Kindle Store Independent Authors – Top 100

This is an approximate list of the Top 100 bestselling, best rated independent authors in the Kindle Store (very well reviewed stories have stars against them) –

Disclaimer: This is a ‘find good independent kindle authors to read’ list. It’s not a ranking – see section at the end for details.

(Do check the whole list and factor in the stars too – several titles that earlier hit very good sales rankings no longer have high sales ranks)

  1. **Skeeter: A Cat Tale by Anne L. Watson. Genre: Single Women, Humor, Comic.Kindle Sales Rank: 85. $0.01.
  2. **MetaGame by Sam Landstrom. Genre: Science Fiction. Sales Rank: 12. $0.01.
  3. Serial by Jack Kilborn, Blake Crouch. Genre: Suspense, Genre Fiction, Thrillers.
  4. Soul Identity by Dennis Batchelder. 4 stars across 83 customer reviews. Genre:  Thriller, Technothriller. Kindle Sales Rank: 180. $0.01.
  5. **Pacific Avenue by Anne L. Watson. Genre: Literary Fiction. Rank: 314. $0.01.
  6. **Easily Amused by Karen McQuestion. Genre: Cooking, Humor, Contemporary Romance. 5 stars based on 21 reviews. Rank: 383. $1.79.
  7. **The List by J. A. Konrath. Genre: Action & Adventure, Police Procedurals. 4.5 stars based on 28 customer reviews. Rank: 583 (as high as 133 in the past). $1.99.
  8. **The Caliphate by Michael Stewart. Genre: Thriller, Action & Adventure, Suspense. Rank: 632. $1.
  9. **The Variant by John August. 4.75 stars across 48 reviews. Genre: Thriller, Spy Story, Short Story. Kindle Sales Rank: 1,156. $1.99.
  10. **John Rector – The Grove. Genre: Horror, Mystery, Suspense. Kindle Sales Rank as high as 300. 4.5 stars rating across 17 reviews.
  11. **Soul Intent by Dennis Batchelder. 4.5 stars across 9 customer reviews. $0.99. Genre: Action & Adventure. Rank: 765. $1.
  12. Truck Stop – A Psycho Thriller by J. A. Konrath. Genre: Police Procedurals, Thriller, Horror. 5 stars off of 8 reviews. Rank: 831. $1.59.

Independent Authors #13 to #100 after the jump.

  1. Twilight in the Spaces Between by David R. Williams. Genre: Horror, Suspense, Thriller. 4.5 stars rating on 6 reviews. Kindle Sales Rank: 1,023. $1.
  2. Strange Times by Robert Williams. Genre: Horror, Short Stories. Sales Rank: 1,063. $1.
  3. The Origin by J. A. Konrath. Genre: Action & Adventure, Horror, Occult. Kindle Sales Rank: 1,397. $1.99.
  4. The Colorado Sequence by Stacey Cochran. Genre: Adventure, Spy Stories, Science Fiction. Rank: 1,474. $1.
  5. **Zoe Winters’ Kept. 4.5 stars rating across 23 reviews. And its sales rank is #1,630. $1.
  6. Moonlight by Keith Knapp. Genre: Horror, Occult. 4 stars across 19 reviews. Rank: 1,662. 

