Kindle Vs Que Vs Nook – eReader Overload

Update: Check my Kindle Vs Nook Review post for a comparison. The Barnes & Noble eReader will be named Nook and not Athena.

As the Kindle goes global, let’s think about the news this Monday –

  1. Rumors and then confirmation (of sorts) that Barnes and Noble are announcing their new eReader Athena on October 20th. 
  2. An announcement that Oct 19th will see the release of the international Kindle.  
  3. Plastic Logic reveal their eReader is called Que and get this – reveal photographs that show ONLY the side views i.e. no front image. How is this news?
  4. iRex say they are OK with carriers subsidizing their eReader. How is this news? What company will ever say – don’t subsidize our product. Even Apple is selling $99 iPhones.

BBC doesn’t think much of the Kindle

Amazon UK isn’t the only entity not impressed by the Kindle’s international release.

The BBC has an article out on Kindle UK, and they are rather unimpressed –

Readers rejoice – the revolution is here at last …

Actually, hold on a minute, let’s all calm down. After trying out a Kindle over the weekend I’m not convinced it’s quite the threat or the salvation which many across the printed media fear or hope it might be.

Also, it seems kindle newspapers cost $22.99 a month in the UK.

The comments aren’t very favorable to the Kindle either.

Plastic Logic Que – Absolutely Zero News gets you coverage these days

All Things Digital write an entire article on a Plastic Logic Que eReader Press Release that reveals exactly this much new information –

  1. It will be called Que. 
  2. 3 photographs of the side edge of the device. You can’t even see a USB port. 

For some reason everyone is writing about it and wasting everyone’s time. Forcing me to waste your time – apologies 😉 .

Update at 10:40 am PST:

  1. Number of news articles on Google News for Kindle going global (175 countries to be precise): 91.
  2. Number of news articles on Google News for Plastic Logic naming its device Que: 59.

Update: This non-news is the #2 item on TechMeme – while Spring Design’s new eReader is #7 and the international availability of the Kindle doesn’t even make it. PL should give their PR person a special bonus for turning a name and a view of the side of the gadget into nearly as big a news item as international availability of the Kindle.

Its disappointing to think that its so easy to game news and tech blogs – a company revealing the name of their eReader (and nothing else) is bigger news than Kindle expanding to 175 countries and Spring Design announcing a new eReader. Not sure what Amazon did to get the Main Stream Blogs upset.

Did Amazon steal B&N’s thunder or Vica Versa?

What a catfight. Let’s release/announce products a day apart.

Whatever Barnes and Noble is announcing is scary enough for Amazon to rush their global Kindle assault. Which probably means the sharing/lending books feature made it in. And that Amazon are the one stealing B&N’s thunder.

Isn’t this trying to steal each other’s thunder thing getting a bit too much?

Could we concentrate on more meaningful things – like stealing market share? adding new features?

Barnes & Noble, in my opinion, are more likely to hurt Sony’s market share than Kindle’s. The 20th is going to be interesting.

More eReader News

  1. Thanks to Mac 2 for news on the Spring Dual Screen eReader from Spring Design – It runs Android. It also is eerily similar to B&N’s eReader.
  2. Pixel Qi say they will be shipping their magic screens to OEMs by November, though products will hit the market a few months after that. This marks the 500th time that Pixel Qi have talked about how their magic screens are going to eradicate poverty and ensure world peace while not announcing exactly who will use their screens, exactly when it will happen, and whether readers like us will ever get one in our hands.
  3. Paid Content has a decent article on iRex strategy.

With Que we continue the trend of eReader names that make zero sense –

DX, DR800, PRS600, Que, FLEPia, Nuut, V5, Cool-er, BeBook, SNE-50K,  Cybook, txtr, SV-100B.

Is there any industry that chooses worse names? That looks more like a list of Robots and Robot Parts.

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