Kindle Questions, Kindle Answers – Top 50

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Browsing the questions in the official Kindle forum and its interesting to find the same questions pop up again and again.

Here are some kindle questions and answers that’ll help you if you’re thinking of buying the kindle or trying to make the most of your Kindle –

Q: What is the contact information for Kindle Customer Service?

Find the email address and contact methods at the Customer Service Page. This is recommended as you can get Amazon to call you back and they know who you are.

Customer Service phone numbers –

Inside the United States: 1-866-321-8851, Outside the United States: 1-206-266-0927.

Q: Should I get Kindle or …   Nook? Sony Pocket? Sony Touch?

Here are 3 posts that will help you decide –

  1. If your heart is set on either Kindle or Nook – both are safe bets. Read my Kindle Vs Nook Review for more.
  2. The Sony Readers are a bit behind as they lack wireless – check my Kindle Vs Sony Reader Touch Review and Kindle Vs Sony Reader Pocket Edition review.

Q: Should the Kindle be switched off or is sleep mode fine?

It’s eInk technology. It only uses power when changing the screen.

  1. There is no (or almost no) difference between sleep mode and switching off. Kindle customer service recommends sleep mode.
  2. Having it in sleep mode for days will not overheat your Kindle.

Choose Sleep Mode 😉 .

Q: Are there Kindle Gift Cards? How do I buy a kindle book using a Kindle gift Card?

Yes, there are indeed Kindle Gift Cards. Check the Kindle Gift Card, Certificate post for instructions on how to use a kindle gift certificate.

Q: Can I gift Kindle Books?

At the moment there is no way to gift a kindle ebook. You can buy them a gift card that they could then use to buy books.

Q: Is there any way to set a budget and limit my spending on Kindle Books?

Yes. By using a kindle gift card i.e.

  1. If your budget is $50, buy a $50 gift card.
  2. Apply it to your account and use that to limit your purchases.
  3. Then remove your credit card information (optional).

Q: What is the return period for the Kindle? What about Kindle ebooks?

  1. 30 days for the Kindle. Free Returns.
  2. 7 days for Kindle  books.

To return ebooks –

  • Immediately after purchase – you get a ‘cancel purchase’ button on the order confirmation page (only on the Kindle).
  • Alternately – Go to the Customer Service Page and then email Kindle Customer Service (or call them) and include the title you want to cancel. Must be within 7 days of purchase.

Q: Can I share my kindle books? Can I sell my kindle books?

No. No.

We all know paper books don’t have that restriction – However, the only way to get publishers to agree to give up rights and at $10 prices was removing the used ebooks market.

Q: Why are prices higher outside the US? Why are prices lower outside the US?

Different countries/regions have different book rights. Sometimes it means higher prices, sometimes lower.

Also, outside of the US, every book has a $2 download charge built-in. This $2 charge exists even if you buy and download a book on your PC.

It just exists. Not going to justify it and not going to label it evil or unfair as wireless bandwidth isn’t exactly free.

Q: Why are books so expensive?

$10 is not expensive. Printing and distribution accounts for 10-20% of a book’s price. Things like the author making enough money to be able to eat and have a house to live in necessitate a $10 price.

Q: How big exactly are the font Sizes?

Here’s the magic sizing of the Kindle –

There are 6 font sizes, which correspond approximately to the following Microsoft Word standard font sizes:
1 = 7pt
2 = 9pt
3 = 11 pt
4 = 14 pt
5 = 17 pt
6 = 20 pt

Please see the kindle review video page, videos 4, 5 and 8, to better understand font sizes.

Q: Is Kindle suited for low vision people? blind people?

Please read this – Kindle FAQ for Low Vision Readers

Q: Does Kindle support PDF?


PDF support included –

  1. PDFs work on the Kindle. PDFs that have Chinese text or other languages also work.
  2. Formulas, images, tables all look good.
  3. Bookmarks work.
  4. Landscape mode lets you see PDFs in a larger size and crops whitespace.
  5. Search works.

PDF features that are not included –

  1. Adding notes and highlights.
  2. Changing font sizes or zooming into PDFs.

You can get the latter functionality by converting PDFs to Kindle format – read the convert PDF for Kindle post.

Q: Why isn’t PDF support better?

They just added Kindle PDF support – Could we please see the half full glass?

Q: What are the Kindle Shortcuts?

Aha – it just so happens that the Kindle 2 Hack and Tips post has 25 of the best tips for you.

Q: Where do I find free kindle books?

Three places –

  1. New Free Kindle Books.
  2. Top 250 Public Domain Kindle Books.
  3. Free Kindle Book Sites.

Q: Where do I find cheap kindle books and kindle book deals?

These are hard to find.

Searching around at Amazon is best. The official kindle forum has lots of indie authors hawking their wares for $1 to $2, and any deals on Published Books get mentioned there too.

By the way, most of the questions and some of the answers on this page are from that very forum.

Q: Should I buy my 10-year-old a Kindle?

There are a few concerns –

  1. The Kindle is very susceptible to breaking as it has a glass screen. Replacements cost $180 to $200.
  2. Dropping the Kindle can harm other parts of it.
  3. 1-click buying means your kid could end up buying $100 of books by mistake or by intent.
  4. There aren’t really any parental controls and some of the books available can be racy – including topics you might get really upset about.

Since the Kindle is so great for reading, it makes sense to still consider it. Here are a few things worth doing if you buy a kindle for your kid –

  1. Turn off wireless and keep it off.
  2. De-register your Kindle so no purchases can be made. You’ll have to register it again  to buy books on it later.
  3. Get a sturdy case. One with padding – some of the M-Edge cases are good.
  4. You can even get a messenger bag with a shoulder strap.
  5. Monitor book titles and make sure the wrong books aren’t reaching your kid’s kindle.

It really helps if your child is responsible and careful with toys and gadgets.

Q: Are textbooks available on the Kindle?

Yes. In limited quantities.

