Nook sells out, Twilight price-cut on Kindle

Bits Blog of the NY Times reports that the Nook has sold out. Customers who preorder now will get their nooks in early January 2010.

They write –

It’s shaping up to a be very merry holiday season for’s Kindle e-reader.

Barnes & Noble says customers ordering a Nook will receive their devices the week of Jan. 4.

B&N definitely made Amazon’s Christmas a great one by rushing the nook and not having the supply chain in order.

Kindle is the Last eReader Standing and will thrive this Holiday Season

Kindle is the only eReader out of the three big wireless capable ereaders left standing for the Holidays.

My Kindle Vs Nook Review talks about how it’s pretty much a tie and most people feel that way and will choose a Kindle now.

No nook and no daily edition will lead to a big sales boost for the Kindle.

Bits blog have a somewhat snarky comment from Amazon in response to Nook selling out –

Kindle manufacturing is humming, and the latest generation Kindle — just released in October — is in stock and available for immediate shipment today.

 After two years of messing up Christmas, Amazon have found redemption.

Why did Nook sell out?

Forrester thinks it’s because B&N rushed the nook to try to compete with the Kindle this holiday season –

Sarah Rotman Epps, an analyst at Forrester Research, illuminated the causes of some of the supply problems. She said Sony and Barnes & Noble rushed their product announcements, and neither was truly ready to begin selling their devices this year.

As good an explanation as any.

Conspiracy theories (including mine) aren’t applicable any more because the January 4th ship date will kill orders for Christmas. Who wants to wait 2-3 additional weeks?

Twilight Book Deals at Kindle Store.

Prices for the Twilight series of Vampire novels by Stephanie Meyer have been cut –

  1. Twilight is now $4.25.  
  2. New Moon is $4.25 too.
  3. Eclipse is now $5.25.
  4. Breaking Dawn is $7.60. It was over $10 at times so this is a good deal.

Obviously, Stephanie Meyer and Little, Brown Books have decided that volume is more important than price and the books’ sales ranks have gone up.  

It’s worth noting that this is another nail in the coffin of sustainable book prices.

2 thoughts on “Nook sells out, Twilight price-cut on Kindle”

  1. The sustainable price argument is null. The market will adjust, authors will adjust, and so will the reader. A high volume of sales alone can make up and exceed profits made off sales in a traditional bookstore. So, don’t sweat it. Enjoy the ride. It’s the future after all.

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