Nook Vs Kindle Review – Nook Vs Kindle with PDF

It’s time for a detailed Nook Vs Kindle review.

Amazon added PDF support to the Kindle, increased its battery life by 75%, and added landscape mode – Did they just win the Nook Vs Kindle contest?

Let’s take a look – Please keep in mind that this is based on Nook Reviews from the Internet – I don’t have one yet

My Kindle Vs Nook Review was a tie and it stayed a tie even when Amazon added Kindle for PC and cut the price to $259.

Will Kindle PDF support tilt Nook Vs Kindle in Amazon’s favor?

Let’s take a look. First we’ll look at areas where each eReader wins and assign points, and then we’ll look at the results.

Nook Vs Kindle – Nook still wins several areas

  1. 3.5″ color touchscreen to flip through covers.  
  2. ePub support.
  3. LendMe – Although this is limited to one rental per ebook, and some Publishers are opting out, it’s a good feature.  
  4. Library eBooks – Although libraries currently don’t have many eBooks this is an important feature.
  5. Micro SD memory expansion slot.
  6. WiFi Support. Supplemented with free WiFi in B&N stores. Not as meaningful as you can do nothing except buy books.
  7. Browse complete eBooks at B&N Stores (1 hour per book per 24 hour period) plus physical books to browse.
  8. BlackBerry and Mac Support.
  9. Replaceable battery.
  10. B&N’s 1 million free Google Books.
  11. Better looking.

Not listing support for Sony Store eBooks as an advantage for the Nook because the Sony Reader Store has terrible eBook prices.

Nook Vs Kindle – Areas that they tie

This list has grown substantially since Amazon is making improvements to the Kindle service regularly –

  1. eInk Screen – Same 6″ eInk screen. 
  2. $9.99 price on bestsellers – Please note that B&N prices are higher for non-bestseller books.  
  3. $259 Price – Amazon matched this.
  4. Kindle for PC, Nook for PC – Amazon matched this.
  5. Mac Reader – Amazon is saying this will arrive soon. 
  6. PDF Support – Amazon matched this today (November 24th, 2009).
  7. Free Book Offers – Both B&N and Amazon have these. 
  8. Organization – Amazon have said they will support Kindle Folders in 2010. Nook doesn’t have folders at the moment.
  9. Family Sharing – Sharing of up to 6 Kindles on one account. Nook will allow sharing – exact number not known.

Notice how a lot of these are updates Amazon has recently made – competition is great for us book lovers.

Nook Vs Kindle – Kindle now wins several areas

  1. Best range of new books and lower prices – Do check prices for books you want to buy (check books you want to buy, not just the Top 100).
  2. Free Internet. Nook does not have a browser at the moment. Free Internet for Kindle is going to be extended to all countries that have WhisperNet.
  3. Wikipedia Access – Free all over the world (81 countries). 
  4. Faster – The Nook is sluggish as the OS hasn’t been optimized fully for the eInk and LCD screens. A fix is due in January 2010.
  5. Read To Me – Text to Speech feature. Publishers sometimes switch this off – However, it’s there for some books and all personal documents and all public domain books.
  6. International Availability and International WhisperNet (81 countries). Great for travelers and people in other countries.
  7. Better battery life now that there is a 75% boost for when wireless is on.
  8. WhisperSync that synchronizes your notes and highlights across devices.
  9. Physical Keyboard. 
  10. Nook have only a 14 day return period and charge 10% re-stocking fee. Kindle has 30 days and no restocking fee. 
  11. Being in Stock – Of course this will change on January 4th. Till then Kindle has a big advantage. Kindle had stock problems the last two seasons and they scaled up production to be ready for this holiday season.
  12. Landscape Mode – Allows for more flexibility.

The Kindle narrowly edges out the Nook in my opinion

Kindle PDF support does indeed tilt Nook Vs Kindle in Kindle’s favor – the Kindle for $259 is excellent value, especially the Free Internet.

To be on the safe side -> Please assign points to the listed advantages of each eReader according to what features you value and figure out what is better for you.

Amazon have really responded to the Nook and given all the recent enhancements they have, in my opinion, taken the lead. Nook being slow also plays a big part.

Kindle PDF Support, 75% more battery life, Kindle for PC, $259 price, landscape mode, Kindle Folders (announced), Kindle for Mac (announced).

Competition is doing great things for readers and eReaders.

Nook Vs Kindle Review – The Reading Experience Review

The Kindle 2 Review uses a rather different approach to reviewing an eReader – it’s worth trying out the same approach for our nook vs kindle review.

This is based on the first few Nook reviews available online. 

Here’s a stab at what the reading experience will be like (on Nook, Kindle).

Nook Vs Kindle – the indispensable eReader functions

Being able to get Books

  1. By adding wireless downloads, the Nook matches the Kindle’s biggest advantage. However, the Kindle still beats it on book prices and range of books.
  2. Being able to browse books in the B&N stores is great – However, you can do that at any store. Some people will like being able to browse covers in color.
  3. By adding support for OverDrive Library eBooks B&N increases options for customers. It also supports Sony Store eBooks although those have high prices.