Please make a list of books you’ll need and check before buying a Kindle. There are more textbooks being added regularly so it’d be enough to check the next 2 semesters.

Q: Are medical books available on the Kindle?

Yes. Again it’s in limited qualities.

Please check for titles you’d want.

Q: Why buy a Kindle if I can use Kindle for iPhone or Kindle for PC?

The polite answer would be – a much better screen for reading, a much more focused reading experience.

The apolitic answer would be – If you read less than a book a month then the Kindle is not for you.

Q: Does Kindle work on PC? on Mac?

Yes for PC. Kindle for Mac is slated to arrive in a few months.

Q: Does Kindle work with Mac?

As in, can you transfer files and plug in your kindle and charge it and so forth? Answer is yes.

Q: Why is my favorite book not on the Kindle?

Really don’t know.

Q: Can I read library ebooks on the Kindle?

No. Please check what ebooks your local library has available and how many of those you’d want before getting upset.

Q: Does Kindle have a lock feature or a password setting or a privacy feature?

No. Be careful who you give it to.

Q: Can you put your own screensavers?

You could with a kindle hack. Soon enough that hack will be updated to work with the latest version of the Kindle firmware.

Q: What features are dependent on the wireless?

These are the features that depend on wireless –

  1. Free Internet.
  2. Free Wikipedia.
  3. Browsing the Kindle Store.
  4. Downloading Books.
  5. Wireless Delivery of subscriptions – blogs, newspapers, magazines.
  6. Certain books that need wireless Internet such as the Sudoku book.

Q: What exactly does the Text To Speech Read To Me feature do? Is the voice bearable?

The Text To Speech feature takes –

  1. Any new book for which the Publisher has not disabled it.
  2. Any public domain book.
  3. Any converted PDF.
  4. Any of your own documents in Kindle format.

And reads out the text to you in either a male or a female voice, at one of three reading speeds.

The Kindle has stereo speakers so you don’t even need headphones.

Depending on how picky you are –

  1. You might love it.
  2. You might be OK with it.
  3. You might hate it and find it torments you to the very depths of your soul.

It’s a robotic voice reading out words – it’s not going to sound like NPR.

Check the kindle review video page and listen to video #3.

Q: Can I get my Kindle expensed?


  1. Whatever line of work you’re in, there are books in the Kindle Store and audiobooks at related to it. That’s what the Kindle is for – work related reading.
  2. You can add your own documents.
  3. It focuses on reading so it’s not like you’ll be wasting any work time 😉 .
  4. It now supports PDFs making it easier to get academic grants.

If you need supporting evidence leave a comment.

You should be able to get it expensed or written off for tax purposes.

Q: Can I save articles for reading later on the Kindle?

I have heard that something called InstaPaper is great for this.

Q: Why doesn’t the Kindle have page numbers? What are locations?

The ability to change font sizes makes things complicated.

Amazon decided to use something strange called locations and a strange progress bar and a percentage complete indicator. Locations = your place in the book based on some unknown combination of paragraph number and number of words.

Q: Why are there different versions of books and different prices for the same book?

Territorial rights and negotiating contracts with different publishers for the same book.

Q: Where can I try out a Kindle?

Go to the ‘See a Kindle in Your City’ forum and ask someone to show you their Kindle. You’ll be surprised how happy people are to show you their Kindles.

Q: Does Kindle support unicode? Does Kindle support chinese and other languages in PDF?

No. You can get a Kindle Hack to add unicode font support. Google it.

Thanks to the new PDF support you can take any PDF in any language (think so, Chinese works) and read it on your Kindle.

Q: Is there a clock on the Kindle? A Calendar?

Clock on Kindle 1 -> Alt + T on any page.

Clock on Kindle 2 -> Press the Menu key on any page to see the time.

Clock and Date on the Kindle 2 -> On the Home Page, type in ‘ @t ‘ and press the 5-way.

Q: What is a Kindle firmware update? How does it work?

Occasionally Amazon will decide to add cool features (PDF support) and boring features (some minor change). They do this by sending an update wirelessly and ‘updating’ your Kindle’s software.

Q: When is the Kindle App going to be available internationally?

No Idea. If you can’t wait just register as a US customer in the App Store and download it. Your books may or may not work based on what home country you have chosen.

Q: How do I find self-published authors?

Very cool of you to support indie authors. Here’s a list of some of the best Kindle Store Independent Authors. The official kindle forum is a good resource too.

Q: How can I tell whether I have Kindle International or Kindle US?

Good question. Kindle Global is pretty much the same as Kindle US, except it uses AT&T’s network. here’s how to find out –

For Kindle Global, typing 311 on the Settings page (or perhaps 611) brings up wireless information, including a list of wireless providers you can choose between.

Typing 611 in Settings Page of Kindle US -> 3 pages of information on your Modem, EVDO connection, and more.
Typing 311 or 611 in Settings Page of Kindle Global -> 5 pages of information, including the ability to change your wireless carrier (not verified by me, from official kindle forum).

Q: How can I tell what version of the Kindle firmware I have?

On the Home Page, press Menu and then choose Settings.

On the Settings page, look at the bottom right to find your Kindle firmware version.

On this page you can also –

  1. Register and de-register your Kindle from your account.
  2. Re-christen your Kindle.
  3. Set Device Email.

Perhaps most importantly, you can add Personal Information so people can find you if you lose your Kindle and they find it.

Q: Are there any parental controls?


Q: What is the screen contrast on the Kindle like?

Please see the Kindle Review Videos – video #3 or #4 has screen contrast compared with physical books.

Q: Can I sell a Kindle with books on it?

Yes, although it’s probably illegal.

If the new owner registers the Kindle to their account, they lose all the books.

If they stay registered to your account they will buy books on your tab so be careful to de-register your Kindle.

As long as they keep wireless turned off they should be able to access your books (not 100% sure).

It’s illegal – do keep that in mind.

Q: How do me and my family share an account and books across multiple Kindles?

You can register up to 6 Kindles to one account. Then all the Kindles can share a book, and even read it at the same time.

