Apple Slate eReader imminent – Bill Keller of NY Times

Gawker has the scoop on a slip by Bill Keller of NY Times –  

Sixth, we need to figure out the right journalistic product to deliver to mobile platforms. I’m hoping we can get the newsroom more actively involved in delivering our best journalistic product ..

… times reader, iPhone apps, impending apple slate or whatever comes after that.

This is from a speech last week. The use of the words impending and apple slate next to each other have predictably sent everyone into a tizzy.

Check out 8:15 through 8:45 for the part where Apple Slate gets mentioned – [vimeo 7166514]

Impending Apple Slate – What does that mean?

Nothing 😉 .

Well, actually it could mean a lot –

  1. The name of the Apple Tablet is Slate or iSlate. 
  2. It definitely confirms that Apple is working with newspapers. 
  3. It increases the probability that Apple is very actively targeting books, newspapers, and textbooks.
  4. Imminent might mean a November release or it might mean a Jan or Feb release.  

The mention guarantees the product exists and will be reaching us soon and will include newspapers in some form.

Slate would be a good name


In 18th and 19th century schools, slate was extensively used for blackboards and individual writing slates for which slate or chalk pencils were used.

They were largely used in the 20th century, though writing slates were largely replaced by lined paper and notebooks, and slates still continue in wide usage.

Slate also hints at a focus on schools and colleges and textbooks and notebooks.

Imagine the Kindle with journal and notebook functionality and the iPhone’s touchscreen. Apart from damage to the eyes, it would be a pretty neat device.

Apple Slate would fragment the eReader market

We already have Nook launching a rather respectable eReader and Sony improving. The arrival of the Apple Slate would mean we suddenly have 4 eReaders competing for the top spot – each with different pros and cons.

  1. People focused on reading would get Kindles. 
  2. People focused on reading in between other things would get Apple Slate.
  3. People focused on sharing (once) and openness would get Nook. 
  4. Some people would pick Sony.

A fragmented eReader market might be a bad thing or it might be a good thing.

It’s nice to finally have confirmation that Apple is working on an eReader and that it’ll include newspapers.

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  1. i love your site – gizmodo seems to have the most up-to-date info on the apple itablet/reader/slate. Sounds like an australian paper said it’s going to fit in a purse but not a pocket – just an update 🙂

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