    Moonlight by Keith Knapp.
    Moonlight by Keith Knapp.
  7. A Treasured Threat by Tim K. Scott. Genre: Religious Fiction, Judaism, Torah. Rank: 1,753. $1.
  8. Perdition’s Gate by James Somers.  Genre: Religious Fiction, Horror, Action & Adventure. Rank: 1,755.
  9. Beyond the Darkening by Kerry Allen. 5 stars across 4 reviews. Genre: Romance, Ghost & Fantasy Romance. Rank: 1,923. $1.
  10. Disturb by J. A. Konrath. Genre: Thriller, Mystery. 4 star rating on 4 reviews. Rank: 2,036. $1.99.
  11. Claws by Stacey Cochran. Genre: Action & Adventure, Horror. Rank: 2,086. $1.
  12. Stalker by Dave Dykema. Genre: Horror. 4 stars based on 7 reviews. Rank: 2,523. $1.24.
  13. **Vicious by Brandon Massey. Genre: Horror, Occult. 4.5 stars on 14 reviews. Rank: 2,532. $1.99.
  14. Shot of Tequila by J. A. Konrath. Genre: Action & Adventure, Hard-Boiled, Police Procedurals. Rank: 2,711. $1.99.
  15. Whiskey Sour by J. A. Konrath. Genre: Action & Adventure, Police Procedural. Rank: 2,895. $3.96.
  16. Mr. Penumbra’s 24 hr Bookstore by Robin Sloan. Genre: Short Stories, Technothrillers. Rank: 2,903. $1.
  17. Suckers by J. A. Konrath. 4.5 stars on 3 reviews. Genre: Short Stories, Humor, Parodies. Rank: 2,939. $1.99.
  18. Hallowed Be Thy Name by James Somers. Genre: Action & Adventure, Horror. Rank: 3,522. $1.
  19. The Lesser of Two Evils by Zoe E. Whitten. 4.5 stars across 4 reviews. Genre: Murder Mystery, Psychopaths, Crime. Sales Rank: 4,255. $1. Lots more cheap books by this author.
  20. No Irish Need Apply by Edward C. Patterson. Genre: GLBT, Fiction, Humor. Sales Rank: 4,365. $1.
  21. Kill The Story by John Luciew. Genre: Political, Hard-Boiled. Sales Rank: 4,495. $1.99.
  22. 55 Proof by J. A. Konrath. Genre: Anthologies, Short Stories. Kindle Sales Rank: 4,617. $1.99.
  23. Stalker by Dave Dykema for $1.19. Its rated 4 stars across 6 reviews. Kindle Store Sales rank is #4,914.
  24. The Realm Shift by James Somers. Genre: Mythology, Religious Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy. Rank: 4,999. $1.
  25. Out of the Box (On the Edge) by Kallysten. Genre: Romance, Short Stories. 5 star rating on 3 reviews. Rank: 5,238. $1. Lots of other books by this author at low prices.
  26. Crack-Up by Eric Christopherson. Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Mystery. 4.5 stars rating across 7 reviews. Rank: 5,483. $1.99.
  27. **Parallax by Jon F. Merz. Its rated 4.75 stars across 15 reviews. Kindle Store Sales rank is #5,611. $1.99.
  28. Lies I Told My Children by Karen McQuestion. Genre: Essays. Sales Rank: 5,936. $1.59.
  29. A World Within by James Somers. Genre: Mythology, Religious Fiction. Kindle Sales Rank: 6,200. $1.
  30. The Beneficiary by Marshall Thornton. 5 star rating across 3 reviewers. Genre: Mystery, Hard Boiled. Sales Rank: 7,143.