This is the Kindle ‘Family and Very Close Friends’ sharing plan that no one talks about because Nook lets you lend an ebook once.

Q: How do I print a Kindle document? How do I capture the screen?

You can’t really. You can highlight a snippet and then connect your Kindle to the PC and then print out the relevant section of the MyClippings.txt file. It’s rather inelegant.

You can capture the Kindle’s screen using Alt+Shift+G. Press and hold down the first two and then press G. Shift is the Up Arrow key.

Q: What countries does Kindle ship to?

Please check the Kindle Global Review and Availability Guide for a complete list of countries.  The Kindle Global Wireless Coverage post shows you the kindle global wireless coverage maps.

Q: What is the best kindle cover? What is the best Kindle light?

M-Edge for the cover. MightyBright for the reading light.

Q: Can I convert a Kindle US into a Kindle Global?

No. It’s sort of like trying to convert copper into gold. It might be doable – however it’s not going to be worth all the effort.

Q: Can I change the Kindle dictionary? Can I use foreign dictionaries?

Yes. Check the Kindle 2 Tips post for details. Last time we checked only Merriam Webster was supported.

* Press the Menu button on the Home Page.
* Select ‘Settings’ and the on the settings page press Menu button again.
* Select ‘Change Primary Dictionary’.
* Move 5-way to select the dictionary you want as your primary dictionary, when it’s underlined press 5-way to select it.

Q: Why doesn’t Kindle have folders or some sort of organization? When will it be added? Are there any workarounds?

Kindle Folders are being worked on and will arrive in 2010. Here’s a rough kindle folders workaround.

Wow – that’s a really long list of kindle questions and answers – hope it was less painful for you to read it than it was for me to write it – just kidding 😉 .

232 thoughts on “Kindle Questions, Kindle Answers – Top 50”

  1. Talking about the sensible 1-Click Buy, I tried looking on the Manage My Kindle and tried looking on the Help without success. I can’t find the option to disable the 1-Click Buy for the Kindle (from the web site), could you be more specific?

    1. Thanks for the update – apparently, it can’t be disabled. Someone had talked about de-registering their Kindle to prevent people from buying books and that confused me.
      You can de-register your kindle to stop purchases. You can’t disable 1-click. Sorry for your wasted time.

    2. I Found out how to prevent accidental purchases on amazon 1-click.
      I Simply deleted the credit cards from my account.
      Purchases of 0$ items still works fine, i tested it.
      If you want to purchase a book, all i have to do is add the card info, purchase, then delete the card info.

    1. My mistake.

      @t works – only on the home page. Go to home, then type in ‘a’. then delete ‘a’ and instead type in @ and then type in t and then enter.

      Instead of Alt-T, just press the Menu key on any page to have the time show up in the top status bar.

      1. I read elsewhere that the ALT-T only works on Kindle1.

        Pressing the menu key (as you suggested) is much easier.

        You might want to modify your post to reflect this info. for those who don’t check the comments.

  2. Alt t works on the K1.
    @t is easier to type the t then backspace with the 5 way, select the sym, navigate to @ and click, then click again.

    PDF support has very small print. Not useable at all for me. Also doesn’t the landscape crop of margins work only on the DX? Landscape mode doesn’t make the text large enough for me to read without a magnifying glass on my K2.

    Text to Speech – by Kindle format do you mean any book you can put on the Kindle natively? TXT, Mobi, PRC, AZW, AZW1

    Screensaver hack and Font hack can be both applied at the same time. Must be removed before updates can be applied.

  3. I am not sure but I think the serial numbers start with B0 01 for the Kindle 1, B0 02 for the Kindle US, B0 03 for the Kindle International. I don’t know about the DX. Best to check me on that one. Mine follow this for my K1 and K2 and someone else on one of the forums reported this for the K2i.

    1. Another way – For Kindle Global, typing 311 or 611 on the Settings page brings up a list of wireless providers and lets you choose one.

      On Kindle US -> 611 gives you 3 pages of information on your Modem, EVDO connection, etc.
      On Kindle Global -> 5 pages of information, including the ability to change your wireless carrier (not verified by me, from official kindle forum).

  4. How can I know the number of pages left to read in a book? How can I know how to refer back to needed information? Right now I’m making notes.
    Is there a faster way to …. say return to the beginning of the book without pressing the “prev page” page by page?
    Other than that, I love the Kindle!

    1. Judith – there are no page numbers. Only locations. By looking at the progress of the location bar at the bottom of the any page in the book you can see how much is left – on the bottom left it shows a number i.e. 10% etc.

      You can refer to your notes and bookmarks by pressing Menu and then choosing ‘My Notes & Marks’ which is the last entry in the Menu (this is when you are in the book). Then you can circle through your notes.
      You can bookmark a page using Alt+B and that adds a bookmark. There is also a Table of Contents in most books that links to the chapters. Press Menu and then choose ‘Table of Contents’ which is the 4th choice from the top.

    2. What are the three references at the bottom of the page when in the reading mode? The first I presume is the % of the book that has been read already.
      There is sometning wrong with the basic concept design of this machine if you can not even know how far along you are in a book. I am 12% into my presnt book butwhat does that mean how many pages have I read already and how many more to go? There are no reference points. Its like being in a tunnel and not knowing how far you have to go to get out!

      1. Percentage read is not a bad reference. Agreed that it is disconcerting when we are used to pages – However, after a few books read it starts becoming more familiar.
        Left most is Percentage Read.
        In the middle are the locations corresponding to the current page you’re in.
        On the right are the total number of locations.

        I think of the locations as mini-pages so If I see I’m on location 287-293 out of 4760 it’s like being on page 28/29 out of 476.

