Nook User Review Compilation

For some strange reason the nook review compilation page at B&N only lists positive snippets from various press reviews and there’s not a single nook user review from an actual owner.

If you’re considering whether to get the Nook or trying to choose between the Nook and the Kindle this post should help as it has information from actual Nook user reviews. 

You could also take a look at my detailed Kindle Vs Nook review post.  

Nook User Review Pros – What Nook Owners Like and Love

  1. Ordering and downloading books is quick and painless. 
  2. One user didn’t experience slowness of the UI. Another only experienced lag when a book was opened and was being formatted. It seems the sluggishness varies from Nook to Nook.
  3. PDFs work fine and seem to reflow well.
  4. Dictionary feature works on your personal documents.
  5. Uses more of the screen (than the Kindle).
  6. Two fonts to choose from.
  7. Users are reporting that B&N has begun to drop some prices to match Amazon’s Kindle Store prices. There’s still the tax factor – However, a good move by B&N.
  8. Most owners like how the Nook looks.

Nook User Review Cons – What owners don’t like

  1. Page turn lags – one user said a second and a half. Though another user said it was not bad.
  2. Lack of Folders.
  3. Books that are not bought from B&N do not show up in the cover flow mode.
  4. No way to search, sort, or filter your Personal Documents.
  5. Publishers can opt out of in-store browsing of ebooks.
  6. Publishers can opt-out of the Lending Feature and some are.
  7. Name of PDF is generated from an internal name and sometimes that means a URL shows up as the title.
  8. Placement of cancel button ia awkward – right below shift button and next to number button.
  9. At the moment just 3 newspapers and 6 magazines.
  10. The User Interface requires too many steps for certain actions.
  11. No ability to sort books by most recently read – although ‘newest’ is a sorting option.

There were, much like in press reviews, a lot of complaints about slowness. B&N have sent out one update and it seems that the slowness should be fixable via an update promised in January.

In addition to the slowness the User Interface is not very well designed and some actions requires too many steps. The Sony Reader suffers from this too.

Overall Stance of Nook Owners

There were only good and quite good reviews. It seemed like most owners (out of the 5-10 who had written their initial thoughts) would give it between 3.5 and 4.25 stars.

By the way, the nook reviews are all from B&N’s official Nook forum. Avoiding other forums for the moment to avoid duplication.

Check out this excellent set of photos of the Nook – They’ll help you get a really good idea of what the Nook looks like.

Finally, here’s a link to the Nook user manual.

Where does that leave us – Should You get a Nook?

The owners seem pretty content with their choice. There are a few who also own the Kindle and they seem to prefer the Kindle a bit.

It’s pretty close. If your heart is set on Nook you should probably get it – wait a few days for more detailed Nook user reviews (will keep updating this post) to be on the safe side.

If you’re undecided you might want to consider the Kindle and the Sony Reader too – although the Kindle and the Nook are the top 2 eReaders in my opinion.

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