The Kindle has better range of new books and better prices. B&N adds support for Library eBooks and Sony Store eBooks via Adobe Digital Editions. It’s a tie.

Being able to read Books

They both have a 6″ eInk screen. Kindle’s longer battery life is balanced out by the Nook’s touchscreen navigation.

This is a tie.

Nook Vs Kindle – the hugely important eReader functions

  1. Screen Quality and Size – A tie as they have the same eInk screen.
  2. Ease of Use – The touchscreen would have given Nook the edge – However, the bad Android implementation slows down the Nook. Kindle wins.
  3. Portability – Nook is a bit smaller and has a memory card. Kindle has better battery life. A tie.
  4. Reference – Kindle wins hands down as it has Free Internet and Free Wikipedia.
  5. Search – A tie at this point though if Amazon keep improving Kindle search they might win.
  6. Content Rights and Content Portability – Nook wins because of ePub support and Adobe Digital Editions support which lets you read Library eBooks and books bought from Sony Store (although Sony eBook Store has terrible prices).
  7. Annotations – Nook wins this as the touchscreen makes note taking easier – although the sluggishness of the UI is painful here too.
  8. Font Size – With the addition of landscape mode the Kindle has a very slight edge – let’s consider it a tie.
  9. AudioBooks – Kindle wins as Nook does not support audiobooks.
  10. Easy to Use Store – A tie. The Kindle Store is easy to use. Nook’s color LCD screen and cover flow make it a good store too.
  11. One Handed Use – This is a tie.
  12. Time and Date – A tie although with the Nook you can only check time on the Home screen.
  13. Language Support – Both Nook and Kindle are limited.

Nook Vs Kindle – nice to have features

  1. Looks – Nook wins easily thanks to the dual screens and color LCD. 
  2. Free Internet Access – Kindle wins.
  3. Color Screen – Neither has color eInk. Does Nook’s 3.5″ color navigation screen qualify? Perhaps – so let’s say Nook wins this.
  4. Text To Speech Feature – Kindle wins.
  5. Journal – Neither has this.
  6. Extensions and Utilities – Neither.
  7. Games & Diversions – Unknown. Kindle has Sudoku and Tic Tac Toe via Kindle Store Books and MineSweeper and Gomoku in-built. No idea what Nook will have.
  8. Personalization – Nook wins because of custom screensavers and back covers.
  9. Background music – Think both support this so a tie.
  10. Device Lock and Lost and Found feature – Unknown so a tie.

Who Wins according to this reading experience review?

You tell me. It’s almost too close to call.

  1. Kindle and Nook tie on indispensable eReader functions.
  2. Kindle has 3 wins and Nook has 2 wins in hugely important features. 
  3. Kindle has 2 wins and Nook has 3 wins in nice to have features. 

In terms of reading experience Nook Vs Kindle is exceedingly close – the Kindle probably barely edges out Nook. The Kindle is in stock and Nook isn’t till February 1st, 2010.

Again, please consider what factors are important to you and rate them accordingly – What’s important to you decides who wins Nook vs Kindle.

30 thoughts on “Nook Vs Kindle Review – Nook Vs Kindle with PDF”

  1. Given the nook is vaporware, the clear winner at this point is the Kindle and their owners. This could change in the near future if and when the nook is released. At this point, it’s hard to imagine all of the kindle related enhancements in the last month would have occurred so quickly if the nook hadn’t been announced. I might have missed one, but since the nook was announced, there has been a kindle price drop, kindle for pc beta and official release, kindle for Canada availability, and now a new software release for Kindle. Wow!

  2. What a comprehensive review. Amazon has indeed upped the ante considerably with the introduction of the new key upgrades.

    I still favor the Kindle because of the free internet. But I can’t imagine Nook and Sony too far behind on that one.

    Thank you for the awesome analysis.


  3. Hi,
    an interesting read.
    Kindle should definitely get points for being internationally available in the first place, not just when travelling, but the fact that everyone can buy it is an important one. Non-U.S. buyers can’t even get to Nook, so the whole comparison thing only makes sense in the U.S. context. For European buyers it’s not really a dilemma: you can only buy Kindle.
    Thankfully, it’s a great e-reader. I just got mine a couple of days ago and updated software yesterday. Am more than happy with it.

    I have a question, though. You claim somewhere in the post that free internet (not just Wikipedia) will be available internationally too. Do you know more about this? Is this Amazon’s plan? When will it happen? Can’t wait, really.

    Thanks a lot!

  4. I am looking at buying an eReader for Christmas and I came across a deal on Amazon that puts it way ahead in my book. If you sign up for’s monthly Gold service for $14.95 a month, you get a $100 discount on the Kindle (knocking the price down to $159.)

