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Here’s an electronic book reader list showing what’s currently available on the market. The electronic book readers are arranged according to increasing price –

(Will add in videos or photos later. Trying to find appropriate images in small sizes.)

Dell Reading Tablet ($0, subscription based)

Dell and Intel are rumored to be collaborating on a reading tablet –

  1. February 2010 Release Date. 
  2. Digital Media Content Subscriptions and $0 subsidized price. 
  3. 5″ screen.
  4. Runs Windows 7.
  5. Touch-screen with multi-touch.
  6. LCD screen.

Dell wants to convince newspapers to move to a fee based service model.

Refurbished Kindle 1 ($149)

Amazon has countered to the $199 Sony Pocket Edition with a refurbished Kindle 1 at just $149.

First, a video comparison with the Kindle 2 – [wpvideo e0wgi1Pv]

You might want to get a $219 refurbished Kindle 2 instead of the refurbished kindle 1.

The selling points of the refurbished Kindle 1 –

  1. Kindle Whispernet which means 60 second wireless delivery.
  2. Free Internet Access.  
  3. Kindle for iPhone and syncing across devices.
  4. 6″ eInk display – 600 by 800 pixel resolution at 167 ppi, 4 level grayscale.
  5. The older Kindle 1 includes extendible memory via a SD Card slot.  
  6. The refurbished kindle 1 also has a replaceable battery.
  7. The design is a bit primitive. However, some people did like it.
  8. Formats: Mobi, Txt, HTML, JPEG, PRC, GIF, PNG, BMP.
  9. Formats via conversion: Word, PDF. 

You get all the other Kindle benefits i.e. 300K+ new books, 10 or so free new books every month, etc.

Do note that this is the first generation Kindle that was originally released in November 2007.

Asus Budget Electronic Book Reader ($150 – $164)

Asus’ budget electronic reader is slated for an end of 2009 release in both US and UK (and perhaps worldwide).

The news has been focused on the premium version (discussed later on in this post) and the only things we know about Asus’ budget ereader are –

  1. $164 price in the UK. 
  2. It will compete on price rather than features.  

Sony Reader Pocket Edition ($199)

Let’s start with a video of the Pocket Edition compared with a Kindle 2 – [wpvideo wrelWB1Q]

Sony’s new sub $200 addition packs some good features –

  1. 5″ eInk screen with great contrast and 800 by 600 pixels resolution.
  2. Very compact and light (7.76 oz). 
  3. PDF and ePub support.  Also supports BBeB, Txt, RTF, Word.
  4. 512 MB memory of which 440 MB is available.  
  5. Good range of free ebooks from Google. 
  6. Library Finder service to loan out library ebooks.
  7. 3 Adjustable Font Sizes. 
  8. Available in silver, navy blue and rose.

Refurbished Kindle 2 for $219

Another response from Amazon to Sony’s $199 Pocket Edition is the refurbished Kindle 2 at $219.

Here’s a quick listing of the best features –

  1. Great, very readable eInk screen.  
  2. 350K+ books at the Kindle Store.  
  3. Whispernet for 60 second wireless book downloads and free Internet Access.  
  4. Very easy to use and you don’t have to be tech savvy at all.
  5. Very thin, light, and great battery life makes it very portable.

Refurbished Kindle 2s come with a warranty and they’re refurbished by Amazon so it’s much better than buying a used Kindle at eBay.

Foxit eSlick Reader ($229)

Foxit is a company that makes PDF conversion software so you know their PDF support is going to be stellar. For $229 you get –

  1. 6″ eInk screen with 800 by 600 pixel resolution and 4 level gray scale.  
  2. Linux OS.
  3. Formats: PDF, Txt, Any printable document (first converted to PDF by included software), MP3. 
  4. 128 MB memory and SD Card slot with 2 GB card included. 
  5. Available in Black, Gray (black back) and White (Light Gray back).

