Free, Cheap Kindle Books for post Thanksgiving

Here are some free, cheap kindle books for your Kindle.

First, the free kindle books –

  1. Free Digital Novel – Armageddon Quest Book 1: Tazo. It’s in Kindle Format.
  2. Price of Passion by Susan Napier is free – Might have mentioned this before. It’s a romance novel. 
  3. Samhain Publishing’s Blog, the Samhellion has 4 free romance novels. They are in PDF and Kindle 2 supports them now. Right click and select ‘Save Target As’ and save them as PDFs and then transfer to your Kindle. For Kindle 1 please see my kindle pdf conversion post.

Next, two free kindle contests –

  1. Greenwala has a super complicated ‘sign over your soul and you might win a kindle‘ contest. You might be one of only 10 people able to make sense of the rules.  
  2. Noobie (not to be confused with B&N’s great hope) also have a free kindle contest. Thankfully, this one is straightforward.

After that, a few deals courtesy MobileRead

  1. Till November 30th, get Volume 1 RoYds of Refuge of Delayed Souls free at Smashwords.  Coupon: GH35B.
  2. Boomerang is free at Smashwords with coupon code: GK59K. Valid through end 2009.
  3. University of Chicago Press has a free book – The Birthday Book by Censorinus.  
  4. Sale till November 29th at Shortcovers – $2 off any book. Coupon Code: Nov199. These are ePub and you’ll have to convert using Calibre before you can read them on the Kindle.
  5. Baen’s new CD, Torch of Freedom, is now available at The Fifth Imperium.
  6. Fictionwise has a 25% off coupon – thanksgiving25. They also have 50% micropay refund or something – although their prices are high so the effective price isn’t that hot.

Finally, cheap Kindle books –

  1. The Starfish Manifesto by Wolfgang Simson is for 1 cent. Don’t know how good it is.  
  2. Aaron Shepard spends his time creating and loading folk tales and stories – all for a cent each.
  3. Jacob Faithful by Captain Marryat. 1 cent.
  4. A very interesting short story for a cent – Cardiovascular patient.

Well, hopefully that gave you a few books to read over the weekend or the next few weeks.

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