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This is a Kindle Store Guide that covers the Kindle Store. It does not cover the on-Kindle Store (a subject for another post perhaps).

This guide will walk you through everything you can do – it’s rather simplistic so feel free to skip it if you’re tech savvy.

Introduction to the Kindle Store

While you can find and buy books from the Kindle itself, its much more comfortable to browse the familiar environs of and to do it on your speedy and full featured browser.

The Kindle Store is basically a section of where you can –

  1. Find paid and free kindle books. 
  2. Buy new and used Kindles.
  3. Get newspaper, magazine and blog subscriptions.  
  4. Find Kindle bestsellers, deals, and movers and shakers. 
  5. Find new Kindle book releases.
  6. Manage your Kindle Purchases and download books you’ve bought to your PC.
  7. Manage your digital library.
  8. Get Support and participate in kindle related discussions.
  9. Much More.

We’ll cover all of these in this kindle store guide. Let’s start with finding and buying kindle books.

Kindle Store – Finding and Buying Kindle books

Here’s one way to get to a kindle books search results page –

  1. Go to
  2. At any Amazon page enter the book you’re looking for into the search bar, optionally choose ‘Kindle Store’ as the search option, and press enter (or click on the ‘Go’ button).  
  3. This will bring you to the search results page.   

Here’s another –

  1. You can go to the main Kindle Books page by clicking on the little ‘Kindle Books’ icon on the upper left of any page in the Kindle section of
  2. This main page features books that Amazon has decided are worth your time.
  3. On the left side, under Kindle Books, are a list of book genres and categories and clicking on any of these takes you to a standard Amazon search results page.

The Books Search Result Page   

  1. At any ‘books search result’ page in the Kindle Store, you’ll have the option to dig into a genre or sub-genre on the left.
  2. Below the genres (on the left side itself) will be the option to choose books based on user ratings.
  3. On the top right you’ll have the option to order kindle books by one of  – Bestselling, Low to High Price, High to Low Price, Average Customer Review, Publication Date.
  4. There will sometimes be ‘related searches’ listed right below the search bar and choose one of them if they are closer to what you are looking for. 
  5. Clicking on any book in the search results will take you to that book’s product page.

The Book Page

  1. The most important buttons to note are

    The ‘Buy Now with 1 Click’ button on the top right that lets you buy the book.
    The ‘Send Sample Now’ button below it that lets you read a free sample of the book.

  2. Right below the book cover is a strip of books that were bought by people who bought the current book. You can scroll to the sides and find more books.
  3. You can go lower down in the page and take a look at the details of the book – these include size of the Kindle file, number of pages, the sales rank and more.
  4. Scroll down further to read customer reviews.

Note: If you buy a kindle book from, you do not get the option to instantly return the book. You have to email or call Kindle customer support to cancel your order.

How to find free books in the Kindle Store.

The Kindle Store has a lot of free books. You can find them the hard way –

  1. On the main Kindle Store Page, on the left side, in the Special Features category of links, select Big Deals on Kindle. This lists a few of the new free books.  
  2. Search for whatever book or author you are looking for and sort the search results according to Price Low to High (sort options are on the top right). You can go into any genre or sub-genre and do this. 
  3. To exclude public domain titles include -public in your search.

Or you can try the easy way –

  1. For new free books, check my list of current free kindle books
  2. For public domain books, check the Top 100 Kindle Public Domain Books List or download public domain books from

Kindle Store – Buying New and Used Kindles and Kindle Accessories

The Kindle Store, rather unsurprisingly, sells Kindles –

  1. New Kindle 2 for $299 and Refurbished Kindle 2 for $219
  2. New Kindle DX for $489. 
  3. Refurbished Kindle 1 for $149. 

On the main Kindle Store page you have a section for Kindle Accessories. You can choose the links for Kindle 1, 2, and DX Accessories. 

Kindle Store – Newspapers, Magazines and Blogs

The main Kindle Store has sections for various subscriptions –

  1. Scroll down and close to the very bottom on the left hand side are links to Kindle Newspapers. 
  2. Below that are links to Kindle Magazines. 
  3. Last of all on the left side are links to Kindle Blogs and NewsFeeds – these are arranged by category since there are 7,700+ blogs.

Browsing through newspapers and magazines is easy as there are just a few dozen of each. For blogs, you might want to jump into categories and sub-categories or search by the name of the blog.

