Nook Vs Kindle eBook Prices

There seem to be all these posts popping up about people finding Nook eBook prices too high.

  1. Is it some sort of bias i.e. people found a book they liked and it was too expensive so they think Nook eBook prices are too high?
  2. Is it that those ebooks are higher at all stores?

This post will simply list eBook Prices in the Kindle Store and at Barnes & Noble Nook Store for a wide variety of books and you can draw your own conclusions about whether the Kindle or the Nook is better for you. Check my Kindle Vs Nook review for a more detailed comparison.

Nook Vs Kindle eBook Prices – NY Times Bestsellers are a Wash

These are all $9.99 in both stores for the most part.

This is the Hardcover Fiction List (with list prices noted – 10 of these are just $9 at Amazon, WalMart and Target) –

  1. The Lost Symbol ($29.95) – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  2. Pursuit of Honor ($27.99) – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  3. Nine Dragons ($27.99) – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  4. The Help ($24.95) – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  5. The Last Song ($24.99) – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  6. A Touch of Dead ($23.95) – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  7. Half Broke Horses – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99.  
  8. Rough Country – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99.  
  9. An Echo in the Bone – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  10. The Professional – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  11. Heat Wave – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  12. Evidence – Kindle $9.99, Not Available on Nook.
  13. Death Troopers – Not Available on Kindle. Not Available on Nook.
  14. Her Fearful Symmetry – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  15. Wolf Hall – Not Available on Kindle. Not Available on Nook.
  16. Deep Kiss of Winter – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  17. The Ghost King – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  18. South of Broad – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  19. Dead and Gone – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  20. And Another Thing – Kindle $8.88. Not Available on Nook.
  21. The Wild Things – Not Available on Kindle. Not Available on Nook.
  22. The Unseen Academicals – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99.  
  23. Dracula The Un-Dead – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  24. The Girl Who Played With Fire – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  25. The Perfect Christmas – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 

This is the Hardcover Non-Fiction List –

  1. Have A Little Faith – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  2. Arguing With Idiots – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  3. Highest Duty – Kindle $14.29, Nook $9.99. 
  4. True Compass – Not Available on Kindle. Not Available on Nook.
  5. Moonwalk – Not Available on Kindle. Not Available on Nook.
  6. Outliers – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  7. The Greatest Show on Earth – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  8. Where Men Win Glory – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  9. The Murder of King Tut – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  10. The Time of My Life – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  11. America For Sale – Kindle $9.99. Not Available on Nook.
  12. High On Arrival – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99.  
  13. Official Book Club Selection – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  14. The National Parks – Not Available on Kindle. Not Available on Nook.
  15. Half The Sky – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  16. Justice – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  17. Born To Run – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  18. The Good Soldiers – Not Available on Kindle. Not Available on Nook.
  19. The Case For God – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  20. A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity – Kindle $9.99. Nook $20.80.
  21. The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  22. The Big Turn – Not Available on Kindle. Not Available on Nook.
  23. American On Purpose – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 
  24. Culture of Corruption – Kindle $9.99. Not Available on Nook.
  25. End The Fed – Kindle $9.99, Nook $9.99. 

Pretty much all the New York Bestsellers are available and at $9.99 for both the Kindle and the Nook. Not much of a difference.  

 Nook Vs Kindle eBook Prices – Non Best Sellers.

This is a combination of books that people have mentioned in various forums and books picked at random –

  1. Atlas Shrugged – $12.80 on Nook. Not Available on Kindle.
  2. SuperFreakonomics by Levitt and Dubner – $12.95 on Kindle, $14.99 on Nook.
  3. The Untamed Bride – $6.39 on Kindle, $7.99 on Nook.
  4. East to the Dawn – $9.99 at both.
  5. LakeShore Christmas – $9.99 at both.  
  6. Prodigal God – $9.99 on Kindle. $15.96 on Nook. 
  7. Shalimar the Clown by Salman Rushdie. $9.99 on Kindle. $11.96 on Nook. 
  8. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – $6.39 on Kindle. $7.99 on Nook.  
  9. Ender’s Game – Not Available on Either.  
  10. It by Stephen King – $7.19 on Both.  
  11. Bite Marks by Jennifer Rardin – $9.99 at Both.
  12. Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer – $7.79 on Kindle. $10.39 on Nook.  
  13. Enchanted by Nancy Madore – $7.96 on both.
  14. Bound to Shadows – $6.39 on Kindle, $7.99 on Nook.
  15. Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer – $9.99 on Kindle. $18.39 on Nook. 
  16. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon – $6.39 on Kindle, $7.99 on Nook.
  17. Vision in White – $9.36 on Kindle, $12.80 on Nook. 
  18. Wolf Tales by Kate Douglas – $9.32 on Kindle, $8.32 on Nook.
  19. The Keeper – $6.99 on Kindle, $11.99 on Nook.
  20. Clan Daughter – $6.99 on Nook, $5.59 on Kindle.
  21. Alex Cross’ Trial – $9.99 on both.
  22. Too Big To Fail – $9.99 on Kindle, $14.99 on Nook.
  23. Freakonomics – $9.35 on Kindle, $9.99 on Nook. 

