Complete Guide to Free Kindle Books

The first thought on new Kindle owners’ minds this Christmas (2009) seems to be free kindle books. This post is a complete guide to finding free kindle books.

Start with Free Book Offers at the Kindle Store and elsewhere

Lots of authors offer the first book in a series free or offer previous books free.

  1. There are 10 to 20 free kindle book offers in the Kindle Store every month. Please check out my 50 New Free Kindle Books post for the latest books offered.
  2. Check out the Free Books category of my blog for offers from sources other than the Kindle Store (along with Amazon offers). It’s updated multiple times a week.
  3. Finally, here is a list of Top Authors giving away free books.

Next explore Free Public Domain Titles

There are a ton of free public domain books you can read on the Kindle –

  1. There are over 20,000 free public domain titles in the Kindle Store. Start with the Top 250 Kindle Public Domain Books.
  2. The best bets after that are and They have all books in Kindle format.
  3. For sheer numbers Internet Archive has 1.8 million titles. They also have all books in Kindle format.
  4. After that, please check out my Free Kindle Books post that includes a ton of sites that have free books.
  5. Finally, you can convert Google Free Books for your Kindle. Gutenberg usually has better formatting so check it out first.

After that, explore the Best Forums and Sites for Free Books

The best forums to find information on free books are –

  1. The official kindle forum
  2. The deals and freebies section of the mobilread forum

Do keep in mind that all the good deals and all the free books found at these forums will usually be in the Free Books category soon after, and sometimes before.

 Finally, consider Indie Titles

Independent authors are flourishing in the Kindle Store, including getting book deals, and you can help decide which author makes it –

  1. Top 100 Independent Authors in the Kindle Store. 
  2. Remember that most of these authors have the same titles free at their website.

There’s a certain joy in being able to say you were one of the first 10 people to review the first book of the next great author.

Thoughts on Free Kindle Books

It’s interesting to see the explosion in the number and availability of books and the ways in which it’s changing how we think of books.

Infinite Competition

  1. Every author is competing with free Classics.
  2. Every author is competing with Indie authors ready to give away their books to create a brand and following.
  3. Every author is competing with authors willing to give away past books or the first book in a series.

There really is infinite competition and it’s great for readers.

Zero Barrier to Entry

  1. Gutenberg and Internet Archive are making public domain books available freely.
  2. Any indie author can cheaply distribute his books.
  3. Any author can easily give out free copies of their book as eBooks.

There’s no longer any barrier to entry and Publishers and Stores aren’t gatekeepers any more.

Falling Prices for all Books

  1. Amazon established the $9.99 mark for new releases. 
  2. Gutenberg established the $0 and zero advertising mark for public domain books. 
  3. Indie Authors established the $0 to read the first book paradigm.

Book prices are going down fast – perhaps unsustainably so.

Forums and Sites connect everyone

Not only do you get access to a ton of books, you also get access to a ton of book lovers. 

  1. You can connect with people who share your interests anywhere in the world, for free.
  2. You can read reviews from everyone about everything.
  3. People can spread the word quickly and powerfully.
  4. You now know about deals and offers within minutes of your friend in another city.

The last missing piece is full connectivity from your Kindle.

Do note that you can read and write reviews, check email, use twitter, and do more straight from the Kindle. Plus you have Wikipedia and Free Internet.

7 thoughts on “Complete Guide to Free Kindle Books”

  1. Donde se consiguen libros en Español.
    He intentado bajar un libro en PDF, pero no encuentro
    forma de aumentar tamaño de las letras

  2. Just wondering if the free books available through kindle are abridged or are they the full version? Thank you.

    1. I’m not sure on public domain books. They are what’s in the pulic domain. Offers on new books are not abridged – they are entire books.

      What exactly do you mean by ‘abridged’?

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