Kindle Thanksgiving – Giving Thanks for Readers and eReaders

It’s almost two years for the Blog (and the Kindle) and there’s a lot to give thanks for –

Readers and People who link to the Blog 

  1. Readers and comments. Above all else. The blog now helps a lot of people make decisions and get more out of their Kindle and that’s the #1 thing I’m thankful for.
  2. People who like the blog and posts enough to link to it and/or email their friends. 
  3. People who care enough to disagree. It still bothers me when people get really angry – much prefer measured disagreement. However, every comment is appreciated.  
  4. People who have very specific questions or comments that lead to new posts or make a post better.  
  5. The opportunity to answer comments – it’s still a top priority.  

There’s no doubt in my mind about what the biggest opportunity for the blog is (and what is the most fun) – It’s being able to help a ton of people get what they want and make intelligent decisions.

Perhaps my focus should be on monetizing better – However, growing the blog and helping more people increases the value I get back anyways.

So that’s my focus for 2010 – To Grow the Blog 100 times and the amount of value the blog provides to each reader 10 times.

Kindle, Amazon, eReader companies

  1. Amazon most of all – for making the Kindle and for making the Amazon associate program.
  2. Everyone involved with the Kindle for staying true to books and reading.
  3. Sony for pushing Amazon to cut prices. 
  4. Nook for pushing Amazon to add a ton of features.
  5. Competition and the hurried progress in eReaders.
  6. All the companies that are entering, even ones with wonky eReader names, since it validates the space.
  7. Google for finding the highest profit, lowest effort niche in the market and doing it all legally. You have to appreciate the strategy.

eReader companies have done the unthinkable – They’ve made reading and books hot again.

The Giants overseeing the Internet 

  1. Google for sending me 40% plus of my traffic.
  2. For all the other sites that link to me.
  3. TechMeme for getting me excited every time it links to the Kindle Review.
  4. For the Microsoft search engine and Twitter and Facebook and other sites that send me some traffic.
  5. Google again.

Most of all – for being halfway to the point where the Kindle Review isn’t dependent on one source of traffic.

There is currently a type of censoring on this Blog that’s dictated by Google’s complete ownership of search i.e. Don’t write things that would get Google upset. Am just tired of that.

Which brings us to my 2nd aim for 2010 – To be like Twitter and Wikipedia and Craigslist i.e. the search engines need this blog more than the Kindle Review needs them.

People who read books and love them

  1. People who read books. 
  2. People who pay for books.
  3. People who care about books.

It’d be a much poorer world without books and people who read books and care about them are saving us.

Authors, Publishers, Newspapers

  1. For being in it for the love of it. For the most part.  
  2. All the indie authors who believe in their books enough to take on the infinite abyss of the Internet. 
  3. For the Kindle Store and what it’s doing for independent authors. 
  4. For Publishers. Mixed feelings here.  
  5. For newspapers finally getting Amazon to set up associate links and Microsoft to offer them money for indexing.  

It’s just strange – there’s no reason to have any kinship with Publishers and Newspapers – they obviously don’t see things as they really are. However, they love books and they might not be replaceable.

Algorithms and crowd-sourcing will not replicate the quality and polish of human publishing and human news editing.


  1. Gratitude for my Parents.
  2. My Friends and Family – especially the ones who came to visit in the last year.
  3. The opportunity to do what I love – the intersection of People, the Internet, and communication.
  4. For finally having a home after 13 years of searching. Even if it’s the coldest country in the world 😉 .
  5. For experiences that help me appreciate right now.
  6. Jack Welch for pointing out things like See Reality As It Is and not as it was or as you want it to be.

Most of all – For being able to see reality as it really is.

For the promise of 2010 and Beyond

  1. For the promise of 30-40 million eReaders a year by 2013.
  2. For the promise of Color eReaders.
  3. For Pixel Qi, and eInk, and Mirasol, and SiPix.
  4. For the Mirror, the Apple Slate, and all the reading tablets.
  5. For the Kindle 3.
  6. For the Kindle DX 2.
  7. For the Vook and Video Books and other evolutions of the book.

2010 is definitely going to be the year of the eReader. We are in the beginnings of a HUGE transformation in Publishing. It’s transforming every single aspect of reading and it’s awesome to have court side seats.

After all of you (readers) the thing that I’m most thankful for?

There’s finally hope for books and reading – What more could someone who loves people and books wish for?

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