    Amazon could provide the instructions how to download the registration to the device itself through net, since they have it anyway.
    Or is there any tweak I could use??

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