Nook eReader Secrets – Exclusive

Here’s everything you want to know about the Nook eReader and a initial Nook eReader Review.

Nook eReader Top Features

First, the top features –

  1. 3G Wireless and WiFi supported by free WiFi in BN stores. 
  2. Lending up to 14 days. Lending to phone (iPhone probably), and Nooks.
  3. 1 million+ books.
  4. $259 price.
  5. $9.99 new releases.
  6. eInk Screen.
  7. Color navigation and browsing screen.
  8. Changeable Font Sizes.
  9. 10 days battery life.
  10. 2 GB memory and memory card slot.
  11. Custom Screensavers. 

Nook eReader Print Page Details

Next, all the details –

  1. Formats: Barnes & Noble’s format (i.e. PDB), PDF, ePub, Mp3. Does not support Word, Mobi, .prc.
  2. Image Formats include JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP.
  3. A million plus books, newspapers, magazines delivered to you wirelessly.
  4. Free Samples for every book.
  5. eInk – Talking about all the benefits. Use the touchscreen to add notes, bookmarks and highlight passages.
  6. Download books via 3G wireless. No airtime fees. No Free Internet.
  7. Wifi Card and Free WiFi in B&N stores.
  8. Endless Shelf Space – 2 GB of storage. Allows for music and personal files. Add a memory card for more.
  9. Read for Days – 10 days on a single charge.
  10. Make it Yours – Custom screensavers with your own photos. Colorful back covers and designer cases.
  11. 1 million titles – Guess they really want to hammer it home.
  12. Use color touchscreen below eInk screen to flip through covers and find a book. Then use eInk to read – changeable font sizes.
  13. Many bestsellers and New releases are just $9.99.
  14. 14 day return period although there is a $26 restocking fee if you return it with the seal broken i.e. have opened it up and used it.
  15. 1 year limited Warranty – You can get a 2 year warranty to cover accidents etc. for a separate fee.

Details from screen Engadget has  –

  1. Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point free with preorders.
  2. Exclusive content, special discounts and more when you go to a Barnes and Noble store with your Nook and use it there.
  3. Can also share Nook ebooks with a friend’s computer. 

Will have more details soon.

Update: Here are the books they’re promoting with the Nook. You’ll notice some of these were free Kindle Books in the last few months –

Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, Pursuit of Honor by Vince Flynn, New Moon by Stephanie Meyer, What the Storm Means by Robert Jordan, Kissing Sin by Keri Arthur, Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger, A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris, Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly, Midnight Awakening by Lara Adrian, Maximum Ride by James Patterson.

Sweet Seduction by Maya Banks, DragonSwan by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Riding the Bullet by Stephen King, Twilight and New Moon by Stephanie Meyer, Arguing with Idiots by Glenn Beck, The Awakening by Christine Feehan.

There’s not much left for the Press Conference. The wonders of the Internet ;). My Thoughts on Kindle Vs Nook soon (that’s an old post).

Nook Release Date – November 30th, 2009

October 20th Announcement Day: An hour of snooping yesterday found me some hints on the Nook and how it compares with the Kindle. Engadget beat me to the scoop today. However, I have something they don’t – a page that’s still live.

First, the Nook Details page itself at Barnes and Noble. A photo collage of images they have there – Click on it to see an image of the full page with text. 

Nook eReader Revealed - All the details Nook eReader Revealed – All the details

A video (it’ll be up in 10 or so minutes – its processing) – [wpvideo 2NLM0qHF]

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