Neolux Nuut 2 electronic book reader ($230)

Neolux have the Nuut 2 ereader (in addition to point of sale displays) –

  1. 6″ eInk screen with 800 by 600 resolution and 8 shades of gray. 
  2. 1 GB memory and SD card slot.  
  3. WiFi support.  
  4. PDF and ePub support.  
  5. Weighs 290 grams. 

More details courtesy Google Translate.

Azbooka 516 ($239) ebook reader

The Azbooka is also known as the HandyBOOK. It features –

  1. A 5″ screen with 800 by 600 resolution and 8 shades of gray scale.  
  2. Formats: PDF, txt, html, jpg, png.  
  3. Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese. 
  4. 512 MB storage and SD card slot.

Hanlin eReader V5 ($249) electronic book reader

Jinke make the Hanlin V5 which has –

  1. 5″ eInk screen with 600 by 800 resolution and 8 levels of gray scale.  
  2. Formats: PDF, Doc, Wolf, Mp3, HTML, txt, chm, FB2, DJVU, PNG, TIF, GIF, BMP, JPG, PPT, ePub, LIT.
  3. Languages: English, Chinese, Russian, Ukraine, Turkish, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Bulgarian, Estonian, Polish.  
  4. SD Card support.  
  5. Linux OS.
  6. Multi Level Directory Management.  

BeBook 1 Electronic Book Reader from Endless Ideas ($249)

This is basically the Hanlin V3 sold under a different brand.

BeBook 1 electronic reader comes with a 6″ eInk screen and more features –

  1. Lots of formats supported – pdf, mobi, prc, epub, lit, txt, fb2, doc, html, rtf, djvu, wol, ppt, mbp, chm, bmp, jpg, png, gif, tif, rar, zip, mp3. 
  2. 512 MB internal memory and SD Card slot. 
  3. Language Support: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, Greek, Ukraine, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Bulgarian, Estonian, Polish.
  4. Ability to Change Fonts and font sizes.
  5. Plays mp3 files and audiobooks.
  6. 7,000 pageturns battery life.
  7. Free RSS newsfeeds.
  8. Comes with 20,000 free books.

More details at the BeBook page.

Coming soon is the BeBook 2 with –

  1. WiFi and 3 G connectivity.
  2. Touchscreen.
  3. Wireless RSS support.

Cool-er ($249) electronic book reader

 UK start-up Interead has sold 5,000+ cool-ers in a few months based on these features – 

  1. 6″ eInk screen with 170 ppi and 8 levels of grayscale.
  2. Linux OS, 1 GB memory and SD card slot.
  3. 8000 page turns battery life.
  4. Works on PC and Mac.
  5. Formats: PDF, ePub, FB2, RTF, Txt, HTML, PRC, JPG, MP3.
  6. Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portugese, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese. 
  7. Their own ebook store. 
  8. Access to Google Free Books.
  9. Available in 8 colors – vivid violet, racing green, silver shine, black jack, blue sky, hot pink, cool pink, ruby red.

Samsung SNE-50K Electronic Book ($270)

Samsung’s eReader used to be called the Papyrus, and is currently available only in Korea –

  1. 5″ eInk screen. 
  2. Touch screen and stylus.
  3. 512 MB storage.
  4. Built-in Scheduler, notepad and calculator.
  5. No wireless. 
  6. Launched in partnership with Kyobo Book Centre.  

Bookeen Cybook Opus ($280)

The Cybook Opus has some good features –

  1. 5″ eInk screen with 800 by 600 resolution at an impressive 200 dpi.  
  2. 4 shades of grayscale.  
  3. Portrait and Landscape Mode. 
  4. 1 GB Memory and MicroSD card slot.
  5. Very light (5.3 oz; 150 gms) and compact.
  6. G-sensor for motion detection that automatically flips screen orientation.
  7. Linux OS and 400 Mhz Samsung ARM Processor.
  8. 8,000 page turns battery life.
  9. Formats: PDF, ePub, HTML, Txt, JPG, GIF, PNG.

Kindle 2 Electronic Book Reader ($299)

All the Kindle 2 goodness i.e. [wpvideo alwBbPmy].