  31. Death Notice by John Luciew. Genre: Ghosts, Occult, Political. Sales Rank: 7,222. $1.
  32. **Learn Me Good by John Pearson. 4.8 stars across 53 reviews. $2.49. Genre:  Education, School. Kindle Rank: 7,247.
  33. Silent Scream by James Somers. Genre: Short Stories. Rank: 7,586. $1.  
  34. Planter’s Punch by J. A. Konrath. Genre: Short Stories, Anthologies. Rank: 7,780. $1.99.
  35. Secrets of the Dead by John Luciew. Genre: Occult, Political, Hard-Boiled. Rank: 8,035. $1.99.
  36. Painting the Roses Red by Trish Lamoree. Genre: Mythology. Rank: 8,580. $2.99.
  37. **Waiting for Spring by R.J. Keller. 4.5 stars based on 17 customer reviews. Genre: Drama. Kindle Sales Rank: 8,970.
  38. Coffee Clutch by Marshall Thornton. Genre: Murder Mystery. Kindle Sales Rank: 9,008. $1.
  39. Sever: Five Tales of Terror by Ty Johnston. Genre: Horror. Sales Rank: 9,413. $1.
  40. Floaters by J. A. Konrath. Genre: Crime Fiction, Short Story. Rank: 9,420. $1.99.
  41. Baling by Carol Hanrahan. 4 stars across 8 reviews. Genre: Siblings, Love & Romance, Family. Kindle Rank: 9,927. $1.
  42. Blood Relations by Zoe E. Whitten. Genre: Fantasy. Sales Rank: 10,892. $.50.
  43. Surviving The Fog by Stan Morris. 4 stars on 7 reviews. Genre: Survival, Horror, Mystery. Kindle Sales Rank: 10,998. $1.
  44. **The Middle-Aged Man and the Sea by Christopher Meeks. 5 stars across 9 reviews. Genre: Family, Life Reflection, Middle Age, Short Story. Sales Rank: 11,637. $1.
  45. Hallowed Ground by James Somers. Genre: Action & Adventure, Horror. Rank: 12,263.
  46. Trail of Madness by Zoe E. Whitten. Genre: Mystery, Thriller. Kindle Rank: 12,314. $1.
  47. Along came a Demon (Whisperings) by Linda Welch. 4 stars across 8 reviews. Genre: Horror, Ghosts. Rank: 12,671. $1.
  48. Sage: Tales from a Magical Kingdom by Maria E. Schneider. 4 star rating. Genre: Ghosts, Horror. Sales Rank: 13,252. $1.
  49. **Identity Crisis by Debbie Mack. Genre: Mystery, Crime. 4.5 stars rating on 15 customer reviews. Rank: 13,687. $1.59.
  50. Bicycle Shop Murder for 80 cents – the first book in a series by Robert Burton Robinson.
  51. **Charybdis by K. A. Thompson. 5 stars across 8 reviews. Genre: Drama, Literature. Rank: 14,650. $1.49.
  52. **The Nine Lives of Clemenza by Holly Christine. 4.5 stars rating across 9 reviews. Kindle Store Sales Rank: # 15,547
  53. Never Smile at a Crocodile by Trish Lamoree. 5 stars across 4 reviews. Genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy, Fantasy, Painting. Sales rank: 17,017. $2.99.
  54. Order of Shaddai by James Somers (Realm Shift Trilogy). Genre: Mythology, Religious Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy. Rank: 17,111. $1. 
  55. **Homefront by Kristen J. Tsetsi. 5 stars based on 21 customer reviews. Genre: Parenting, Family, Emotions & Feelings, Morals. Kindle Sales Rank: 17,735. $1. 

