Free Books, 7 Free Kindle Audiobooks

It’s been relatively quiet on the free book front at Amazon so here are a few free book offers from around the Internet –

  1. Paul Carr, who writes rather well for TechCrunch, is giving away his book, Bringing Nothing to the Party, free at Techcrunch, with an explanation why. 
  2. Harper Collins’ Browse Inside seems to have 3 new books for free (online access only) – The Shadow Project by Herbie Brennan, Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston, and The Decline of Men by Guy Garcia. Click on the ‘Full Access’ tab.  
  3. Simon and Schuster has a free downloads page that includes – a romance novel covered already, a free crossword puzzle, three free romance short stories (including Lisa McMann and Karin Tabke). 
  4. A software called Cover Commander 3.1 is free today. It lets you create covers for eBooks, CDs, and DVDs.
  5. Eloise J. Knapp has a rather interesting sounding free book – The Undead Situation, plus it’s now in Kindle format.
  6. Indie Author Dave Conifer has 5 free books at SmashWords.

Some of these (and below) were found at MobileRead.

Here are some Free Audible Books –

  1. My Soul to Lose by Rachel Vincent (it’s been free as an eBook for a while).
  2. The Conservative Nanny State by Dean Baker.
  3. Free by Chris Anderson.
  4. Millionaire Upgrade by Richard Parkes Cordock.
  5. Romance audiobook, The Road Taken by Megan Hart.
  6. Romance audiobook, And a Dead Guy in a Pear Tree by Leslie Kelly.
  7. Summer’s Path by Scott Blum.

Finally, you can get 20% off Kindle skins at DecalGirl with promo code: Holiday20. 

Why the sudden decline in free Kindle book offers? 

Most of November and early December had free kindle books ever other day. Suddenly the pipeline has dried up.

Why is that?

  1. Perhaps it’s because Amazon has switched focus to releasing new press releases for the slightest reason i.e. Canada is now the 5th most popular Kindle buying country. 
  2. Perhaps free books weren’t having the desired effect.
  3. Perhaps Nook reviews were driving enough customers to Amazon anyways.

Whatever it is, it’s hard to get over the addiction to every other day free books – Hopefully, Amazon re-start it sometime soon.

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