Refurbished Kindle DX – $399, $349 at Amazon

It’s June 13th, 2010 and Amazon have expanded their refurbished Kindle DX line –

  1. Refurbished Kindle DX with international whispernet is for $399.  
  2. Refurbished Kindle DX US is for $349 – It only gets Whispernet inside the US.

It may or may not signal that a Kindle DX 2 is around the corner. The $349 price is a pretty good one. The $399 price is decent.

Amazon continue their trend of refurbished kindle deals with a $399 refurbished kindle dx

Refurbished Kindle DX - $399
Refurbished Kindle DX - $399

Go to the top right of the Kindle DX product page and there’s a link for buying new and used Kindles from $399. That page lists the $399 refurbished kindle dx.

Will a refurbished kindle dx that is $90 cheaper make a difference?

That’s a tough question – after the refurbished kindle 1 and 2 a refurbished kindle dx or a kindle dx coupon code was definitely expected.

$90 might not be enough of a price cut – It’s approximately 20% cheaper and $399 is still a high price.

Amazon’s intent with the refurbished Kindle DX seems less to offer a price-cut and more of a counter move to Sony.

The $399 price point is a way to match the price of the soon to be released Sony Daily Edition.

If you look at the recent flurry of refurbished Kindles, the prices match up very well with Sony’s new releases  –

  1. Refurbished Kindle 1 for $149 and Refurbished Kindle 2 for $219 compete with Sony’s $199 Pocket Edition.
  2. Kindle 2 competes with Sony’s Touch Edition. Both are $299.
  3. Now the Refurbished Kindle DX at $399 competes with the Sony Daily Edition at $399 which arrives in December.

Sony tried to do a run-around the Kindle with price and Amazon responded.

Refurbished Kindle DX Vs Sony Reader Daily Edition

This will be a really interesting decision.

Sony Daily Edition’s Advantages over the Refurbished Kindle DX

  1. It’s new.
  2. Touch Screen.
  3. ePub support.
  4. Library Finder and ability to read library ebooks for free. 
  5. 1 million free books from Google – you can get those on the refurbished Kindle DX too. 

Refurbished Kindle DX’s advantages over the Sony Daily Edition

  1. Bigger Screen – 9.7″ is much larger than 7″. 
  2. WhisperNet gives you Free Internet.
  3. Read to Me feature on books on which it is not disabled.
  4. Wider range of new books from the Kindle Store.  

It’s a pretty hard decision – However Amazon have made a good move by eliminating the price difference.

Check out my Kindle DX Review and best of luck with your refurbished Kindle DX decision.

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