  5. I think I’m about ready to go with Kindle. I found this info interesting and useful. One question I can’t seem to answer anywhere: Once I download a book to my Kimble can I copy a backup copy of it on to my computer? Or is my entire Kindle library at risk should my Kindle die for whatever reason. I’m old-fashioned. I like having my stuff backed up. Thanks.
    Jim Cherry

  6. I am reading a book from within the complete works of Charles Dickens (Mobile Reference ed.) but I can’t find any way of knowing what book I am actually reading. Is there any way to find this out?

  7. What does it mean when I come to a sentence that is faintly underlined and it says, for example, “22 highlighters,” or “19 highlighters,” etc.? Thanks.

    1. Nancy, that’s the Popular Highlights feature. It makes out sections that lots of other people have highlighted. You can turn it off by going to settings. Main Page -> Menu -> Settings. Then pressing ‘turn off’ next to Popular Highlights.

  8. can you have two bookmarks on the same book. My husband and I share the Kindle and may read the same books at the same time. Can you have 2 bookmarks
    Where is the @ key on the Kindle 2?

    1. You can have an unlimited number of bookmarks. To be precise – 1 per page.

      You have to press the SYM key at the bottom left (next to Aa) to get a list of special symbols. The ‘@’ key is in there.

  9. We in Maine have poor wireless connections. Can we receive books on our Apple computer and transfer them wirelessly or otherwise to a Kindle?

  10. Can the kindle screen be adapted for people who wear Irlen lenses to maatch the colour we wear say a blue background or green ? This would then mean those that wear the lenses could read even if we didn’t have them with us

  11. 1. Can i only read and download books from amazon on a kindle ?

    2. How much does it cost to download a book . I live in denmark and it seems like the free kindle network is not here?

    1. You can download and read books from any store that doesn’t use DRM like smashwords, Baen, and O’Reilly.

      The cost to download a book is included in the price. Every country has its specific Kindle Store and then you have a price and that includes cost to download book. You are charged a download fee if you download outside your country (though US owners can download free anywhere).

    1. Bonnie, there’s no need to turn the power off as it only uses power when changing what’s on the screen.
      If you still want to turn it off slide and hold the power switch for 5 seconds.

      It’s supposedly best to recharge the Kindle battery when there’s 20% to 25% left.

    2. How do I turn the Kindle 2 off? Where is the power button? I have read where “it is at the top,” but I cannot find it. In fact, it looks slightly different from the Kindle 1 and 2 pictures I see on the Amazon site!


      1. Power button is a slider at the bottom.

        You slide and hold for 5 seconds to turn it off. Or for 15 to 20 seconds to restart it.

        Note that you don’t need to switch it off because it doesn’t use power unless the screen is changing. So when a screensaver is on ZERO power is being used.

    1. Either go to the ‘Archived Items’ on your Kindle Home Page and click on the book you want to read OR
      Go to the Manage My Kindle Page at Amazon (it’s a small link right below the search bar at the top of the page) and scroll down to the bottom. You can search for the book you want and then choose ‘Send to’ and your kindle to get it again.

  12. My husband bought me a Kindle and he will be buying himself one. If we both purchase books off his account can we share the books?

  13. My neighbor and I have the same question. If we want to re-read a book we have recently finished, how do we get back to the beginning?

    1. Open up the Book. Press Menu. Use ‘Go To’ and then choose Beginning. Or after choosing Go To choose to go to the Table of Contents and choose the first chapter.

  14. I am thinking of purchasing an ereader. Does Kindle offer access to a library of foreign language books.? am interested in dowloading books in French.

    1. There is a small number of books in French. You’d be better of with an eReader that has ePub support or whatever DRM+Format combination French Publishers use.

  15. I love my amazonkindle but I must have pushed the wrong button as now I have a margin of 1/3 of the page that say Go to………

    Enter location number (1-3198)

    I just want to read all of the books that I have purchased and read every night, Can you please help me

    1. 1st, if the cursor is in that box – just press Back to make that box disappear.

      2nd, if the above doesn’t work – just slide and hold the power switch for 25 seconds (not 5 or 10 or 15 – make sure it’s 25+ seconds). That will reset your Kindle and the problem should go away.

  16. I just got a new Kindle that had the 2 default dictionaries on it and the function of automatically looking up words. But a few days later I can’t seem to find the dictionaries in the list and the function has stopped. The books aren’t in the ‘archive’ either
    Would you know what I did wrong and how I can get it back ?

    1. The dictionary doesn’t show up in the list. You have to go to Main Page -> Settings -> Change Dictionary to see a list of options.

      It’s confusing because my two dictionaries used to show up too and then something happened and now this way is the only way to see both dictionaries.

      1. I can’t find ‘Change Dictionary’ function in Settings ?

        I looked through all the optins under ‘settings’ (after pressing ‘Menu’ at the ‘home page’). I can see options for ‘registration’, device name, WiFi settings, Device info, voice guide, device email, password, time. annotations, highlights, social networks and personal info. Am I just blind ?

        1. Which Kindle and which firmware version are you on?

          I think the second dictionary has to be available for the option to come up.

          Kindle 3 and WiFi came with two dictionaries by default so that option comes up by default. For other Kindles you should buy one of the cheaper dictionaries to test it’s there.

  17. Could someone please answer a quick question for me, I own the Sony 505 reader and find this great, but I am thinking of changing to the Kindle with 3g, what I wanted to know was, with the Sony I simply download from a disk all my books I want, they are mostly PDF’s amd they go onto my memory card in the SD slot, can I still but disks of books and transfer them to the kindle somehow, as I know there is no memory slot on them, so was worried I would have to keep paying full price for collections, new title ETC

    1. If you’re talking about PDFs on a CD disc that you transfer to a Kindle – yes, you can do that. You’re limited by the 4 GB of memory of which around 3.3 is available for books.

  18. There is something wrong with my Kindle. When I do the one Click thing it says it is successful but I can’t find it on my Kindle! How do I fix this problem?

    1. You mean when you buy something?
      You usually have to wait for a minute for it to download.

      In case the book downloads you can get it from your Archive. Have you checked for the book in your Archive?
      If you go to the ‘Archived Items’ listing or to Archive in Menu you can look for the book you just bought.