Arguably the current best ereader –

  1. 6″ eInk screen. 
  2. WhisperNet service for free Internet and 60 second book downloads.
  3. Large range of books. More current new books than any other ebook store. 
  4. No ePub support, PDF supported via conversion service.  
  5. Very easy to use.
  6. Kindle for iPhone lets you read your ebooks on the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Check out Amazon for full specifications or my Kindle 2 Review for a full review.

Sony Reader Touch Edition ($299)

Here’s a review of the Sony Reader Touch Edition – [wpvideo 9gxZn4hK]

The best current Sony Reader –

  1. 6″ eInk screen.
  2. Touchscreen with support for freehand drawing. 
  3. Very compact, light and portable. 
  4. Library Finder service that lets you download library ebooks free.
  5. PDF and ePub support.
  6. Available in Red, Black and Silver. 

You can also compare the Touch Edition with the Kindle 2 at my Kindle 2 Vs Sony Touch Edition video review.

Onyx Boox eBook Reader (price unknown)

Onyx International Inc. has their Boox electronic book reader which features a unique design and –

  1. 6″ eInk screen with 8 levels of grayscale.
  2. Touchscreen with full screen scribble.  
  3. 532 Mhz processor.  
  4. 512 MB memory and SD card slot. 
  5. WiFi. 
  6. Formats: PDF, txt, html, mobipocket, epub, chm, pdb, jpg, png, gif, bmp, tiff, mp3, wav.  
  7. A variety of colors – white, dark blue, blue-green, light blue, purple-black. 

There are also plans to introduce 8″ and 9.7″ screen Boox versions.

Asus Premium Edition eBook Reader (Price Unknown)

Asus say their higher end electronic book will be out by end 2009 –

  1. Hinged Spine like a printed book and two screens.  
  2. Color screens.
  3. Touch capability on both screens and onscreen keyboard.
  4. Wireless Internet.
  5. Additional features like videocalling. 

Hanlin V3 electronic book reader ($299)

The Hanlin V3 from Jinke is sold under various names –

lBook V3 (Russia, Ukraine), Walkbook (Turkey), BEBOOK (Netherlands), EZ Reader (USA), Papyre 6.1 (Spain), also available as Koobe (Hungary)

The V3 electronic book has –

  1. 6″ screen with 800 by 600 pixels resolution.
  2. Linux OS. 
  3. Formats: PDF, Doc, ePub, Wolf, HTML, mp3, JPG, PNG, TIF, GIF, BMP, txt, chm, rar, zip, ppt, bmp,  Lit, PRC, Mobi.
  4. Languages: English, Chinese, Russian, Ukraine, Turkish, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Bulgarian, Estonian, Polish. 
  5. SD Card Support.
  6. Multi-level directory management.

Pocketbook 360 Electronic Book Reader ($300)

An interesting ereader –

  1. 5″ eInk screen.  
  2. Rotating screen with In-built accelerometer.  
  3. Plastic lid cover that can be detached from the 360.
  4. Replaceable battery.
  5. Memory card slot.  
  6. A very nice user interface.  
  7. Seems to ship with some simple Games.
  8. Additional Apps like notebook.
  9. Bookshelves in list, book covers, and detailed list modes.
  10. Formats: PDF, txt, FB2, djvu, rtf, html, prc, chm, ePub, Doc, JPEB, BMP, GIF.
  11. Two colors – white and black.

Cybook Gen 3 ($350) electronic book reader

 Bookeen has another electronic book offering (in addition to the Opus) in the Cybook Gen 3 –

  1. 6″ eInk screen with 800 by 600 resolution with 166 dpi. Only 4 shades of gray scale though.
  2. Portrait and Landscape Mode. 
  3. 8000 page turns.  
  4. 64 MB memory and SD Card slot.
  5. Formats: HTML, Txt, PRC, PalmDoc, PDF, secured Mobipocket.

