2 Free Kindle Books, Refurbished Kindle DX

After a long hiatus the Refurbished Kindle DX (US verison) is back in stock for $349 (MobileRead had the news). Check out my Kindle DX review if you’re thinking about getting one.

You can also get the Refurbished Kindle DX (International version) for $399.  

That brings us to our free books for the day –

  1. Hotter After Midnight by Cynthia Eden. It’s rated 4.5 stars on 16 customer reviews. It’s ‘a sexy and suspenseful new novel’ or so the product description says.
  2. Dying Scream by Mary Burton. It’s romantic suspense – Could have fooled me with the title.

Twilight Price-Cuts work

3 out of the 7 paid novels in the Top 25 Bestsellers are the Twilight Novels – their recent price-cut seems to have worked.

  1. 15 of the Top 50 are paid books.
  2. 31 of the Top 100 are paid books, plus 2 newspapers and a 1 cent book.

We seem to be slowly working our way back from when only 23 of the Top 100 were paid books. It did take a Twilight price-cut to get this far and it’ll be interesting to see what effect the never-ending stream of free books will have.

Everything Apple sells is an Apple Product, and Rightly So

Mike Elgan has an excellent post in the San Francisco Chronicle and one of his points makes a ton of sense –

It might come as a surprise to some people – However, assuming that every single thing you sell will affect your reputation is a very good assumption to make.

It’s not about being self-important or controlling.

It’s just that if you own a channel or a store – you own responsibility for the quality of everything you offer.

Should Amazon be as Zealous about the Kindle Store?

In my opinion – definitely.

A poorly formatted public domain book sold for $1 negatively affects Amazon’s reputation. As do pirated books (if they’re available).

Whether Amazon likes it or not every single Kindle Store book carries the Amazon brand and the Kindle brand.

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