  19. My Kindle app on my phone can change from a black and white to a white and black screen. Does the Kindle have the same function?

  20. I have purchased the Collective Works of Charles Dickens (51 books) and Jane Austen (8 books). Neither have an index so I can scan to the book I want to read. Why? and is there a solution I’m missing?

    1. Why? Probably because the people who created the book were a bit lazy.
      A solution – find the beginning sentences of every book using the Internet. Then add a bookmark on that page. That way you have 51 bookmarks for Charles Dickens and 8 for Jane Austen.

      In addition to the bookmark you could add a note like ‘Chapter beginning’.

    1. Julie, He’ll have to download to his Kindle from his Archive.
      On the Home Page you can press Menu and then choose ‘View Archived Items’ in the Menu.

      That brings up a list of books – He can click the one he wants.

      A book downloaded to one Kindle won’t work on another. Each Kindle has to download the book separately.

      You can also do the download via the Manage Your Kindle page at In that case, again, you’ll have to specify which Kindle a download is for and it will only work on that Kindle.

  21. Is there a trick. I hold the button over and the green light comes on and I let go of the button but the screen is still blank after 10 minutes so I try again

    1. Kathy, have you charged it?

      Three things to try –

      1) Slide over the button and hold it for 25 seconds. Then leave the Kindle alone for a few minutes. It should power up.
      If that doesn’t work

      2) Put the charger into a wall plug, then the other end into your Kindle and leave for a few hours. Let it charge. Then try 1).

      If that doesn’t work,

      3) Call customer service.

        1. Not if they are bought from Amazon. You have to download them all again to your new Kindle straight from Amazon.
          Either via the Archives via 3G. Or via the PC via the website’s Manage your Kindle section. Note that when downloading from here you have to choose what Kindle the book is for, and you must choose your new Kindle for the book to work on your new Kindle.

  22. I am considering purchasing a Kindle but do not have a WiFi connection only a desktop PC, can the e-books be loaded to the Pc then downloaded? Is it worth the extra $50.00 to upgrade to the 3g?

    1. Ed, the books can be downloaded to PC and then transferred to Kindle WiFi.

      If you don’t mind PC downloads and don’t mind not having free Internet browsing via 3G (which is pretty slow) then it’s better to get the WiFi.

  23. I have purchased a Kindle book cover. The problem is that when I turn the Kindle off and leave it closed up in the cover, after a period of time (sometimes hours, sometimes days), when I open the cover, the Kindle is kind of “on”. That is, there is a screen saver of the definition of “kindle” . This shouldn’t be but in addition if I slide the on button to wake it up, a downloading icon starts. After a minute or so the Kindle Home screen is on but I have lost my place in the book.

    1. Ron, do you have a lighted cover or a non-lighted cover. Also does it have hinges where you slot in the Kindle?

      There are problems with that cover so you would need to return it and get some other type of cover.

      By downloading icon do you mean start-up screen?
      Is it the screen with the boy under the tree and the horizontal bar fills from left to right?

      If it’s that it’s a restart screen.

      When you say you switch off the Kindle what do you mean? You don’t need to switch off the Kindle You can just slide the power switch once to get a screen saver and then leave it. If when you come back it’s not the same screensaver OR the Kindle restarts then it means your cover has a problem and you should ask Amazon to replace it with a lighted cover or some other cover. Don’t ask for the same cover as that has had problems.

      1. Similar problem. I have had my Kindle for about 4 months. In the beginning when I would turn it ‘off’ (sleep) when I woke it up it went back to the same page, etc. It does now, but often shortly after starting reading the screen goes to the screen saver, and the downloading line appears. Then the screen goes to ‘archives’ and nothing is there. To find my ‘book’ I have to go ‘home’ and then when I find it, it is at the beginning… I am getting very stressed over this. Does this relate to the same ‘problem’. What can I do? My Kindle used to have last book read first, and it says it does now, but it doesn’t. It goes to the last books downloaded.

    1. Go to the Settings Page (On the Kindle Home Page press Menu and choose Settings).

      At the bottom of the first Settings Page will be information –
      Network Capability: Wi-Fi and 3G (for 3G)

      If it’s WiFi then only WiFi will be listed.

  24. Hi. Whenever I am browsing and have my Kindle plugged into my MacBook, the Kindle has a message about the USB cable being attached but ejecting your Kindle from the computer. I don’t understand.

    Simply put, can I leave my Kindle plugged into my MacBook all the time whether or not I am downloading books or surfing the web?

    Thanx, Bernie

    1. Yes.

      The message simply means to say that if you want your Kindle to charge and also want to read it at the same time – Then you should go to where the Kindle is shown as a drive and select ‘Eject’ or perhaps on Mac it’s ‘UnMount’ or iJect.

      Whatever the command is.

      However, it’s optional.

  25. I’m trying to drag a book I downloaded to my computer from SmashBooks from my Documents Folder to my Kindle Icon that is in “My Computer” (it shows up when I plug it in.)
    Nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Go to the Manage My Kindle page on Amazon. The link is under the search bar on any Kindle Store page at

      There you scroll down to the bottom of the page and there’s a list of books you’ve bought. Click on the ‘+’ icon next to the book you want to delete and then a delete button will show up on the right side.

  26. I moved my audible books onto my kindle, I registered and activated my kindle. My books were on the home page but now they show up as archived and won’t let me access them without a WIFI hook-up connection. I bought the “Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device so why can’t I listen to the audbile books I put on there?

    1. Which books can you not access? Is it the audiobooks you moved or the other books.

      What should happen when you move audiobooks to the documents folder of your kindle is that they should show up alongside the other books. And they should work fine. The only thing I can think of is that you accidentally deleted the other books or something happened that deleted them.

      If you give me more details on which books are missing and what your search and sort settings on your home page are I might be able to help.