  5. I think when it comes to book availablility, the Nook actually has the Kindle beat simply because it offers WiFi on top of whispernet.

    People seem to not be interested in the fact that Kindles internet ability is EXTREMELY limited to text based internet pages, so don’t start thinking you can browse and buy on eBay with it.

    The Nook is a clear winner for me simply because of:
    1) Expandable memory capability.
    2) The read-to-me feature is worthless (that’s why it’s called an eReader, not an MP3 player).
    3) Availability is not and should not be a negative because it doesn’t affect the operation of the unit – I’m not that impatient.
    4) The addition of a color touch screen and cleaner lines, not to mention the Nook is smaller and more portable yet maintains the exact same screen as the Kindle.

    1. Scott, the Browser has an advanced mode and you can turn on Javascript.
      Sites that are supported include – twitter, all the email sites (mobile versions) and a lot more.

      Book availability is more about what books are available and at what prices and the Kindle Store is definitely better.

      WiFi is an advantage – however, it only becomes significant once B&N add a browser. Have already listed it as one.

    2. 2)the read to you feature is not worthless. think about a child with learning disabilities being able to read and hear what they are reading when getting ready for an english class. or if you are on a trip and have all those books in your ereader you can then listen to them while you are driving down the road. Great for road trips. The Text-to-speach also works on the pdf files.

  6. Everything I see that lags for the Nook is software, but most of the Kindle drawbacks seem to be in hardware. To me that seems that while the Kindle is the best thing out now, give it a couple of months and the Nook could displace them. At least until a new Kindle comes out with the hardware fixes. But as has been said this is nothing but gravy for us Ebook users.

  7. 1. Expandable memory on the Nook is a neat but not a necessary feature and not something I would consider an advantage. The Kindle can hold 1500 books. Do you really need to have more than that on the device at one time? Kindle also keeps your entire library online and you can access it free anywhere so the amount of storage is really unlimited.

    2. The audio capabilities of the Kindle is a seriously killer feature for a lot of users. Especially those that have a long commute. They might listen to the book on the drive, then read some over lunch, and listen on the way home. I like to listen to books at home while poking around online. Previously I would get the audio book and the hard copy and have to manually stay in synch. Kindle does that automatically.

    3. Color covers? Really? I think that’s a pretty gimmick that doesn’t add any real value. Just give me a list of my books. I don’t need another screen to suck battery life or that can break.

    4. Ability to browse books while in the B&N store. Many of us have no desire to sit in their store with our reader. If I’m in the store I’m going to be browsing the real books. Again a neat gimmick that adds no real value.

    5. Replaceable battery on the Nook. Now we have something that adds some value. Not in being able to swap on the fly. The Kindle gives 1 – 2 weeks of battery life per charge. Who is ever in a position where they are not near an outlet for that long? If you are a universal recharging pack which can also be used to charge a cell phone can be purchased cheaper than the $30 the extra Nook battery costs. The only advantage of the replaceable battery is no sending it back for replacement when the built in battery eventually dies.

    6. Ability to loan a book? How useful is this really? How often will you be someplace where there is another Nook user and you happen to have a book they want to borrow? Kindle lets multiple devices access the same account so it’s easy for spouses and families to share. Much more useful for most people and covers the real world sharing desires of most.

    I guess I see most of the extra features the Nook has over the Kindle as pretty decorations that add nothing in real world use.

    1. I take back the comment about the expandable memory not adding value. I was thinking only of books not audio books and music which take a lot of space.

  8. The article states that the screens are the same. I beg to differ, the nook has crisp dark ink against an almost white screen, but Kindle is a dull gray screen with dark gary letters….very low contrast compared with the Nook that I tried. I think Nook wins hands down on the screen.

    1. Peter, while the Nook has a screen that is clearer the difference isn’t anywhere as big as you make it out to be.
      I’m working on a detailed Nook review and will be putting up Nook Vs Kindle videos soon after that.
      Then people can decide for themselves.

      The screen technology is the same. Nook does have a better screen contrast since –
      * They use bolded font throughout.
      * They have the black border around the screen (an effect you can recreate on kindle 2 with a black skin)
      * They have a whiter background.

      After finishing my nook review will update this post to include both pros (like better screen contrast) and cons (erratic deliveyr with books missing pages). Stay Tuned and thanks for the comment.

  9. After buying and returning the nook, I can safely say that it is inferior to the Kindle. What I love most about the Kindle is the incredible ecosystem they created within the device. The nook feels and behaves sloppily. Furthermore, it is really sloooow. I tried so hard to like it, but it shouldn’t 5 minutes to highlight a paragraph in a book. YES 5 minutes!!! Wanna know the best part?? There is a BUG that prevents you from seeing your NOTES! The BN sales guy said, “well, this is supposed to be for casual reading, not note taking”. Needless to say, I returned the device and bought a Kindle…Boy what a difference.

    I am hoping, hoping, hoping the Kindle switches over to epub and incorporates lending and library features in the next revision. It would be unstoppable.

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