Kindle DX Discount – $449 Discounted Kindle with Free Subscription (Limited)

There will be a discounted Kindle DX available ‘in select areas’ by end of the week – It’ll be a $449 Kindle DX with a $40 discount and a free Washington Post subscription included.

Not unsurprisingly it’s the Washington Post that has the news –

 The concept has evolved to enable Amazon to offer customers in select areas an opportunity to purchase a discounted Kindle and receive a free Kindle subscription to The Washington Post.

We have been working with Amazon to identify Amazon subscribers outside of the D.C. area who are not already subscribed to The Washington Post–those individuals will receive an offer via e-mail.

The Columbia Journalism Review had earlier written about the New York Times offering a free subscription with a $489 Kindle DX. That too was limited to customers in select areas.

Kindle DX Discount and Free Subscription?

This seems rather compelling on the surface –

  1. You get a $40 Kindle DX  discount.
  2. You also get a free 1 year subscription to the Washington Post.

Obviously Washington Post and Amazon feel that getting a new Post Subscriber/Kindle DX owner is worth the price of the subscription ($120) and the $40 discount on the Kindle DX.

It’s unfortunate it’s limited to certain areas.

  • You’d think the value of a new subscriber is worth whatever subsidy Washington Post are giving Amazon.
  • You also have to think the cost to the Post for every incremental subscription is rather low.
  • Amazon ends up selling books to all these new Kindle DX owners.

Kindle DX Discount, Free Washington Post Subscription offer starts Oct 22nd

The Washington Post is saying the Discounted Kindle DX offer will start as early as end of this week –

Later this week, the plan is for Amazon to start e-mailing select customers outside the Washington area, inviting them to buy a discounted Kindle DX–priced at $449 instead of the usual $489–bundled with one year of the Post’s Kindle edition.

Hopefully the discounted Kindle DX offer spreads to other newspapers and to people within a newspaper’s delivery area too.

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  1. Perhaps with a daily download over a period of a year, the cost of remote delivery is more significant than you think. Amazon may eat this cost and make it invisible but it’s still there.

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