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If you’re looking for free kindle books for your international kindle this post is for you. In addition to English books, it lists specific International Kindle Book Sites for Kindle owners in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and more.

Do note that while this post can help you get a lot of free international kindle books, some just aren’t available outside the US.

Update: We do a daily free kindle books post for the US. Some of these books are also free in other countries. We do 30 to 50 a day. Some might be free in your country too – Subscribe NOW for Free Daily Emails that list 90+ free kindle books every day. Hand-curated.

International Kindle Books – Free Public Domain Books

Copyright law varies across countries – However, most public domain books will be available for your Kindle. The best sites are –

  1. – This is an easy to navigate site with 25,049 or so free public domain books for your international kindle. Please choose the Kindle (.azw) format for your international kindle.
  2. – Nearly 25,340 free books in English, a lot of which are in Kindle Format. Choose Mobipocket (experimental) format (the one with images or the one without). You have to scroll to the bottom of the book page to find the links.
  3. Munsey’s – Around 22,193 great free books and they’re all in .prc format (Kindle supports it).
  4. The 1 million free Google Books – Please check my post on how to get these books for your Kindle. Note that there are sometimes international restrictions.
  5. Kindle Store – Note that these will cost you $2.30 each so try to use one of the other sites first.
  6. Librivox – 1,000+ free audio books – human narrated in case you’re tired of the International Kindle Text To Speech.
  7. has 1.6 million texts which means a lot more besides books. There is also a Children’s Library section.

We have more below – However, these 7 sites are your best options. In particular the Top 3 and the Kindle Store should be more than enough.

After you download a free book for your kindle from these sites –

  1. Plug in your Kindle via USB cable.
  2. The Kindle will show up as a drive.
  3. Transfer the free book to the Documents folder of your Kindle i.e. Kindle > Documents.

International Kindle Books – More Kindle Book Sites

Here are sites that offer new and old books for free –

  1. The Baen Free Library is great and has lots of Science Fiction and Fantasy titles in Kindle Format for your international kindle. Do choose the ‘Mobi/Palm/Kindle Format’ link.
  2. Poetry in Translation has translated works of a lot of great poets. Choose the ‘download’ link and then the Mobi button on the left.
  3. eHarlequin has 16 Free Romance Novels available. Do choose the Mobipocket Format.
  4. BookYards has 17K plus free books in PDF format. See my post on Kindle PDF conversion for help.
  5. MobileRead has thousands of books – Choose ‘Mobipocket’ format.

Free International Kindle Books in Other Languages

Here are sites to find books in other languages. First, some general sites –

  1. Brigham Young University has a listing of the best eBook sites for Western European Literature.
  2. Check eBook Australia for more sites with books in your Language. Some of the links on this list are from here.

As far as individual languages –

German Kindle Books

  1. Gutenberg has 610 German Titles for your Kindle. Pick the Mobipocket (experimental) format.
  2. UIUC has a beautiful collection of 600 German Emblem Books (online only as far as I can see).
  3. BookYards (link above) has 94 titles in German.

Spanish Kindle Books

  1.  799 Spanish Poems by 176 Authors. You can save the html files for your Kindle – However, there’s no easy download.

French Kindle Books

  1. Gallica has hundreds of thousands of french texts (332,982). There’s a little download button on the top right that looks like a floppy disk. Choose Text to use straight on your international kindle (or download PDF and convert it).
  2. Gutenberg has 1492 french books in kindle format.
  3. University of Quebec has a lot of french books related to the Social Sciences (3,972).
  4. BookYards has 502 French Language Books.

Italian Kindle Books

  1. Gutenberg has 217 Italian Books.
  2. ebookgratis has a decent number of titles. Scroll down and pick a title or choose a category on the left side. It seems you have to register to download.

Dutch Kindle Books

  1. DBNL – There are hundreds of Dutch Authors with a page and a portrait for most and links to their books. A beautiful site. Navigate to a book and then click on the ‘downloaden’ link on the top bar. Then choose html for the Kindle or PDF and convert.

Russian Kindle Books

The good sites are supposed to be –

  1. – Thousands of books. Click through to the book and on the top right is a drop down next to a ‘go’ button. Haven’t been able to figure out how to get the txt or html to work. Do leave a comment if you figure it out.

Not having much luck understanding these sites so will update this later.

Indian Kindle Books

  1. The Million Books Project has 12K+ scanned books some of which are from India (they are in various Indian languages).
  2. Digital Library of India has a huge number of books in various languages. The books are online only.

Free International Kindle Books – Kindle Store Offers

There are 10+ free book offers monthly in the Kindle Store. These are $2.30 outside the US (when available). Your other option –

  1. These books are usually free at the author/publisher site. Download the book in Kindle Format (.azw, .prc, .mobi, html, txt). Alternately download in PDF format and convert for your Kindle.

    An example – has 2-3 free books every month in PDF format. Suvudu = Random House.

  2. For ePub format use Calibre (video guide for ePub to Kindle).
  3. These free books also show up at Sony’s Store and Barnes and Noble (there might be regional restrictions).
  4. Finally, free book offers increasingly are shared by Publishers on (online only).

Free International Kindle Books from Independent Authors

Kindle Store has independent titles at $1 or more (in the US). These same books are usually free at the Author’s Site. If not, ask them and they’ll gladly send you the book for $1.

Hopefully this list of free international kindle books and sites helps you load up your kindle. Please add great book sites you find.

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