Kindle Post Enhancements, Public Domain Books

Have been looking over some posts that have gotten a lot of love and decided to enhance them. So we have –

  1. Top 100 Public Domain Books in the Kindle Store post enhanced to Top 200 Bestselling Public Domain Books. There are a lot of gems in there and the list is definitely worth a look.
  2. Electronic Book Reader landscape post enhanced with videos and updated with refurbished kindle 1, 2 and dx.

If there are any other posts you’d like enhanced leave a comment. Ditto if there’s some topic you’d like a post on. There was a request to look at top blogs – Perhaps down the line.

Thoughts on Public Domain Books

Just random thoughts –

  1. Is there any other line of work that affords immortality like writing does? Perhaps science. There are very few musicians or sportsmen or actors or entertainers we remember after a few generations – yet authors and poets live on forever.
  2. It’s sad to see hardly any poetry books the Bestsellers list.
  3. What percentage of people downloading a free public domain book actually finish it?
  4. It’s unfortunate that all public domain books are missing their covers.
  5. Amazon’s Search Inside feature might mean they have a pretty huge library of scanned books.
  6. Public domain books are hard to search for.
  7. Amazon only exposes sales velocity in its API.
  8. The sales rank fluctuates a lot – just refreshing the screen will sometimes change the rank from 1,730 to 1,590.

Kindle as Library as opposed to eBook Reader

The popularity of public domain titles makes me wonder whether a lot of people are adding books to their library as opposed to downloading books to read.

Would you prefer –

  1. Having 1,000 books on your Kindle and the feeling of having an ebook library. OR
  2. Having just the 5-6 books on your Reading List.

Amazon obviously prefers the latter and it explains their reluctance to add Folders. In fact, Amazon want their Cloud to be your Library. It would not be a surprise if Amazon offered a feature to set up Folders in the cloud.

0 thoughts on “Kindle Post Enhancements, Public Domain Books”

  1. I enjoy the public domain books and have read many beginning to end. I finished The Brothers Karamazov just a couple of weeks ago. I will actually pay a little for better navigation, etc. I’m glad to see MobileReference books back – they’re the best publisher, by far, of quality public domain titles (and collections).

    As for organizing my ebooks – I use the Kindle 1 (Original Kindle) – so I have an SD slot with an 8GB card on it. I use folders I made myself on the SD card and while it’s not readable by the Kindle, it allows me to carry my entire library on my Kindle while keeping only a few actually showing on my Kindle screen.

    I am with you (and many others) on the folders. I fail to see why Amazon cannot meet this rather simple request to assist in organizing books on the Kindle. I find it frustrating (and infuriating) that Amazon has failed to rise to the mass requests — or at least offer an explanation as to why there are *not* folders.

    Keep up the great work!

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