Books for your Kindle at $1, free books

Here are some good $1 and less Kindle Books –

  1. A 1 cent story – Stroke of Midnight by Jordan Castillo Price. Part of the PsyCop Series.
  2. A Long Way from Disney by Seth Harwood for $1. It’s going up the charts because the author has a popular podcast and has asked his listeners to all buy the book on the same day. Well reviewed but it might all be his podcast listeners.
  3. Kindle Store Harlequin list with 10 free Harlequin books (these have been free for a long time so they’re NOT new) and 30 or so Harlequin books for $1. 
  4. The Complete Works of O’Henry for $1 – Not verified i.e. this may or may not include all his short stories. 
  5. The Essential Sir Walter Scott Collection – just $1 and includes Ivanhoe, Waverley, Rob Roy, and The Lady of the Lake.
  6. Lilith by George McDonald – Exceptionally well reviewed.

Some free book offers from around the web –

  1. Free book/story from Samhain in PDF format – One More Miracle by Linda Winfree. The Samhellion blog has 3 more freebies (all in PDF format).
  2. Simon & Schuster have a free book download, Wake by Lisa McMann. It can’t be read on the Kindle but it can be read on your PC using Adobe Digital Editions.
  3. Get Refuge of Delayed Souls – Vol 1 free at Smashwords when you use coupon code: TC44V. Courtesy MobileRead.
  4. I Was Just Dead by Edo Segal – Free book and free audio book. It’s a tale of augmented reality.

Quick Thoughts on the Scattered Nature of Free Books

It took me over an hour to find all these books. It’d really help if –

  1. Different Publishers banded together and picked one store and made all their free offers available there. It doesn’t even matter if it’s the Kindle Store or not as long as the books are available in Kindle format.
  2. There were no Adobe Digital Editions restrictions on free books (like the Simon & Schuster offer) – It leaves out Kindle owners. Not cool.
  3. Amazon started keeping their Big Deals on Kindle page updated.
  4. Year-End Deals in Books at Amazon included a section for Kindle Books. Perhaps that’s asking too much given ebooks are already so cheap.

There should also be a starter pack on the Kindle. Perhaps it’s just a page that links to the current free new Kindle Books and to some of the more popular public domain books.

3 thoughts on “Books for your Kindle at $1, free books”

  1. abhi –

    Just wanted to mention that due in large part to your ongoing commentary on the long-term danger of rampant free and “cheap” books – my own novel, which has been very generously received by the Kindle community, will be going up to 7.99 and staying there for the foreseeable future. It has been .99 for the last two weeks and will remain so until January 1st – after which time the price goes up to a more “appropriate” number. The book is 456 pages long, took two years to write, and has received sixteen 4 and 5 star reviews, although I still expect my sales to plummet after the price hike (I’ve sold 650 books at .99 over the last six weeks). You are absolutely correct in your assertion that readers in this market have been “taught” by hungry authors’ (like myself) fire sale pricing that our words have little or no real value. But, for me, that stops on January 1. If we continue on this path – only the hobbyists and big name authors who offer loss leader pricing on the first book in their series will continue to make books available for e-readers, because professional writers like myself simply cannot afford to create worthwhile, full-length novels and receive .35 per copy (the Amazon royalty for Kindle books). Like our dependence on fossil fuels – this model is simply not sustainable.

    Brad Marlowe
    Author of Sleepwalker: The Last Sandman

    1. Brad, the ideal is to have multiple novels and send out your first one for free or cheap.

      If you have just one novel then there’s no option other than to compete on low price.

  2. Thanks for including my book A Long Way from Disney here. While most of the reviews there are my listeners, I should point out that they’ve listened to the book and are responding from the actual work.
    If anyone here would like to listen to the stories free as audio, just visit
    I hope you’ll also buy the Kindle book, of course.
    Re: the idea that we’re teaching readers not to value our work, it is a tough call, but like swtich points out, this is the sacrifice — for now– to get more notice.


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