The page for a newspaper or magazine is very similar to a book page with an identical lay-out. The Buy Now and Send a Sample buttons are replaced by these options –

  1. Subscribe Now, which always starts you off with a free 14 day trial you can cancel anytime.  
  2. Buy Current Issue where you can buy just the current issue.  

Its a good idea to read through the reviews as newspapers and blogs vary widely in quality.

Kindle Store – Finding Books to Read

The Kindle Store also makes it easy for you to find good books. All of the following can be accessed from the main Kindle Store Page under the Special Features section on the left –

  1. Kindle Store Bestsellers. This lists the best selling books in the Kindle Store. You can dive into sub-categories and book genres.
  2. Movers and Shakers. This is a link on the top right hand side of the Kindle bestsellers page and a good place to find books that are getting a lot of buzz and attention.
  3. Kindle Store Recommendations for You Page.
  4. New York Times Bestsellers. 
  5. Editor Picks.
  6. Award Winners.
  7. Oprah Book Club Titles.
  8. New Kindle Store additions. There are three places to find new kindle titles –

    * Scroll down on the main page of the Kindle Store and in the main section below Bestsellers there is a section for New and Noteworthy Titles.
    * Under the Special Features section on the left hand side is a link titled New to Kindle that lists 20 or so of the newest titles available for the Kindle.
    * On the Bestsellers Page there is a tab for Hot New Releases that lists 100 hot releases (although these are sometimes not very recent).

  9. Kindle Exclusives. These are a handful of early releases for the Kindle and sometimes even titles available just for the Kindle.

Kindle Store – Various Other Features

  1. Buying and Redeeming a Kindle Gift Certificate or Gift Card – This post has details on buying and using a kindle gift certificate
  2. The Manage My Kindle Guide covers the Manage My Kindle Section which lets you download books you have bought, change your subscription options, change your kindle email and do lots of other things.
  3. See a Kindle in Your City – This is a link on the left side of the main Kindle Store page under Around the Kindle Store section. Useful if you want to see what a Kindle 2 or DX handles like or want to help a prospective Kindle Owner.
  4. Kindle for iPhone – You can download the App to use it on your iPod Touch or iPhone.
  5. Amazon Digital Library – While the Manage My Kindle section is great for downloading your books, you can also look at your Kindle Store purchases in your Amazon Digital Library.

Kindle Support and Discussions Forums

If you need help with your Kindle, the Kindle Store has a few options –

  1. You can email or call Kindle Support. There is a link on the top right on every Kindle Store page that says Kindle Support. The support numbers are –

    Kindle Customer Service E-Mail: Phone numbers –
    * 1-866-321-8851 (if you are calling from within the US)
    * 1-206-266-0927 (if you are calling from outside the US

  2. You can navigate to the Kindle Discussion Forums where you can ask questions and talk with fellow kindle owners. Every page in the Kindle Store has a link on the top titled Kindle Discussions.  

How to set up Kindle wish-lists and Alerts.

The best option to create a wish-list with Kindle Books is to use the Amazon Universal Wish-List

  1. Click on the link and follow the instructions to save the Add to Wishlist Short-Cut button. 
  2. When you are on a Kindle Book Page you can click on the Button to bring up a dialog that gives you the option to add details and add this Kindle Book to any of your Amazon wish-lists. 
  3. You could create a Kindle Books only wish-list.

Note: Your friends and family can not really buy you kindle books (and vica versa). That leaves the option of gifting a Kindle Gift Card.

To create Kindle Book Alerts try out Reader Alert. It’s a useful, well-designed site.

Do leave your questions and kindle store tips.

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  1. Dear Dealer
    I’m Dr. Husham and I’m from Iraq. I’m an anesthesiologist and my wife is gynaecologist. How can kindle help us in our work regarding choosing type of books? I have several books in my PC, so can I download those books to kindle to be with me wherever I go? And is there a branch for medical books in your online kindle store? And finally if I decided to buy kindle how can you deliver it to me in Iraq and howmuch additional fund will that cost?
    Best Regards

    1. Dr. Ameer – I’m not a dealer and not an official representative. Please contact kindle customer support for your questions.

      Here are the answers to the best of my knowledge –
      1) You can use a company like to have the kindle delivered to you. Amazon does not do Iraq delivery.
      2) You can use the Kindle to read medical books. The Kindle DX might be better suited if you want something with a bigger screen.
      3) go to Amazon, enter the name of the book you are interested in (or the subject you are interested in), select kindle store from the drop down on the immediate left of the search box and then press enter to get a list of books.

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