Pocketbook 301 Plus Electronic Book Reader ($350)

Another eReader from Pocketbook –

  1. 6″ eInk screen with 800 by 600 resolution at 166 dpi.
  2. Linux OS with 400 MHz Samsung processor. 
  3. 7000 page turns battery life. 
  4. SD memory card slot.
  5. Formats: FB2, txt, PDF, djvu, RTF, html, prx, chm, ePub, Doc, tcr, JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, MP3.

txtr electronic book reader (price unknown)

Given the large tankers we are the speedboat– Textr Co-Founder.

  1. 6″ eInk display.
  2. Capacitive Slider Interface.
  3. Based on Linux.
  4. 3D accelerometer.
  5. MicroSD Card slot and 8GB MicroSD card included.
  6. EDGE modem, WiFi and BlueTooth.  

More details and video at the Txtr eBook Reader page. Not yet available to buy.

Hanlin V2 Electronic Book Reader ($349)

Another electronic book from Jinke with an as yet unspecified release date –

  1. 6″ eInk screen with 800 by 600 resolution and 4 shades of gray.  
  2. A slave display that is a touchscreen with 254 by 96 pixels and a stylus for input.  
  3. 64 MB Nand Flash memory and SD Card slot.  
  4. Formats: PDF, Doc, Wolf, HTML, mp3, JPG, txt, chm, rar, zip, ppt, bmp, etc.  
  5. Linux OS and Arm9 200Mhz Samsung Processor. 
  6. Battery Life: 9000 page turns.

Refurbished Kindle DX at $399

Amazon matched the Daily Edition from Sony (listed next) with its Refurbished Kindle DX for $399 (on October 2nd, 2009). Here’s a Kindle DX video – [vimeo 5162016]

The main selling points of the refurbished Kindle DX  –

  1. $90 cheaper than the Kindle DX (listed below right after the Daily Edition).  
  2. 9.7″ eInk screen with 16 shades of grayscale.  
  3. Great quality screen – eInk is very readable and causes little to no eye-strain.
  4. Read in Portrait or Landscape Mode.
  5. In-built PDF support – although only book marks are supported. There are no annotations and no zooming.
  6. The Kindle Store – available wirelessly with 350K+ books.
  7. Whispernet with free Internet Access and 60 second book downloads.
  8. Sync with iPhone.

Do read my kindle dx review for more details.

Sony Reader Daily Edition ($399)

The Daily edition is Sony’s answer to Kindle’s whispernet –

  1. 7″ eInk screen with 16 shades of grayscale. 
  2. Touchscreen.
  3. Wireless Store and wireless delivery of books via AT&T’s network.  
  4. Library Finder to get free ebooks from libraries.
  5. Expected in December 2009.
  6. Only in the US at first. Might get to the UK in a year or so.
  7. 8,500+ retail locations will carry it.

A review of the features of the Sony Reader Daily Edition.

Kindle DX ($489)

The Kindle DX is Amazon’s Textbook and Newspaper Reader –

  1. 9.7″ eInk screen with 1200 by 824 resolution with 16 shades of gray.  
  2. PDF Support in-built.  
  3. All the benefits of WhisperNet i.e. wireless 60 second downloads and free Internet access. 
  4. Auto-rotating screen.
  5. Read To Me feature. 
  6. Currently being tested in several Universities.

Available at Amazon and you can check my kindle dx review for more details.

Plastic Logic eReader (between $500 and $850)

Lots of features and a Jan 2010 rumored release date –

  1. 10″+ screen.  
  2. Touchscreen and the ability to add annotations and scribbles.  
  3. Folders.  
  4. WiFi and Bluetooth support. 
  5. Screen is flexible and unbreakable (supposedly).
  6. Formats: Word, PDF, Powerpoint and more.

Here’s a video – [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v226DYqlbHQ]

Apple Electronic Reader (rumored)

Leaving this blank as the rumors are all over the place.

Netronix EB900 electronic book

Netronix’s EB900 has some good features –

  1. 9.7″ screen with 1200 by 825 resolution. 
  2. Linux or Windows CE OS option. 
  3. Choice of color or 16 shades of gray for the screen.
  4. WiFi and Bluetooth.  
  5. SD Card Slot and 4 GB memory.  
  6. Expected Q1, 2010. Price unknown.