Here are Kindle Store Books the B&N store didn’t have –

  1. Your Next Move.  
  2. The Power of Collective Wisdom. 
  3. The Missing by Beverly Lewis.
  4. Blood Revenge.
  5. Why Does E=MC2.
  6. Ender in Exile.

Have left out some of the obvious ones (an eBook that was $40 in the Nook Store) because they seem to be outliers or mistakes.

Conclusions on Kindle Vs Nook eBook Prices

Its two different sides of the Nook Store –

  1. Nook does do a good job of selling all the bestsellers for $9.99. 
  2. Kindle Store seems to have more books available. Nook’s 1 million plus books doesn’t seem to include the newest ebooks.
  3. Kindle Store seems to be cheaper for 25% to 40% of ebooks outside of the bestseller lists.
  4. When the Kindle Books are cheaper it’s a 10 to 20% price difference.

The Kindle is still ahead of Nook in book prices (and book availability).

0 thoughts on “Nook Vs Kindle eBook Prices”

  1. I decided to fact check a few of your price comparisons here are two out of 8 I checked that are incorrect.

    Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer – $9.99 on Kindle. $18.39 on Nook.
    *** nook is actually $9.99
    Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer – $7.79 on Kindle. $10.39 on Nook.
    *** nook is actually $9.99

  2. thanks for doing that. those were the prices yesterday. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Nook prices for all the ebooks on this list were changed to match Kindle prices. 😉

    1. I would be stunned if Barnes and Noble adjusted pricing. A good example of where they come down on pricing is John Macarthur’s “SLAVE” which is way overpriced on the Nook and cheaper on the Kindle.

  3. My physical bookshelves hold a wide range of subjects. Using them as a base reference, I trawled Amazon’s and Barnes and Noble’s sites, checking the price and availability of electronic equivalents to my physical books.

    I, too, found that many of Amazon’s ebooks are less expensive (sometimes markedly so) and that Amazon has a wider selection of electronic books.

    One presumes that the stock selection will change. The cost difference, however, may remain. To date, Barnes and Noble has remained stubbornly stuck to its higher prices, and I see no reason to believe that the future will bring a significant change.

    1. It’s hard to say whether BN keeps their higher prices now that the market space is heating up. I think selection is going to be the larger issue. I trawled also and, if not mistaken, all of P.J. O’Rourke’s books are on Kindle and none of them are available from BN. On one hand the Nook isn’t out but on the other, BN has been supplying ebooks for other devices so it’s not a given that they will expand their offering in the gap between bestsellers and public domain.

      Perfect world I’d have the Nook hardware and Amazon’s selection.

  4. OK, this thing is really starting to bother me. I have a “pre-order” in for the nook as I did want to have this thing before christmas. (gift to me :)..

    However while going through amazon and picking apart my wish list, mainly consisting of lesser know authors (non best sellers) i can find NO version of the ebook on the BN site. I’m not talking about a few missing titles I mean Nada, Zilch. This is making me wonder if I should be canceling my order soon and just waiting out the apple tablet as I’m quite sure it will handle PDFs with ease and the readers for BN, Kindle will both work on that device (they both have readers for the iphone)

    1. I was thinking the same thing Derrick, however, iPad does not use e-ink. Looking at a bright screen for a long period of time can hurt your eyes and is not reading friendly. I tried reading books through iPhone, only to have hurting eyes a couple of days later.

      1. I have my iPad on “pre-order” I should have it on Sat and will be testing ALOT with all of the various formats. The first big test for me is my Microsoft e-books for my cert programs I am going through. They are all in PDF format and will want to know the true scalability of the PDFs.

        I also have books from the Amazon, B&N, and Stanza formats and will be testing all of those over the weekend as well.

        Remembering that Amazon and B&N both do not have “native” iPad apps (yet).