    HomeFront - An Exceptional Independent Book
    HomeFront - An Exceptional Independent Book
  56. Redemption Lost by Zoe E. Whitten. Genre: Fantasy, Occult. Rank: 17,737. $1.
  57. Declaring Spinsterhood by Jamie Lynn Braziel. Rated 4.5 stars across 5 reviews and a good sales rank –  17,767 (as high as 894). $1.24.
  58. **It’s Not About the Cookies by K. A. Thompson. 5 stars across 4 reviews. Genre: Family, Reflections. Kindle Sales Rank: 18,266. $1. Lots more cheap books by this author.
  59. Cuba Blue by Robert W. Walker and Lyn Polkabla. Genre: Mystery, Thrillers. Sales Rank: 19,663. $1.99.
  60. Killing Mum by Allan Guthrie. Genre: Crime Fiction, Thriller. Kindle Rank: 22,766. $1.
  61. Look Away Silence by Edward C. Patterson. Genre: GLBT, AIDS. Sales Rank: 22,969. $1.99.
  62. Two-Way Split by Allan Guthrie. Genre: Crime Fiction. Sales Rank: 26,451. $1.25.
  63. Kiss Her Goodbye by Allan Guthrie. Genre: Crime. Sales Rank: 26,517. $1.25.
  64. Gone, the Day by Erik Williams. A Horror Novella with 1 4-star review.  Kindle Store Sales Rank: #27,850. $1.
  65. Carol’s Aquarium by Kristen J. Tsetsi. Genre: Parenting, Family. Sales Rank: 27,928. $1.
  66. **The Takers: Oz Chronicles Book 1 by R. W. Ridley. 4.5 stars across 5 reviews. Genre: Adventure/Fantasy, Children. Sales Rank: 29,155. Strongly Recommended. $1.
  67. The Academician – Southern Swallow Book 1 by Edward C. Patterson. 4.5 stars based on 5 reviews.  Genre: Historical Fantasy, Chinese. Sales Rank: 31,027. $1.
  68. The Writer and the Witch by Robin Sloan. Genre: Short Story, Fable. Kindle Rank: 31,124. $1.
  69. The Children of Salem by Robert W. Walker. Genre: Mystery, Thrillers. Sales Rank: 31,902. $2.99.
  70. Irretrievably Broken by Irma Fritz. Genre: Canadian, African Canadian. Kindle Sales Rank: 34,446. $1.
  71. **Murder in Metropolis by Lonnie Cruise. Genre: Mystery, Thrillers. 4.5 stars rating on 14 customer reviews. Kindle Sales Rank: As high as 700s. Current Rank: 34,467. $1.
  72. River Watch by Joseph Nassise. Genre: Ghosts, Horror. Sales Rank: 35,589.
  73. Double Life by Dawson Vosburg. Genre: Science Fiction. Sales Rank: 35,897. $1.
  74. 3 RMS, Good View by Karen Haber. Genre: Science Fiction. Rank: 37,127. $0.49.
  75. **Months and Seasons by Christopher Meeks. 5 stars across 12 reviews. Genre: Drama, Life Reflections, Short Story. Kindle Rank: 39,294. $2.95.
  76. **Uncubicled by Josh McCain. Its rated 4.5 stars across 44 reviews. Rank: 40,168. $4.99.
  77. Hope Town by Brendan P. Myers. Sales Rank: 41,281.
  78. Dancing in the Dark by Mark Terry. Genre: Suspense. Sales Rank: 41,601. $1.49.
  79. Wrong Number by Dave Dykema. Genre: Erotic, Horror. Rank: 46,002. $0.99.
  80. Trains by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Genre: Literature. Rank: 46,192. $0.49.
  81. The Chronicles of Soone – Rise of Lucin by James Somers. Genre: Fantasy, Children, Young Adult. Rank: 46,079. $1.
  82. Prisoner 392 by Jon F. Merz. Genre: Short Story, Fantasy, Horror. Rank: 52,610. $1.
  83. Simple Addition by Marshall Thornton. Genre: Mystery, Horror. Rank: 53,040. $1.
  84. Ed Ditto’s ‘Swine King’  Genre: Humor. #66 in Boating. Rank: 95,096. $0.99.