  27. Why are some books at Amazon cheaper for the Hardcover that for the Kindle version?
    Also, if I want to share my Kindle with my young daughter, how can I limit access to some of my books? Or, can I make two, for lack of a better word, folders with mine and her books separate? If not, why not? Thanks

    1. Publishers set prices and sometimes they get greedy or want to make hardcovers and paperbacks look a lot more appealing. Hence the ridiculous prices for some ebooks.

      There’s no way to limit access of certain books or to make separate folders which she cannot access. It’s just not a feature that’s been added yet. There are no parental controls – so even the Internet is wide open.

      1. How did Amazon miss this obvious flaw? No parental controls? Bad form. Bad business.
        Yeah, I bought the Hard cover version because it was five bucks. The Kindle version was around eighteen dollars. Sounds like price fixing to me. Greed will ruin everything eventually I guess.

  28. If I have a home subscription to the New York Times or to some other magazine/newspaper that Kindle offers, do I also have to pay to see it on my Kindle?

    1. Rick, you have two options:

      1) On the Kindle, go to the Home Page, then press Menu, and in the Menu choose ‘View Archived Items’ – 3rd item in Menu.
      Then you get a list of books in the archive. You can either click it to start download and go to the book or Press Right on the 5-way and click on ‘Add to Home’ if you want to add more than one book.

      2) On, go to any Kindle Store Page and then click on the Manage Your Kindle link on the top right. Log-in and then on the Manage Your Kindle page you can scroll down to the bottom to see a list of books you have bought. Click the arrow next to any book to get options including a ‘Send To’ option which you can use to send that book to your Kindle. Or you can press download to download the book to your PC and transfer it to Kindle via USB. Downloads will only work for the Kindle you choose. So if you chose My Kindle 2 in download box, it will only work on your Kindle 2 and not on your Kindle 3.

  29. I’ve had my kindle a few weeks and really like so far. My question is after somehow setting the font size a little bigger on my first day with it I haven’t been able to change it since. When I use the key at the bottom which brings up the menu with font size and the items, the only thing that’s in bold is the orientation part at the bottom-setting which way you want to read your screen. But font size is not bold and I can’t get the cursor to the line to change. It seems like it’s locked or something. How can i get that to function again? Thanks.

    1. Dean, a few things

      1) Font Size can’t be changed in PDFs.
      2) In normal books the Aa key should work just fine. If it doesn’t then doing a hard reset (slide and hold power switch in off position for 25 seconds) might fix things.

    1. Scott, the Kindle 3G has around 3.3GB or so of free memory. The remaining part (out of the 4GB total) is used for system file.

      Amazon says that’s enough for around 3,500 files.

      Given that books vary in size between a few hundred KB to a few MB that’s about right. If you’re mostly reading books without pictures etc. you could get away with 5,000 or 6,000 books.
      However, every time you get a book with lots of pictures or a very large book it’s a few MB. So if you mostly read textbooks and books with illustrations you’re looking at 2,000 or so books.

      Finally, books that you have read or plan to read later (not in the near future) you can keep in Amazon’s archive. You can download those wirelessly when you need them – as opposed to keeping them on the Kindle itself. And there’s no limit on that.
      So in theory – the Kindle limit is what you can carry on the Kindle with you.

  30. How do I remove the sample book from my Kindle 2 & how can I remove a book I’ve already read into my Archive.

    1. Ruth.

      To remove a sample from Kindle – Go to the Kindle Home Page (main page of your Kindle where books are listed). Move the cursor to the sample you want to remove. Press Left on the 5 Way to get a little ‘delete’ button. Press 5 Way to confirm.

      To move a book you have already read to Archive – Go to Kindle Home Page. Move cursor to book you want to remove. Press Left on the 5 Way and click 5 Way when delete button appears.

      Deleting like this moves the book to your Archive.

  31. How do I purchase book with Kindle 3 using a gift card? It appeared in this link but It’s really hard to find the answer out of all the questions. Well yeah. I entered my gift card once before, and then when I went to go buy a book it was all like “oh no can’t do this” and its was a long messege. Help!

    1. Check out the second part of this post on Kindle Gift Cards for how to use a gift card with your Kindle.

      I don’t fully understand your question.

      1) Have you applied the gift card to your account as described in the post I’ve linked to?

      2) What book were you trying to buy – Kindle edition or regular book? What message did you get?

      If the gift card is applied to your account it should, normally, be used automatically when you make a purchase.

  32. I am planning on living outside the US. I will set up my desk top computer with a local ISP and then connect a wireless router so I can also use my lap top in the wireless mode.

    A. Can I use that wireless router to connect and receive books on the Kindle?: or

    B. Download the book (s) to my desktop and then transfer them, either USB or wireless to my Kindle?

    C. Do I have to pay the surcharge for downloading books that you mentioned must be paid in a foreign country?

    1. The surcharge is baked into the price. If you set your country as US you can get US rates – but that’s only supposed to be used if you are outside the US temporarily.

    1. Jan, kindle doesn’t show color. The rumored Kindle Tablet (supposedly arriving in 2nd half of 2011) or Nook Color would be better suited to your needs.

  33. I bought books for kindle while on my iPad. They are not showing up on my kindle but are on my iPad kindle app

    1. Victoria you have two options –

      1) On go to the ‘Manage Your Kindle’ page and log in. At the bottom of the new page there is a list of books you have bought. You can press the ‘+’ on the left of any row (left of the book title) and it opens up and on the right there is an option to download to PC or send to Kindle. Choose ‘send to Kindle’.

      2) On the Kindle itself you can press Menu on the Kindle Home Page and then choose ‘View Archived Items’. Then click on the book you want to read. To download more than one book from the Archive press Right and then click the 5 Way – on each book you want to download from the archive.

  34. A friend used my kindle and downloaded some books I do not want even in my archived items. Is there a way to delete them from the archives? I have deleted them from the main screen.

    1. Andrea, you can go to the Manage My Kindle Page and delete them there.

      Manage My Kindle page

      First log-in and then on the actual ‘Manage My Kindle’ page scroll to the very bottom. There, you’ll see a list of your orders. Click the ‘+’ next to any of the books and you get a button for deleting the book.

