Kindle discount – $100 Audible Kindle discount with membership

This is not a straight $100 Kindle Discount. You only get $100 off Kindle 2 or Kindle DX if you FIRST get an membership and then USE the kindle discount code you get from them.

Basically – will give you an promotional code good for $100 off the purchase of select AudibleReady® devices and accessories when you join the AudibleListener® Gold plan for 12 months at $14.95 per month.

You can get $100 off the Kindle 2 or the Kindle DX with this offer (or other devices like iPods).

  1. You do have to sign up for a 12 month membership with Audible that costs $14.95 per month. 
  2. That’s $179 for a year. The discount is $100.
  3. The membership gets you one free Audible book a month and 30% off other titles.
  4. You cannot cancel before a year ends.

How it works –

  1. Read the details and see qualifying devices at Amazon.
  2. Go to’s Device Offer Page (link on the Amazon page) and sign up for the AudibleListener Gold program. 
  3. They will give you a kindle discount code.
  4. Go to Amazon and use the kindle discount code to buy either the Kindle 2 or the Kindle DX. Be sure to use the coupon code at checkout.

Leave a comment if you have questions.

Is this $100 Kindle discount from worth it?

If you listen to one or more audible books a month then definitely. You get –

  1. A free book a month.
  2. 30% off other books.
  3. $100 off a Kindle 2 or Kindle DX. Both of which work with Audible books and have lots of other benefits.

What if you don’t listen to a lot of audiobooks?

$14.95 a month is $179 – You end up getting 12 audiobooks a year for $79. Does that interest you?

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Offer is valid until January 31st, 2010. 
  2. Promotional code is only valid 90 days. Use it as soon as you can to be on the safe side. 
  3. Only valid for new AudibleListener members. 
  4. Can only be redeemed at – no other Amazon site.
  5. Offer cannot be applied to orders that are already placed => You MUST sign up for Audible first.
  6. If you buy something that costs less than $100 you do NOT get the balance.

Lots of other details you should check up on.

Other Devices you can use $100 discount on

  1. iPod.
  2. iPod Nano.
  3. Garmin GPS.
  4. See all devices that qualify at Amazon.

The $100 Kindle discount from Audible also applies to Kindle accessories. Don’t buy anything less than $100 though.

11 thoughts on “Kindle discount – $100 Audible Kindle discount with membership”

  1. So I am wondering about the gold program free book every month (from audible). Can I pick any book I want, or do they only offer a select few to choose from?

    Also (and I apologize if this seems like a dumb question) can these audiobooks configure onto the kindle for listening from that device? Or just mp3, ipod, etc.?

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

    1. Amber, at they say that a small number of audiobooks are more than one credit. They do not specify any restrictions. Please confirm with them – it does seem all titles are available.

      Yes – audible audiobooks work with kindle.

  2. The email I received says it ends January 2011. Was your response (January 31st 2010) a misprint? Please answer as soon as possible.

    1. You have the right date.
      this is what the Amazon site says –

      This offer is good until 11:59 p.m. PST on January 31, 2011.
      · Each promotional code offer (“offer”) can be used only once.
      · Offer expires 90 days from when you receive the promotional code.

  3. If my 15 yr old child has dyslexia and his doctors provides us with a letter indicating that a Kindle would be must helpful to him, could we process our cost for the Kindle through our Section 125 Flexible Spending Account?

  4. There is also a platinum audible plan for $229 per year for 24 books. $9.54 per book. Better price than most popular Kindle books. I listen when I am on an exercise machine, in the car, sorting socks, or any non-consuming activity that precludes using my Kindle. I find, to my surprise, that keeping two books going simultaneously is not a problem.
    As an existing member, I can’t go to the audible site to verify if the platinum plan is eligible for the $100 rebate.

    Professionally done audio books are vastly superior to the Kindle generated voice.

  5. P.S. Carry forwards credits are allowed on the Platinum plan and maybe on the Gold Plan. I use all my credits, so I am not sure of the detail rules for carry forwards.

  6. PPS. I download samples regularly as I run across interesting sounding books. I place Kindle only books in one folder, and those both Kindle and in another folder. Then I run through my Kindle/audible folder to chose and read the Kindle sample before ordering the audible book.

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