 Do let us know if there’s a good independent author we’ve missed.

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The Aim for this List, and more importantly the non-aims.

Here’s what the list aims to do –

Help people find good independent authors. 

That’s all.

A few non-aims just so we are clear –

  1. The exact number ranking and the stars don’t really mean much. People usually try out the books in their genre irrespective of ranking – being on the list is much more important than where you are. Having your Genre listed correctly is also very important.
  2. This is not a contest. If you happen to have a good ranking, feel free to use it. However, you should only be concerned if you aren’t on the list.
  3. This is not an up-to-date list. It took 4.25 hrs or so to compile it and there’s no way it’s going to be updated weekly. The aim is to list all independent books that have ever hit a really good rank.
  4. It’s a very unscientific list. There’s no way to find every indie book.

It was made manually so there’s no easy API or easy way to update it. If you leave a comment with a big, significant change in your book’s sales rank, it’ll get updated. However, please don’t add comments for your book going up 2-3 places.

Are you an independent author who ought to be on this list?

Your book(s) must meet one or more of these criteria –   

  1. Average rating of 4 stars or higher across 4 or more reviews.  
  2. Current Sales rank of 25,000 or higher.
  3. Hit a sales rank in the thousands in the past.
  4. Hit a very high rank in a main category.

Please leave a comment with the link to your book if it meets the criteria.

Kindle Owners want to support Independent Authors.

Finally, on an independent books and authors survey on this blog respondents said (limited sample size) –

  1. 75% would pay $5 to $7 for an independent author’s 2nd book if they loved the first one.
  2. 80% would love to support independent authors. 
  3. The preference was clearly for indie authors in their favorite genre – whom they would try out even without reviews.

After reading the survey got motivated to compile this list. Do add in your own favorite independent books (no self-promotion please, unless you meet the above criteria).

0 thoughts on “Kindle Store Independent Authors – Top 100”

  1. This list is amazing! I say that not because I’m #6 and #28, but because I can’t even imagine how you did it. Amazon does a lot of things well, but they don’t have a category listing for independent authors. I would guess you had to cull through a lot of pages to put these books in numeric order. Thank you so much for your time and trouble. Hopefully this will spotlight some deserving authors.

    1. there’s no donation button – thanks for the thought. the site makes enough off of the amazon associates program.

      For the comments on adding books – approving the comments, and at some later point of time will integrate all the books into the list. Thanks for leaving your book’s information.

  2. Terrific list! Please add my books WYSARD and its sequel LORD BROTHER, if you would. Their sales numbers at Amazon have been in the 1,000-5,000 range the entire month of September. Both are currently on sale for $0.99 per volume. Many thanks.

    Wysard: ASIN: B002N25RJM
    Lord Brother: ASIN: B002N25RJ2

    From In The Library Reviews: “A masterful fantasy by an extremely talented author, ‘Wysard’ is certainly not to be missed. Ms. Kephart has created a beautiful world, complete with many different civilizations, peoples, laws, and creatures. She’s given it life, imbuing it with feudal hostilities, caste grudges, religious debates and politics. Throughout the novel, we learn much about this world, but it never takes over the storyline or does more than register in the reader’s mind. The focus remains on Ryel, on his quest and his destiny. I know without a doubt,’Wysard’ will be placed on my keeper shelf after I finish rereading it and if ‘Lord Brother’ is anything like its predecessor, it too will be a must read.”

  3. How about doing an article on how Blogs have become the new Bestsellers and are far surpassing most indie books, as well as many of the top books in general?

    That would be great 😉

  4. This is a story about two boys who have just recently lost both parents. However, living a hundred or so, miles apart, even so, meet within an area where many were striking it rich.
    This was happening within, which later, became known as, the 18th Century goldfields.

    Both did suffer many adverse circumstances, yet, finally came through them all. At the same time, came into a most happy life style. Calhoun, has married his most beloved childhood girlfriend, his partner Jake, has married her best girlfriend. So as a result, life is wonderful for Calhoun and Jake. So much so, that they had soon forgotten all of their past sufferings, and hardships.

  5. Great list, and very cool to see so many awesome writers here.

    One edit is needed though. Jack Kilborn’s “Serial” was published by Grand Central which is an imprint for Hatchette Book Group, one of the largest publishers in the world.

  6. What a great idea for a list – wish Amazon would make it easier for you to find and compile the independent authors. I would like to toss my book your way – The Twenty Dollar Bill is currently ranked #6,305 in Kindle Store and has several 4 and 5 star reviews.
    Thanks for the consideration and for creating the list!
    Elmore Hammes

  7. Someone posted a link to this list on the Amazon Kindle forum. What a great list and thank you so much for taking the time to put it together!!