More details on the Netronix EB900.

iRex iLiad Electronic Book Reader ($699)

An expensive, feature rich ebook reader –

  1. 8.1″ screen with 1024 by 768 resolution 
  2. 16 levels of grayscale.  
  3. Touch sensor input with Integrated Wacom Pen enabled sensor board.
  4. Intel 400 MhZ XScale processor.
  5. 64 MB Memory with MMC and CF memory cards. 
  6. WiFi 802.11 B/G.
  7. Built-in stereo speakers.
  8. Formats: PDF, html, txt, jpg, bmp, png, prc.
  9. Languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish.

You can also get the iRex Iliad Book Edition which is $100 cheaper but drops WiFi support. iRex also are rumored to have the DR800 Electronic Book Reader in the works.

iRex Digital Reader 1000S ($859)

iRex’s higher end range has a ton of features –

  1. 10.2″ screen with 1280 by 1024 pixel resolution at 160 ppi. 16 levels of grayscale. 
  2. Wacom enabled touch sensor input with Stylus. 
  3. Capacitive buttons with optical feedback. 
  4. 1 GB removable SD card and SD card slot.  
  5. Formats: PDF, txt, html, prc, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP. 
  6. Languages: Dutch, English, German, French.  
  7. Allows for hand-written notes.  

You can also get the iRex 1000 which has only capacitive buttons (no Wacom enabled touch sensor).

Fujitsu FLEPia eReader ($1,013.7)

Fujitsu has been selling the FLEPia in Japan since March 2009 –

  1. Actual color screen. 260,000 colors in high definition.
  2. 8″ color screen with 1014 by 768 pixels.   
  3. 40 hours battery life.  
  4. Only 12.5 mm thick and weighs 385 grams.
  5. SD Card slot.  
  6. Format support is unclear – seems they support two Japanese ebook apps i.e. BunkoViewer and T-Time.
  7. Runs Windows CE 5.0.

More details on the Fujitsu FLEPia.

Brother SV-100B Electronic Book Reader ($1,500)

Comes with a 9.7″ screen and some interesting features –

  1. 4 digit PIN code for security and AES 128 bit encryption.
  2. 1,200 x 825 screen resolution with 150 dpi.
  3. Only 15.5 mm thick and weights just 600 grams.
  4. Supposed to hit the US in end 2009.

More details and pictures at the Brother SV 100B page.

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  1. I didn’t find any information about jetBook eBook reader.
    jetBook has 5″ TFT screen, SD card slot, ePub support and available on NEWEGG.com for $169.99 only

  2. Hi–I totally appreciate this impressive summary as I am considering whether to purchase a reader. I’ve been reading ebooks on my computer for the past 5 years and have been thinking it would be nice to have a reader so I could make my library portable. Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Switch 11,

    I am really impressed with this summary, having been collecting information gradually on all these products. I am looking for hardware with the capability of reading sheet music. However, the screen size is prohibitive on most of these units. Does anybody yet know the screen size of the Asus Premium Edition eBook Reader?

    I woul be delighted to know as currently I believe that the Plastic Logic product is the preferred size @ 8.5″ x 11″

    Bernard Perry

  4. Bernard,
    Plastic Logic eReader and Kindle DX would be two choices. PL has the bigger size so its better suited.

    The Asus Premium Edition might be a good fit too, especially if it allows changing the orientation and reading sheet music across both screens.

    Asus haven’t revealed the screen size yet.

  5. Has anyone ever given a Kindle or an other ebook reader as a Gift to a friend or loved one? I’m just wondering what was the reaction!

  6. I love the reviews, they are very informative! But, I still don’t know who has back lighting for reading in the dark. Can you tell me if any of these light up. Thanks.

  7. leslie,
    the kindle dx does not have backlighting. the plastic logic reader hasn’t revealed details.
    neither has asus though if they have color lcd screens (as seems likely) they’ll be readable int he dark.

    you could get a clip-on light like the mighty bright led light.

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