  35. I have read a book on my Kindle and would like to re-read it. Can I do that without re-purchasing the book?

    1. Yes. Simply go to Menu > View Archived Items and click on the book you want to read. It will show up on your Kindle.

      If you have it on your Kindle already – just open it and then in Menu > Choose Go To and then Go To Beginning.

  36. Can one recharge the battery at any time or should the battery be allowed to run down completely before recharging?

    Really enjoying the Kindle.

  37. I want to puruse certain books but I find I have to use the page by page system going forward or backwards. I find this very time consuming. In an actual book, I can flip the pages but I cant seem to do this on the Kindle. I can either go back to the beginning or page thru. Any suggestions?

    1. Mary, there’s no way to jump multiple pages at a time. You can use ‘Go To’ in the menu and then jump to the places in the Table of Contents – but there isn’t any way to jump ahead 10 to 20 pages.

    1. Click Menu button – select View Archived Items.

      In Archived Items – for any item you want on your Kindle – press right on the 5-way and then press Enter. Do this for each item and they will be downloaded.

  38. I’m considering buying a Kndle, I’m not sure which version yet. My main question is: What comes with the Kindle. For instance, are there any books already on the Kindle? What is the average price of ebooks for the Kindle, and how difficult and how much time does it take to load them?
    I guess, I’m wanting to know if my purchse is just for the machine, or do any books come already installed?
    How difficult is it to erase a book that is already donwloaded?
    Do any of the Kindle’s yet have a way to save/store a book on a flash drive?
    Is a cover recommend to help protect the device?
    What kind of charging devices come with it: home charger and car charger?

    1. 1) no books on the Kindle.
      2) No idea of average price – go to and click on Kindle Store and take a look.
      3) 30 to 60 seconds wirelessly. 1 to 2 minutes via PC.
      4) Just for the machine. There are free public domain books and 100+ offers a month on new books but few of those will be the books you want/hope are free.
      5) Press Left and Enter – to delete a book.
      6) No, no flash drive.
      7) Yes.
      8) Home charger only.

  39. Paul Dunbar ….. To charge my Kindle in the car, I use an inverter in the cigar lighter and use in the Home plug.

    I have the 3G/Wireles with a lighted cover. Have found lots of free books and the most I’ve ever paid is $2.99.

    Buy it ….. You’ll love it.

  40. I have kindle on my phone and am getting a regular kindle. Can I transfer my books from my phone to my kindle?

    1. Ruth, you can’t transfer from one device to another for Kindle store bought books. You have to redownload them from the archive. you don’t have to buy them again – Just go to Kindle Menu on the Kindle Home Page and then choose ‘View Archived Items’ and you’ll be able to select anything you want.

      To download one at a time – Just click on a book you want.

      To download multiple at a time – For each book you want to download, press right when cursor is on that book and press Enter.

    1. Gina.

      First, look for the Kindle – It will show up as an extra drive on your computer. It will look something like Kindle (D:) or Kindle (G:).

      Click on that and there will be a number of folders including one called Documents.

      Move any files you download from Amazon to this Documents folder and they will show up. Please note that files downloaded to work on Kindle for PC will NOT work on Kindle. You will have to specifically download files for the Kindle you want to read them on.

  41. I want to know if i can charge my kindle from the usb port on my sterio and tv.My kindle is the best thing that ever happend to me ,so i dont want to damage it.

    1. Vernon, I’m not sure as I haven’t tried either. With a PC or a laptop it works fine. To be on the safe side I’d wait to get confirmation from someone before charging – there’s no reason it would cause damage but it’s better to get some confirmation first.

  42. I need to know, before I buy, if I can come back to a book in 2 or 19 years? Some books I reference, like Dreadnought, or the Boer War, need to be returned too year after year.

    1. Yes, you can refer back to it. It’s saved on Amazon’s servers. As a safeguard you can also save a copy on your PC – however, you need one copy of the book per Kindle i.e. each Kindle has its own DRM-specific copy.

  43. I read books on my iPhone…and love it…I have a friend who has kindle and iPad…and prefers reading on her iPhone..why? Because of instant touch page turner. Does Kindle have this yet?

  44. PLEASE Help…. I purchased a Kindle and it was broken or malfunctioning when I got it, customer service walked me through steps and he determined it was a strange thing and that it did NOT work… So I sent it back… THEN had to wait another 8 days to get another one, then this one too has the same issues… One issue alone is that the Settings page only has 1 page.. The other Settings Page is missing.. This so happened to be for both Kindles.. .Why is this? Do they not send new Kindles to us….? Then the 3G doesnt work, on either of them it did not work.. There is also dimmed menu items that should not be dimmed

  45. I can watch my kindle losing power while I read and have to charge often. What am I doing to cause losing the charge so fast

    1. Eva, try turning off wireless. Kindle Home Page – press Menu and choose ‘Turn Wireless Off’. If you have the normal Kindle case then try not using it.

  46. A “Go To” dialogue box appeared on my kindle screen, taking up at least 1/3 of the screen. I can’t seem to figure out how to get it off so I can continue reading my book. I hope it’s something you can help me with.

  47. Hi,

    I have a question. I have always sent a lot of books from my computer to kindle using the free email address. Everything was fine but recently I have noticed that the whole document name (converted by Calibre) is visible in the place where is usually just the title and the ‘author’ of the document is my e mail address. I know it is not really big problem but it is annoying for me.
    Do you have any idea why it can happen and how to change it?

    Thanks a lot.

    Mac Lip

    1. Paul, at the moment Kindle 3 does have the ability to surf via 3G anywhere.

      There is a lot of confusion around what will happen with Kindle 3 keyboard and Kindle Touch. Amazon might move to a model where you can browse the Net via WiFi only (not via free 3G). Not sure on this as Amazon has been very vague.

  48. How do I get rid of a blog or two that I don’t want..supposedly free for two weeks and I can’t cancel it only delete it and it comes back on each time I turn wireless on.