    I do have a comment on one of the books on your list. It’s #32, Learn Me Good. I read it a while back and really enjoyed it. But you have it listed for genre as Education, School. It’s actually a humor book, told in the form of fictional emails between a first year grade school math teacher and a friend. So I’d recommend adding humor, and maybe something else to the listing so it doesn’t look like it’s a non-fiction book about education! Otherwise people who may enjoy it will pass it over I think.

    Thanks again for all the effort! I’m bookmarking this for future reference.

    1. Hi! I just came across this list tonight, and I am honored to be listed as high as number 32! Thanks for taking the time to put together such a great list!

      And a big thanks to Robin for commenting on Learn Me Good! I checked out my Kindle page tonight, and it’s ranked in the 4,900s (up from the 7,000s as listed), and it also says it’s #1 in Nonfiction – education. So clearly I did something wrong when classifying it. I’m going to try to get that fixed so it goes under fiction and humor.

  8. This is my brand new adventure book, which is now availabale at all major online and retail book stores across the country. It is a delightful collection of short stories about a twelve year old boy being raised in 1969 Florida, Wholesome in nature “Ricky’s Adventures” is winning the hearts and minds of all who read it. Take a mini tour of this wonderful new book at Thanks! Author Rick S. Decker

  9. “Having your Genre listed correctly is also very important.” — absolutely right. I spent some time tweaking the categories for my first book (a blog/IM novel), and it’s FINALLY appearing in the right places.

    My books meet one or more of the criteria, so I shall leave a link to them here. Thank you for compiling the list (and running this site!).

    1. EyeLeash: A Blog Novel

    Criteria Met: #1 (4-star rating over 15 reviews)

    2. 4:Play: A contemporary cocktail of erotic short stories

    Criteria Met: #1, #2 (13,000 sales rank / Dec 2009 and April 2010), #4 (#24 in Popular Culture; rank fluctuates)

  10. “It’s a very unscientific list. There’s no way to find every indie book. ” I concur. But when you get around to making it more scientific, Carl Melcher Goes to Vietnam, 17 reviews, average 4.5 or better, has hit 3, 4, K on occasion. Just tooting my own horn, trying to be more than a face in the crowd.

  11. My book: Hawk
    Author: Brian Neary
    Available on Amazon and Kindle

    Genre: Spy Thriller / Action Adventure

    I have been fortunate enough to garner almost all 4- and 5-star reviews (35 reviews and counting). Many thanks to the loyal Kindle and Amazon readers out there!

  12. I have to plug Scott Nickelson. His books are creepy and his current blog tour is a blast.

    His book Disintegration is currently at #40 in the paid Kindle Store and has 5 stars on 13 reviews.

    His latest book, As I Die Lying, is at #867 and is only $.99.

    The Red Church has also done well.

    1. Thanks for the tip Lorraine. Have mentioned his book in the past. It’s a recent entrant into the Top 100 – Probably why it hasn’t registered in the yearly or monthly bestseller archives.

  13. Hi! I wonder if you might add my first book, An Embarrassment Of Riches, to this list? It’s currently #11,650 (and has been as high as 900-something in the past…in Feb, and then again in March). It would be great to be added!


  14. I am new to this and therefore welcome your help and ideas as to how I might be added.

    I have been writing for years and have just self published The Far Out Café with Author House and it is now available on Amazon.

    To be honest I have written two novels before this but see this as a learning curve. I wrote The Far Out Café solely for myself and as such see this as my best work. I would really welcome your support and appreciate your feedback as to how this works.

    Thank you very much indeed

    All best wishes


  15. Hi, there! I love that you’re doing these indie lists. You’re missing my books. Right now, as an author, I’m ranked #20 in Horror and #72 in Fantasy. My books are ranking higher, however!

    Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She’s Dead is #2 in Horror, #8 in Fantasy, and ranked #792 overall,

    A Tale of 3 Witches is ranked 10,869 overall.

    And The Thief Who Stole Midnight is ranked #21 in Comic Fiction and 17,008 overall.

    (I don’t know how to add those cool graphics into my comment, so I had to go with links).

    Thanks so much!

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