        So I will let you all know how that goes.

      2. if you get a DRM remover and calibre they can make any format for any reader POSSIBLE! i’ve already taken a PDF and converted it to EPUB for the nook and it works PERFECTLY!

  5. I’ve spent a few hours now comparing BN and Amazon’s ebook catalogs. I can find almost any book I’m interested in on Amazon. BN has few that aren’t mainstream. The Google books at BN give me lots of hits, but they’re old and outdated (“1908 edition”). Also, a Google title will generally show up several times on my search results. It looks like 5,000 Google “books” is more like 2,000 with a lot of duplication. I was fired up for a Nook, but I’ll be buying a Kindle instead.

  6. my birthday is coming up and i want a nook but my cousin said don’t buy it till they get rid of all the glitches what should i do

  7. I bought a nook before I found out that bn book selections and price stink!

    I’m still considering returning it. Although bn Never told me there was a restocking fee. Now I’m ticked and feel stuck.

    I like that the nook can read library books which the kindle can’t (according to my library)

    I’d be super thrilled if anyone can tell me if it’s possible to download an amazon ebook and convert/read it on the nook??? Maybe a workarond?


    1. There’s not really any workaround that I’m aware of.

      You could read B&N ebooks on Nook and read Kindle books on PC or iPhone or another platform. The Nook is quite a good little eReader once one gets over the smaller book selection. Perhaps you just use it for a year or so and then get Kindle 3.

  8. Thanks for the reply. Do you know when the kindle 3 is coming out?

    Any rumors about the nook getting the text to speech function one day in the future?

    1. No idea on when kindle 3 comes out.
      Not sure why Nook doesn’t add text to speech.

      Perhaps it’s some sort of agreement – you’re allowed one of LendMe or Text to Speech and not both.
      Perhaps it’s something else.

  9. ok so i still love my nook, all the books o here that cost mor than the 1s on kindle I DONT EVEN READ… so it dont rly matter kindle is still amazing 😀

  10. I have a nook, and personally- I luv it!
    A few things you didn’t mention (I don’t know if kindle has these things) but with the nook you can go on the internet, download your pics and music, and there are also daily mini-stories(Grin & Tonic is my fave). I have the 4.0 version. I haven’t noticed any glitches, so they must have fixed it. I have found nearly every single book I’ve looked for, and many are actually free. You can also adjust the font and size f font (extra smal to extra extra large). I highly recommend the Nook. I have not tested the Kindle, which I have heard is good too, but I still stand for the Nook.

    1. Also, when reading a book, you can look up words in a built in merrium webster dictionary, highlight, and take notes notes on your highlights. There are also a a forward and back button on each side of the nook, so that if you are holding it with one hand, you don’t have to switch hands to change the page. Another option to change the page is to swipe in the desired direction on the touch screen when it is black to change the page. both ways are silent and can be used with 1 hand or 2. Anothere feature is that you can lend certain authorized books to other nook owners free for 14 days, and when you are in any barnes and noble store, you can download any book for free, and read it for an hour/day. FOR FREE!!!!
      Once again, I stand for the Nook.
      heh- Book Nook

  11. I thought about getting one of these for christmas, but I find it stupid that you have to pay for all your ebooks, do you get any ebooks free with the devise?

    1. There are 1.8 million free books at Internet Archive.

      The more popular public domain books are available in the Kindle and Nook Stores themselves. There are also periodic offers on new books. 50 to 100 a month on Kindle. Not sure how many on Nook but probably quite a few.

  12. So I am thinking about college already (I am still in high school) but the point is, that when comparing the two EBooks, I wanted to know which EBook would be better for price and availability of college text books.

    1. Can’t help you with that.

      Neither has comprehensive textbook coverage at the moment and neither has been quick to add textbooks. The textbook cartel aren’t very eager to help them either.

      A quick look at the stores for textbooks of the major you are interested in would give you an idea.

  13. I just received a kindle wifi as a gift – but really want to be able to utilize the EPUB Library option. Should I exchange for a Nook? I did see that there is some research on conversion sites so that kindle would work…but I’m not very tech savvy and wondering what is my best option….

    1. Jessica,
      Amazon has said that it will add support for library books this year. If you don’t mind waiting a few months – keep the Kindle.
      Else you can return it and get the New Nook 2.

  14. My daughter has Nook, and likes it. She says her only complaint is that books are listed only by author or category, not by title. How come? There should be cross-references by author, title & subject, just as there are in regular library indices.

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