    1. Robert, not really sure. Have you tried cancelling it from the ‘Manage Your Kindle’ page. If that page doesn’t work you might have to call Amazon customer service.

    1. Unfortunately I can’t help with that. The router that does WiFi for you – that router company’s support manual or support people will be able to tell you how to reset password.

  49. how do i get rid of the search window that has popped up and occupies the bottom half of my screen? I’ve tried turning it off, putting it to sleep…i can’t findd the button…help!

  50. I am able to connect my android @ work to e-mail & facebook, but unable on my Kindle Fire-the wifi has a small X next to it, why is this?

    1. Not sure. Perhaps the WiFi has some security encryption that Kindle Fire can’t support. Are you entering a password? Have you gone to settings and set up WiFi?

  51. I had a very serious stroke 11 years ago, my daughters bought me a Kindle for xmas this year, I love it, but I had the “your battery is almost depleted” can you help please, as I dont now how I go about it.

    1. Ann, I sent you an email yesterday night. You’ll have to recharge your Kindle using the USB cable connected to your computer OR recharge it via the wall plug. Then it’ll be fine.

  52. How do I delete a sample from a book? I have read the sample to see if I wanted to purchase, and now the sample won’t go away.

  53. My husband and I both have kindles, the only problem is that when he wants to send a book to his archives, it goes to my archives instead of his. How can I fix this

    1. Not sure. This doesn’t sound like anything I’ve ever heard before.

      are you sharing an account and sharing books?

      Perhaps they are messing up the lists of what books a Kindle already has or have reversed it.

  54. Do you have to have wifi to register your kindle. I bought one from a friend. she deregistered it and I want to put some books on there but can’t. I went to a deli that has free wifi and it kept saying it was unable to connect. Everyone else there was using it.

    1. Kindle supports Kindle format, PDF, and text format. It doesn’t support ePub.

      You can take an existing html file and rename it to .txt and Kindle will open it up.

      If it’s public domain books you’re looking to read, then just download Kindle format from Gutenberg or Many Books.

    1. earlier Kindles – move cursor to item, press left on 5-way, then click on 5-way when Delete button shows up.
      touch Kindle – press and hold item until you get a Menu. Then tap on ‘Move to Archived Items’.

  55. I want to read Catcher in the Rye.
    It is a very short book, and I can think of no reason to have to summarize.
    You don’t sell Catcher in the Rye. You do sell dozens of summaries, notes, explanations, and study guides.
    Please upload the great books, and not just the opinions of others about the books. I know it must have been inadvertant as this is the only case ive seen yet, but someone needs to make sure this never happens, before it always does!

  56. Why will my Kindle light not turn green after many hours of charging? I used to only charge it a couple of hours before it was fully charged.

  57. My Kindle won’t let me access “View archived items”. I just cant click on it. Reseting does work. Any ideas?

  58. Hi. I bought this Kindle for my wife, Paula Killion, but she doesn’t use it currently as she has too many “real” books to read before she catches up. I’m using it now and have a problem. She started two books and didn’t want to finish them on the Kindle, and I want to read them; however, she stopped in the middle of both of them, and I can’t figure out how to go back to the beginning without just hitting “previous page” nine hundred times. I have gone through all the FAQs with no help. Can you help me? By the way, I love the Kindle, so if my wife wants to start using it, I’ll have to buy her another one.
    Bob Killion

    1. Kindles can share books – they just have to be connected to the same Amazon account. Up to 6 Kindles can share a book provided Kindles are all in the same family.

      1. Okay, I have two kindles one is a fire one is just a regular kindle. Both on the same account. How do I switch a book from the fire to the the regular kindle?

        1. You can have them on both.

          Just go to the start page/home page of your Kindle Fire. Then tap on ‘Books’ at the top. That’ll show a list of all your books. You can go through them and tap on the one you want to read and it will download and be available to read. You can also tap on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom right to search through available books.

          1. I understand how to scroll through and find books on the kindle fire. My question is how do I transfer books from the Kindle fire to my second kindle?

          2. Transfer? You can’t transfer. You have to download to the second Kindle from the Archive.

            ON your 2nd Kindle Home Page press ‘Menu’ and then choose Archived Items.

            Each book is licensed only for the device you download it to. There’s no transfer capability.

          3. That was the answer I needed. Thank you. It worked like a charm. I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend!

  59. Can the Kindle be charged before the “low battery” notice appears?
    Will doing this cause the battery to develop memory of that charge level and cause shortened viewing time?

  60. Is there a way to avoid having to put in a password every time I open my kindle? I’m the only one who uses it and it’s a pain to have to type in the password every time.

        1. My understanding is that you should charge when charge is more than 25% or when it is between 25% and 75%. Charging at other times is considered unoptimal.

          It’s not a good idea to let the charge fall to very low values.

  61. I have the first Kindle and would like to purchase the New Kindle Fire HD.. will all my books transfer to ne Kindle once I purchase it?? as I have books downloaded that I haven’t read yet.

    1. It’s territorial rights. Different Publishers buy book rights in different companies. Plus Germany has very strict book pricing laws. So that’s why you can’t buy through Amazon.

      Plus, you aren’t being singled out. It’s for every country.

      Imagine if an onion vendor sold to one distributor in Munich and to another in Dortmund, and you were standing outside the Borussia Dortmund stadium wondering why you can only find onions from the Dortmund vendor to go with your bratwurst.

      You could complain all you like – but the Dortmund dealer of onions has an exclusive. So no Munich onions for you.

  62. My Kindle was fine, I used it on Wednesday night, then I picked it up on
    Thursday and it would not come on at all. What could be wrong? I can’t read now that I have time. Please respond!

  63. I am copying books into Kindle. When I am done with a book I put it in my deletion folder. When I go back to my main menu the books is still there plus in the menu. When I look to make sure that it was moved to my folder it is checked and no other copies show up. How do I stop this from happening?

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