Free Kindle Cooking Book – Slow Cooker Recipes

Today there’s a free cooking book available for the Kindle. It’s focused totally on Slow Cooker recipes for entertaining and covers everything from appetizers to main dishes to hot drinks.  

It’s Julie Kaufmann’s Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Recipes for Entertaining.

free kindle slow cooking book
Free Kindle Slow Cooker Recipe Book

It’s rated 4.5 stars on 6 customer reviews and while the pictures are missing the details and explanations are great.

People don’t seem to have found it yet as its sales rank is abysmal.

Custom CookingReader Vs Using a Refurbished Kindle 2

There has been some talk of how an eInk or LCD based cooking specific eReader could be created. Its virtues would be –

  1. Optimized for cooking.  
  2. Timer. 
  3. Low Price i.e. $100 to $150. 
  4. Time/Clock.
  5. Small, portable size though still big enough for Reading.

Why not a refurbished $219 Kindle 2? Why not an iPhone?

It’s almost as if we have a continuous scale i.e.

  1. Super multi-purpose device like an iPhone. 
  2. Dedicated Reader like the Kindle – it’s still usable for multiple types of reading.  
  3. Ultra niche dedicated devices like the WikiReader and a CookingReader.

If you consider the Kindle 2 you get everything the dedicated CookingReader would give you plus Free Internet plus the ability to do a lot more. At the same time you lose some of the benefits on a device dedicated to Cooking (perhaps thousands of recipes in-built).

With the iPhone you lose more benefits and get even more varied possibilities.

It’s really interesting to think that while people are writing about the death of dedicated devices like the Kindle, companies are introducing products that make the Kindle seem multi-purpose.

Also worth your time

Tales of Wonder by James Huston. It’s $9.99 and shooting up the charts. 4 and 5 star reviews.

Over 50 free books in the Kindle Store. These are new, non public domain books.

One thought on “Free Kindle Cooking Book – Slow Cooker Recipes”

  1. 10 years ago, I had a grey-scale simple laptop computer that had a dead battery. I set it up in the kitchen, on a little stand, and hooked it up to a network and hardwired the power. That was great – screen always on, scrolling was easy with side-mounted mini thumb roller ball (and easy to clean after ‘sticky cooking fingers) And I could make the text large enough to read with the unit at counter height. It really worked well. Then my house got broken into, and it was stolen. Since then, *nothing* has replaced that tool. It’s key features were: readable from 3 feet away, high contrast, always-on-screen, toogle between windows and easy scrolling with gunky fingers. I love my Kindle, but it fails as a kitchen computer. I don’t usually cook just one thing, but am working between two or more recipes, and need the ability to toggle between them. I don’t think the dedicated cooking devices are all that either. It’s why I don’t have one.
    An interface like this: hooked up to PC would do the trick.

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