14 free romance novels in kindle format

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Red Rose Publishing bill it as an actual black friday deal and have to agree. The big bonus is that they are available in Kindle Format (Mobibook .prc).

You can download them at this page at All Romance Ebooks.  The ebooks include –

  1. Ringside by LaVerne Thompson.
  2. Desparately Seeking Santa by Jane Beckenham.
  3. Be With You by Maria Rochelle.
  4. Having Faith: SweetBriar Series 1 by NancyO’Berry.
  5. The Other Half of Your Heart by Janis Susan May.

And 9 more.

Some of them have 5 fire icons next to them and some have three – much like a Thai restaurant’s menu.

All these books are currently $2 to $3 in the Kindle Store.

Also, two Kindle deals you might have missed –

  1. Simple Wishes by Lisa Dale for $1.99. Only until November 30th. Very well reviewed with 5 stars across 22 reviews.
  2. The Naming of the Dead by Ian Rankin for $1.99. Again the deal is good till November 30th. Well reviewed with 4 stars across 34 reviews.

And, in case you were wondering, exactly 9 of the top 10 kindle store bestsellers are free book offers.

What percentage of eBook sales are of Romance Novels?

Looking at the bestseller charts and free book offers would think it was between 15% to 25%.

  1. At any given time there are 20 or more free romance novels in the Kindle Store and 5 or 10 outside the Kindle Store.
  2. 32 of the Top 200 Kindle Bestsellers are romance novels. That’s 16%.
  3. 100 of the Top 680 Kindle bestsellers are romance novels. That’s 14.7%.
  4. Of course, a lot of those are free romance novels.
  5. Romance Novels are priced cheap – their share of kindle ebook sale revenue might be just 5-10%.

Romance novels certainly seem to be leading the race to zero. Harlequin, Samhain, Red Rose, Mills and Boon – all giving away a ton of free books and selling some of their books at $2 or $3.

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